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Last updated: 1/1/2019

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Ring Name(s)Real NameDate of DeathAgeCause of Death
Abe "King Kong" KasheyAbe Kashey1965-9-?61?
Abe ColemanAbe Kelmer2007-3-28101Kidney failure
Abe RothbergAbe Rothberg1957-7-1446?
Abe ZvonkinAbe Zvonkin2002-8-2292Cancer
Abismo NegroAndres Alejandro Palomeque Gonzalez2009-3-2337Accident - drowning
Ace AbbottW.L. Abbott1970-?-???
Ace Allcard, Ron AllcardRonald Allcard2012-9-15??
Ace FreemanZoltan Friedman2001-7-987?
Ace GordonLou Abrams1959-1-16?Died in ring (cause unknown)
Ad SantelAdolph Ernst1966-11-1079?
Adam FirestormAdam Dykes2009-11-532Suicide
Adam KriegerAdam Krieger1956-5-2861?
Adam WeissmullerAdam Weissmuller1937-3-838Cancer (stomach)
Adam YorkAdam Brian York2018-4-642?
Adi BerberAdolf Berber1966-1-352Cancer
Adi BerberAdi Berber1949-5-20?Died in ring against Emil Koroschenko (neck injury)
Adorable Adrian AdonisKeith A. Franke Jr.1988-7-433Accident - automobile accident
Adrien BaillargeonAdrien Baillargeon1995-5-976?
Akira Akira 2015-6-316Died in ring (spine injury)
Al "Bunny" DunlopAlex Dunlop1995-5-25??
Al "The Russian Lion" KarasickAlexander Karasick1965-5-2474?
Al AmezcuaAlfonso Amezcua1999-11-481?
Al BaffertAl Baffert1989-10-383?
Al Billings, Nick BillingsNick Billings???
Al CostelloGiacomo Costa2000-1-2280Pneumonia
Al GreenAlfred Dobalo2013-6-1457Lung (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
Al GreeneAlbert Denny2014-12-2786?
Al HardimonCharles Alan Hardimon2014-5-160Cancer (colon)
Al KasheyAlfred Kashey2005-7-1775?
Al MandellAlbert H. Mandell2012-12-2692Natural causes
Al MillsAdolph Henry Mittelstadt1961-10-751?
Al OemingAlbert Oeming2014-3-1788Surgery complications
Al SmithAlbert M. Alexinis1986-4-5??
Al TomkoAlexander Tomko2009-8-577Cancer (pancreatic)
Al TuckerAl Tucker???
Alabama Doink the ClownShannon Dwaine Henderson Sr.2018-6-1940?
Alan DennisonAlan Dennison1984-6-2752Died after match (cause unknown)
Alan WendtAlan Wendt???
Alaskan Jay YorkJay S. York1995-10-757Liver failure
Alaskan Mike YorkMike O'Leary2002-9-2961?
Albert SturmAlbert Sturm1946-12-24??
Alberto TorresAlberto Torres1971-6-1737Died after match against Ox Baker and The Claw (ruptured pancreas)
Albion BrittAlbion Alvin Britt1955-12-2456Accident - automobile accident
Aldo Bogni, The ScorpionAldo Bogni1997-3-1079?
Alex AbergAlexander Richard Aberg1920-2-1529?
Alex Karras Alex Karras 2012-10-1077?
Alex KasaboskiAlexander Kasaboski1952-6-1341Died after match against Danny McShain (blood clots)
Alex MedinaAjandro Cruz Medina1973-4-2036Heart complications
Alex PerezJose Alex Perez2001-6-2771?
Alf Caldman, Alfred Edge, Chief Red EagleAlf Caldman2012-7-587?
Alfonso DantesJose Luis Amezcua Diaz 2008-7-3065Multiple ailments - heart complications, lung complications
Ali AlibaLawrence LeBelle1948-12-840?
Ali Baba, Harry EkizianArteen Ekizian1981-11-1680Stroke
Ali PashaAlexander Vieira Fontes1961-5-2053Died after match against Billy Darnell (heart attack)
AliyaSumie Sakai2018-8-2745Cancer
Alpha BitzMichael Bitter???
American Apollo, Joe RogersJoe Rogers???
AmericusAugust John Schoenlein1958-7-1747?
Andre BakerAndre Baker2010-5-1545Suicide
Andre the GiantAndre Rene Roussimoff1993-1-2746Heart failure
Andreas LambrakisAndreas Lambrakis1997-5-???
Andrew TsimpidesAndrew Tsimpides2011-9-1994Natural causes
Andy "Sinner" DarnellAndy Darnell2014-5-???
Andy KaufmanAndrew G. Kaufman1984-5-1635Cancer (lung)
Angel AztecaJuan Manuel Zuniga2007-3-1843Died after match (heart attack)
Angel BlancoJose Angel Vargas Sanchez1986-4-2647Accident - automobile accident
Angel of DeathDavid Sheldon2007-11-2554Complications from high blood pressure
Angelo CistoldiAngelo Cistoldi???
Angelo MartinelliStanley Wiggins1976-7-6??
Angelo PoffoAngelo John Poffo2010-3-484Natural causes
Angelo SavoldiMario Louis Fornini Sr.2013-9-2099Natural causes
AnibalCarlos Ignacio Carrillo Contreras1994-3-953Brain tumor
Ann GunkelAnn Gunkel1987-2-16?Cancer
Ann LaverneAnna C. Pico1999-8-1977?
Anthony RufoAnthony R. Rufo2015-2-15??
Anton GeesinkAntonius Johannes Geesink2010-8-2776?
Antone "Ripper" LeoneAntone R. Leone1994-3-1277?
Antonino Rocca, Argentina RoccaAntonino Biasetton1977-3-1549Complications from an infection
Antonio PenaAntonio Hipolito Penaloza Herrada2006-10-555Heart attack
Antonio PierriAntonio Pierri1912-8-20??
Apache Bull RamosManuel Ramos2006-5-2769Multiple ailments - shoulder infection, diabetes
Apostolos SouglakosApostolos Souglakos2006-9-556Stroke
Archie "The Stomper" Gouldie, Mongolian StomperArchie Gouldie2016-1-2371Natural causes
Argentina Apollo, Vittorio ApolloVincente Denigris1984-8-246Heart attack
Argentine Zuma, The Amazing ZumaManuel Chaij Sr.2012-12-2985Multiple ailments - pneumonia, kidney failure, heart complications
Arkangel de la MuertaAlfredo Pasillas Dorado2018-6-1351Cardiac arrest
Ari RomeroJose Luis Arias Romero2013-12-2962Cancer (liver)
Ari Romero Jr.Jose Arias Romero Jr.2002-3-1220?
Arizona KidJimmy B. Garcia Jr.2014-7-159?
Armand Hussein, Arman Hussian, Mike HarmonMike Barber2007-12-3162Natural causes
Arnold SkaalandArnold Skaaland2007-3-1382Natural causes
Arpad WeberArpad Lazlo Weber2010-8-267Heart attack
Arriba Luis MartinezLuis Martinez2013-9-???
Art Barr, The JuicerArthur Leon Barr1994-11-2328?
Art Dominguez, Salvador DominguezArthur Garcia Dominguez2008-7-2472?
Art Neilson, Black PhantomArthur Nelson1983-10-2056?
Arthur AckermannArthur Ackermann1948-2-9??
As CharroJorge Huaracha Lopez2018-4-2868?
Ashura HaraSusumu Hara2015-4-2868Pneumonia
Assad BatrosNeville Batros1994-7-2578?
Assassin #1Thomas Renesto2000-4-2572Heart failure
Atholl OakleySir Edward Athol Oakley 1987-1-?86?
August "Slippery" SeppAugust Sepp1962-11-1275?
August BryllaAugust Brylla1933-1-17??
Aurele LebelAurele Lebel?81?
Avenger Scotty McKeeverGary Scott Mckeever2018-4-150?
Awesome KongDwain McCullough2012-11-1754Natural causes
Axel Dieter Sr.Axel Dieter Barthel2015-9-2881?
Axl RottenBrian Knighton2016-2-444Drug overdose
Babe CaddockJohn Supsie???
Babe KasaboskiLawrence Raymond Kasaboski1985-6-2870?
Babe RodriguezCharles G. Rodriguez1989-7-473Cancer
Babe SharonArmando Aro2008-2-655Heart complications
Babe ZahariasChris Davros1957-8-942Died after match against Bibber McCoy (cause unknown)
Babs WingoMarva A. Goodwin2003-7-1565?
Baby Haystacks, Big DaddyBob Ziolkowski2010-4-434?
Baby XJose Barreto Martinez2004-5-121Murdered
Bad Bill ColemanWilliam Coleman2015-5-2473?
Bad Boy BadeauxClarence Joseph Badeaux2014-10-2786?
Bad Boy Basil BozinisBasil Bozinis2002-2-1826Drug overdose
Bad Boy BrownJack Brown1984-7-2275?
Bad Business BrownBryan Lee Brown2001-8-431Brain aneurysm
Bad News Brown, Bad News AllenAllen James Coage2007-3-663Heart attack
Bald Eagle James Paul Morton 2010-12-1789?
Balk EstesMalcolm A. Estes2004-7-191Natural causes
Balls MahoneyJonathan Rechner2016-4-1244Heart attack
Bam Bam BigelowScott Charles Bigelow2007-1-1945Drug overdose
Bambi Ball, The Kentucky WildcatLaura Jeannetta Collins2010-1-???
Barbara BakerBarbara Collins2015-6-12??
Barbara ThommBarbara Thomm2013-11-978?
Baron GattoniGuiseppe Ricardo Jose Gattone1982-4-3062Heart complications
Baron Michele LeoneMike Morelli1988-11-2679Accident - hit by car
Baron Mikel SciclunaMikel Scicluna2010-3-2080Cancer (liver)
Baron Von HeczeyLadislaus Von Heczey1991-5-2470?
Bastion Booger, Norman the LunaticMichael P. Shaw2010-9-1153Heart attack
Bearcat WilkersonEdward Wright1982-8-2850Other - sickle cell anemia
Beau Brummell, Bull BrummelJames Houghton1998-11-565?
Beautiful Bobby Dean, Lord Roger LittlebrookBobby Tovey2017-9-240?
BeetlejuiceAlan Carnill2004-1-2542Accident - automobile accident
Ben AlexanderRobert Bengie Alexander2002-5-1551Stroke
Ben Justice, Jerry May, Jerry MaiburgGerald May2018-10-3081Cancer
Ben ShalomDavid Unreich???
Ben SharpeBenjamin J. Sharpe2001-11-2185Natural causes
Benedikt TrinkgeldBenedikt Trinkgeld1959-12-29??
Benno Schaaf-KornerBenno Schaaf-Korner1953-2-6??
Benny "The Bull" JarrellsBenjamin R. Jarrells2000-5-2660Natural causes
Benny MattaBenjamin R. Matta2011-11-2183Natural causes
Benny McGuireBenny Loyd McCrary2001-3-2654Heart attack
Benny MendeblisVentura Mendeblis2012-4-2963Cancer
Benny TrudelBenoit Peter Trudel1986-6-?71?
Bert AssiratiBernardo Esserati1990-8-3182Cancer (bladder)
Bert RubyBert Rubinstein1968-3-957?
Bertha Faye, Rhonda Singh, Monster RipperRhonda A. Sing2001-7-2740Heart attack
Bestia SalvajeJuan Manuel Rodriguez2008-3-2046Liver disease
Betty ClarkSylvia June Lantagne1996-4-953Heart attack
Betty Jo HawkinsBetty Jo Hawkins1987-12-457?
Beverly LehmerBeverly Lehmer2010-8-3077?
Bholu PahalwanHaji Manzoor Hussain1985-3-6??
Bialo the GiantAlan Bialor1991-5-???
Bibber McCoyRobert Henry James McCoy1977-3-670?
Biff WellingtonShayne Alexander Bower2007-6-2442Heart attack
Big Bad BobJoseph Bob Elliott2012-11-1668?
Big Bad Mama Lynn Braxton2013-6-2961Cancer
Big Bill DromoWilliam M. Dromo2012-12-2975Parkinson's disease
Big Boss ManRaymond Walter Traylor Jr.2004-9-2241Heart attack
Big Bruno ElringtonFrank Bruno Elrington1993-7-?63?
Big Bully BusickNicholas Robert Busick2018-5-863Cancer
Big City MikeRichard Martello1997-1-338?
Big DaddyShirley Crabtree Jr.1997-12-267Stroke
Big Daddy Roger CoxRoger E. Cox2013-6-643?
Big Daddy V, Viscera, MabelNelson Lee Frazier Jr.2014-2-1843Heart attack
Big Dick DudleyAlexander Paul Rizzo2002-5-1634Kidney failure
Big E. SleezeJeremy Bradburn Sumpter1997-10-2622Suicide
Big Ike Eakins, Masked Rasputin, Masked DestroyerJames Davis Eakins1967-10-2450Died in ring (internal bleeding)
Big Jim WilliamsJim Williams2008-1-???
Big Jim WilsonJames M. Wilson2009-2-267Cancer
Big Joe LaCretaJoseph LaCreta2013-6-3079Cancer
Big John Radocaj, Ivan Radocaj, Croatian GiantIvan Radocaj2007-9-1243Murdered
Big John StuddJohn William Minton1995-3-2047Cancer (hodgkin disease)
Big MikeyBert Ruf Jr.2010-6-1844Cancer
Big RedJerry A. Reese2002-3-1751Heart attack
Big Red, The Wrestling PreacherBishop Shedrick Phillip Madison2014-7-1355?
Big Val PuccioValentino Puccio2011-1-745Complications from obesity
Bill BergerWilliam Eichenberger2001-10-1154Heart attack
Bill CannyWilliam F. Canny1966-7-856?
Bill ClarkeWilliam Clarke2018-10-10??
Bill HelmWilliam K. Helm2001-5-2455Cancer
Bill KuusistoWilliam E. Kuusisto1973-5-2855?
Bill LewisJames Arthur Whitfield1961-3-3162?
Bill MacMurrayWiddas A. MacMurray1997-2-1579?
Bill MarkchukWilliam Markchuk2011-10-2180?
Bill McMinnBill McMinn2014-8-15??
Bill MillsWilliam Mills2012-9-1349Cancer
Bill Sky, Bill BowmanWilliam David Bowman2015-10-682?
Bill SteddumWilliam A. Steddum2002-1-783?
Billy DarnellWilliam L. Darnell2007-9-681Natural causes
Billy EdwardsBilly Edwards1941-1-2151Accident - automobile accident
Billy FirehawkWilliam J. Hawkins III2006-7-1740Diabetes
Billy GoelzWilliam Charles Goelz2002-11-2084?
Billy Hamilton, Tiger HamiltonBilly Hamilton2011-9-2671?
Billy Hines, Billy Boy HinesOwen D. Yow1993-5-2658?
Billy Jack, Billy JenkinsWilliam Warren Jenkins2017-1-847?
Billy Joe SmithJames Herschell Smith2013-7-1565?
Billy Joe Travis, Bill TravisGary Keith Mize2002-11-2241Heart attack
Billy JoyceBob Robinson2000-9-1565?
Billy LaneWilliam E. Kiper2015-7-9??
Billy McGuireBilly Leon McCrary1979-7-1432Heart attack
Billy RayburnInman Curry Raborn1968-8-31??
Billy Red CloudBill Wright1981-10-??Heart complications
Billy Red LyonsWilliam Snip2009-6-2277Cancer
Billy RileyWilliam Harold Riley1977-9-1583?
Billy RobinsonWilliam A. Robinson2014-3-375Natural causes
Billy Rolling ThunderDale F. Patrick1998-10-474Natural causes
Billy RomanoffBilly Romanoff???
Billy SandowWilhelm Baumann1972-9-1588Natural causes
Billy ScreamBilly Scream??Suicide
Billy SpearsWilliam Spearman2004-10-1272?
Billy The KidWilliam Reid Guillot2013-1-1776?
Billy ThomWilliam Thom1973-8-1372?
Billy Varga, Count Billy VargaWilliam Varga2013-1-1194Alzheimer's disease
Billy WeidnerWilliam Weidenauer1966-1-162?
Billy WicksWilliam Wickston2016-5-684Natural causes
Billy WolfeWilliam Harrison Wolfe1963-3-766?
Bison SmithMark Smith2011-11-2283Heart failure
Black Angus CampbellFrancis Hoy2005-4-2170?
Black Baron, Pit BullKevin Cawley1992-10-?42Died in ring (heart attack)
Black CatVictor Mar Manuel2006-1-2851Heart attack
Black Jack Daniels, Jack MillsJack E. Danielson2012-7-2483Dementia
Black Jack RossJack Ross1954-?-???
Black ShadowAlejandro Cruz Oritz2007-3-885Pneumonia
Black Tiger, Cameron LaRue, HellfireCornelius D. Jones2013-3-637?
Black Venus, Jean KirklandJean Kirkland1995-9-3046Heart attack
Blackie GuzmanMiguel Guzman1973-?-?61?
Blackie WestThomas Gregory Loyd2011-5-3141?
Blackjack Hedden, Russian BrainPhillip Darrell Hedden2010-1-3165?
Blackjack MulliganRobert Deroy Windham2016-4-773?
Blue DemonAlejandro Munoz Moreno2000-12-1678Heart attack
Blue Thunder TornadoDavid Wayne Daniels1988-?-?18?
Bob AdamsBob Adams2012-2-15??
Bob Clark, Bob GrizzlyBob Clark2013-2-23??
Bob CorbyBob Corby???
Bob GeigelRobert Geigel2014-10-3090Alzheimer's disease
Bob KonovskyRobert Erwin Konovsky1982-3-747?
Bob LortieBob Lortie???
Bob Managoff Sr.Robert M. Manoogian1944-9-1462?
Bob NeyendorfRobert Neyendorf Sr.2014-?-?91?
Bob Orton Sr.Robert Dale Orton Sr.2006-7-1676Heart attack
Bob OwensRobert Hollis Owen2013-2-1662Natural causes
Bob SabreRobert Duane Sabre1989-8-1560Cancer
Bobbi PetersonBobbi Peterson2001-7-???
Bobby Bahfanabalaminga Sean Vecchione-Dale2017-10-2933Accident - automobile accident
Bobby BakerRobert G. Baker2011-11-2551?
Bobby Becker, Ray SchwartzJohn J. Emerling1954-11-26??
Bobby BonalesRoberto Aceves Bonales1994-6-2677Cancer
Bobby BrunsRobert Bruns1983-1-2368?
Bobby ChickBobby Chick1974-?-???
Bobby Duncum Jr.Bobby Edward Duncum Jr.2000-1-2434Drug overdose
Bobby FieldsLuther Eugene Hatfield2011-8-1377Natural causes
Bobby JonesRobert Jones2015-3-1284?
Bobby ManagoffRobert Manoogian Jr.2002-4-384Heart failure
Bobby MoranGerard A. McCra Jr.1993-10-1135Murdered
Bobby NelsonBobby Nelson2002-2-2084?
Bobby ShaneRobert Schoenberger1975-2-2029Accident - plane crash
Bobo BrazilHouston Harris1998-1-2073Stroke
Bobo BronsonTors Adolphus Bronson2014-11-145?
Bomber Kulkivitch, Henry KulkyHenry Kulkovich1965-2-1253?
Bonnie WatsonBonnabel Lee Burnquist2014-8-2182?
Boogie Woogie BrownDelance Clifford Wright2007-6-2355Other - lupus
Boris "The Russian Crusher" LevinskyEric M. Goldenberg2018-10-2762?
Boris MalenkoLawrence Boris Simon1994-9-161Cancer (leukemia)
Boris VolkoffFrancis Edward Zela2003-10-1576Heart disease
Boston Bad Boy Tony RumbleAnthony David Magliaro1999-11-1343Heart attack
Boston Bobbie ReganRobert H. Regan2011-6-284Natural causes
Boyd "The Avenger" RowellBoyd Rowell2007-12-1742Heart disease
Bozo Brown, SpacemanFrank Jewel Hickey1993-12-878?
Brad ArmstrongRobert Bradley James2012-11-151?
Brad BattenBradley Batten2014-11-1856Heart attack
Brady BooneDean R. Peters1998-12-1540Accident - automobile accident
Brain DamageMarvin Lambert2012-10-1834Suicide
Brazo de OroJesus Alvarado Nieves2017-4-2857Heart attack
Brian "Skull Krusher" StricklandBrian Strickland2011-8-2038Died in ring against The Mercenary (heart attack)
Brian CarlucciBrian Thomas Danovich2018-8-938Suicide
Brian CarrBrian Carr2012-3-1265Parkinson's disease
Brian "Too Sexy" Christopher, Grand Master SexayBrian Christopher Lawler2018-7-2946Suicide
Brian OngBrian Ong2001-5-2824Died while training with the Great Khali (head injury)
Brian OverbayBrian Keith Overbay2014-6-2241?
Brian PillmanBrian Pillman1997-10-535Heart attack
Brickhouse BrownFrederick Seawright2018-7-2957Cancer (prostate)
Bronco BobChad Michael Bonvillian2012-11-840Heart attack
Bronko LubichBronko Sandor Lupsity2007-8-1181Multiple ailments - cancer, stroke
Bronko NagurskiBronislau Nagurski1990-1-781Natural causes
Brother Frank, Mormon MaulerFrank August Jares1990-7-2477?
Brother JonathanJonathan D. Heaton1987-9-2183Heart complications
Brown BomberLonnie H. Evans Jr.2011-8-1363Natural causes
Bruiser Bedlam, Johnny K-9, Ian CroitoruIon William Croitoru2017-2-2153?
Bruiser Bob SweetanBob Sweetan2017-2-1076?
Bruiser Brian CoxBrian George Cox2003-3-2333Heart attack
Bruiser BrodyFrank Goodish1988-7-1742Died after match (murdered in dressing room)
Bruno MosigBruno Mosig1964-1-2077?
Bruno SammartinoBruno Leopoldo Francesco Sammartino2018-4-1882Heart complications
Bruno ZimmermannBruno Zimmermann1991-2-16??
Brute BernardJames Prudhomme1984-7-1463Suicide
Bryan HartBrian J. Brewer2010-2-938Complications from asthma
Bubba Bruce DarnellBruce Darnell 2013-10-1463?
Buck DavidsonHarold Davidson1989-5-1281Alzheimer's disease
Buck ForrestBuck Forrester2002-1-2854?
Buck MooreMarvin Lawson Moore2004-1-187Natural causes
Buck WeaverRalph Weaver1956-7-1850Died in ring (heart attack)
Bud Adams, Spoiler #1Bud Adams2002-2-1767Cancer
Bud OsborneWilliam Osborne2009-6-2180Heart failure
Buddha KhanEdward A. Carter III2018-5-1678Accident - fall
Buddy BisonRoger D. Kowarko2012-8-1471Heart attack
Buddy DiamondCharles Medford2012-5-467Other - internal bleeding
Buddy FullerEdward A. Welch1996-1-1570Heart attack
Buddy HackGeorge Allen Hack2013-7-2382?
Buddy KnoxHerbert Glen Knotts1970-1-354Cancer (leukemia)
Buddy LeeJoseph Arthur Pinhal1998-2-1365Cancer
Buddy LandelWilliam Ansor2015-6-2253Accident - automobile accident
Buddy O'BrienArland Miller1941-10-1232Homicide (injuries from police confrontation)
Buddy PappasSoterios Anton Pappas2001-9-1186?
Buddy PorterBuddy J. Porter2005-1-559Natural causes
Buddy RobertsDale Hey2012-11-2965Pneumonia
Buddy RogersHerman Gustav Rohde Jr.1992-6-2671Stroke
Buddy Ward, Doctor DeathAlfred Woodward2015-6-1880?
Buddy WayneDwayne Peale2015-12-3181Lung (pulmonary fibrosis)
Buddy WayneSteve Finley2017-6-1750Heart attack
Buddy WolffLes Wolff2017-7-1176Dementia
Buffalo BrownGranvel Paul Brown 2012-8-2762?
Bull BullinskiFrank Shields1998-7-???
Bull MartinMurray Stanley Grondin1979-7-3134Died after match against Louis Laurence (heart attack)
Bull MontanaLuigi Montagna1950-1-2462?
Bull Montana, Chuck MontanaFrederick Pantano1992-5-3066Heart attack
Bulldog Bill LawleyWilliam G. Lawley1963-8-26?Died after match (cause unknown)
Bulldog Bob BrownRobert Harold Brown1997-2-557Heart attack
Bulldog Cliff Lilly, Masked DominoClifford Lilly2012-2-1768?
Bulldog Don KentLeo Joseph Smith Jr.1993-6-759Cancer (leukemia)
Bulldog GannonRonald Irwin Bint1986-8-646?
Bullwhip Danny JohnsonDan Johnson2003-7-2049Kidney failure
Burrhead Jones, Jimmy JonesMelvin Nelson2017-10-1580?
Butch LevyLeonard Bernard Levy1999-2-978Cancer
Butch ThorntonHarry Thornton Jr.2002-9-1546Heart complications
Butcher BranniganJoseph F. Novo2009-9-661Heart complications
Buzz SawyerBruce Allen Woyan1992-2-732Drug overdose
Caballero Rojo, The Red KnightHumberto Reinoso2007-6-1672?
Cal FarleyCalvin Farley1967-2-1971?
Calvin "Hardbody" KnappCalvin Knapp2013-10-2043?
Canadian DestroyerDoug Chevalier2000-9-1041Heart attack
Canadian Giant, Paul Bunyan, Demolition HuxGarry Allan Robbins2013-12-1157Heart attack
Canadian WildmanDave McKigney1988-7-456Accident - automobile accident
Captain HookDavid Kyle1999-12-2271?
Carl AbsCarl Johann Theodor Abs1895-2-1843Multiple ailments - liver disease, kidney disease
Carl EngstromCarl J. Engstrom2008-3-2984Natural causes
Carl Nelson, Mad MaxxCarl Nelson2016-6-2265?
Cavernario GalindoRodolfo Galindo Ramirez1999-7-1975Cancer (lung)
Cecilia BlevinsCecilia Blevins1999-3-?79?
Charles "Killer" JinesCharles Jines2015-5-666?
Charles "Midget" FischerCharles Berthold Fischer1982-11-1684?
Charles "The Natural" HairstonCharles Hairston Jr2013-8-1052Heart attack
Charles BaillargeonCharles Baillargeon2010-2-1092Stroke
Charles BuffongCharles Buffong2008-11-15?Heart attack
Charles RigoulotCharles Rigoulot1962-8-2228?
Charley HansonCharles Hanson1934-6-26?Died in ring (cause unknown)
Charley StrackCharley Strack1967-5-?67?
Charlie CarrCharles Steward Carr1969-12-1360?
Charlie CutlerCharlie L. Cutler1952-12-2569?
Charlie FultonGary Lee Fulton2016-3-1567Natural causes
Charlie LutkieCharles Lutkie2013-3-494Natural causes
Charlie ParksCharlie Parks2011-3-545?
Charlie RentropCarl August Rentrop???
Charro AguayoFrancisco Aguayo Escobosa1963-9-2267?
Chase TatumWilliam Chase Tatum2008-3-2334Drug overdose
Chati YokouchiShin'ichi Yokouchi1982-12-1545?
Chavo Guerrero Sr., Chavo ClassicSalvador Guerrero Llanes2017-2-1168Cancer (liver)
Chazz RoccoChad J. Floyd2005-12-1037Heart failure
Chet WallickChet Wallick1964-3-???
Chic PurveyCharles Purvey1996-11-1769?
Chicago MaulerDon Vitelli2003-?-??Diabetes
Chick GaribaldiCharles Curcuru1961-2-1846Died after match against Bruno Sammartino (heart attack)
Chico CortezBasil Salazar1999-12-2877Natural causes
Chief Big Heart, Chief Vest, Hank VestRichard Gilbert Vest1993-4-2266Diabetes
Chief Black EagleLouis Torres2005-4-?72?
Chief Dave Foxx David Joseph Farrar2001-10-2844Heart attack
Chief Don EagleCarl Donald Bell1966-3-1740Suicide
Chief Jay StrongbowLuke Joseph Scarpa2012-4-383Accident - fall
Chief Little EagleRichard Thomas Bryant1990-7-755Murdered
Chief Little WolfVentura Tenario1984-11-1373?
Chief Lone EagleRaymond E. Nieto1989-1-281?
Chief Lone EagleJesus D. Vazquez1995-8-1588Heart failure
Chief Lone WolfErnest Tenario1998-4-283Heart attack
Chief SaunookeOsley Bird Saunooke1965-4-1558?
Chief Suni War CloudJoseph Vance Chorre Jr.1987-6-1472Cardiac arrest
Chief ThunderbirdJean Baptiste Paul1966-11-2371?
Chief ThundermountainDavid C. Mosier1991-8-1633Heart attack
Chief War EagleJohn Joseph Bell1979-8-2780?
Chief White Owl George Arnold Dahmer2008-5-2373Other - neglect in nursing home
Chip FairwayBrett J. Keen2011-4-938?
Cho Ei TetsuEi Tetsu 2006-8-873Parkinson's disease
Choo-Choo LynnAlbert Lynn2005-11-1179?
Chri$ Ca$h Christopher J. Bauman Jr.2005-8-1823Accident - motorcycle accident
Chris AdamsChristopher Adams2001-10-746Homicide (shot in confrontation)
Chad AdamsSteven Joseph Wolther2017-11-930?
Chris BelkasChristos N. Belkas1981-2-563?
Chris BenoitChristopher Michael Benoit2007-6-2540Suicide
Chris Candido, SkipChristopher B. Candito2005-4-2833Pneumonia
Chris Champion, Yoshi KwanChristopher Dennis Ashford-Smith2018-8-2257Stroke
Chris ColtCharles Harris1996-8-3050Complications from HIV/AIDS
Chris CravenChristopher Stewart Barbour2011-6-425Brain aneurysm
Chris DuffyChristopher T. Duffy2000-8-2435Brain aneurysm
Chris JordanChris Jordan1940-4-1855?
Chris KanyonChristopher Klucsaritis2010-4-240Suicide
Chris Long, SolidChris Long2010-11-2133Murdered
Chris TaylorChris Taylor1979-6-3029Heart complications
Chris TolosChristopher Tolos2005-8-1275Cancer
Chris Von ErichChris Barton Adkisson1991-9-1221Suicide
Chuck ConleyCharles Conley2013-7-2675Natural causes
Chuck EtchellsChuck Paul Bender2010-6-835Cancer
Chuck MaloneCecil Ray McDonald1999-1-1952Lung (emphysema)
Chuck MolnarCharles Albert Molnar2004-11-672Natural causes
ChynaJoan Marie Laurer2016-4-2046Drug overdose
Ciclon Veloz Jr.Fausto Humberto Veloz Barrueto2001-8-3063Cancer (esophageal)
Cincinnati RedGregory Scott Daves2015-3-2040Heart attack
Cisco Valdez, Pedro ValdezPedro Valdez2014-12-30??
Clara MortensonClara Mortenson???
Clarence EklundClarence Gustav Eklund1981-1-493?
Clarence TurnerClarence Turner2014-12-1072?
Clarence WhistlerClarence Whistler1885-11-629Pneumonia
Classy Freddie BlassieFrederick Kenneth Blassman2003-6-285Multiple ailments - heart failure, kidney failure
Clem Turner Clem Turner 2009-12-2064Accident - automobile accident
Cliff MaupinClifford Cleo Maupin1967-10-1169?
Cliff ParkerCliff Parker???
Clyde Steeves, The Golden TerrorClyde W. Steeves2001-6-3074?
Coach John HeathJohn Heath2004-1-1380Cancer
CobritaJorge Melendez2006-6-5?Suicide
Coco BlancoManuel Balderas Ramirez2013-12-1845Natural causes
Cocoa SamoaUlualoaiga Onosai Tuaolo Emelio2007-1-962Natural causes
Colonel Buck RobleyPhil Robley2013-5-28?Natural causes
Colonel Tom WalkerTom Lee Wallker2017-2-2867?
ColossusChristopher Nunn2014-5-16??
Colt SteelCary Joseph Jackson2009-12-2053Heart attack
Con BrunoCon Bruno???
Cora CombsCora Svonsteckik2015-6-2192Pneumonia
CoreLee H. Estabrook2003-6-2529Suicide
Corsica JeanJean Louis Roy1992-3-2771Murdered
Corsica Joe, Francois MiquetFrancois J. Miquet2010-3-1390Natural causes
Cosmic CommanderHoward Saunders2013-8-1851Accident - motorcycle accident
Count Antonio VerdiAlfred DeBenedetti1992-1-881?
Countess Victoria de Beaulais Ruth Gohman2007-11-1771Cancer
Country Boy John FluderJohn Fluder2014-6-2484?
Country CuzCharles Shelby Kidd2012-12-3153?
Cousin LukeGene Petit2013-9-2965Multiple ailments - multiple sclerosis, diabetes
Cowboy Bob KellyRobert Kelly2014-10-1278Heart attack
Cowboy Bob YumaFrank Vaughn2006-5-2355Lung disease
Cowboy BradleyRobert Clayton Bradley2010-6-2475Natural causes
Cowboy CarlsonOrville Lee Carlson1996-7-1173?
Cowboy Frankie LaineFrank Luhovy2016-5-2473Multiple sclerosis
Cowboy LangHarold Robert Lang2007-1-456Heart disease
Cowboy LuttrallClarence Preston Luttrall1980-3-1173?
Cowboy RussellJack Ray1936-1-140Died in ring (cause unknown)
Crafty Casey PyeHarry Bennett1994-7-567Cancer (leukemia)
Crash HollyMichael John Lockwood2003-11-632Suicide
Crazy Luke GrahamJames Grady Johnson2006-6-2366Heart failure
CrushBrian Keith Adams2007-8-1343Drug overdose
Crybaby Dale EdwardsDale Edwards2006-10-558?
Cuddles AndersonMarilu Walker2014-9-12??
Curly MoeDonald Chester Zalesky2015-7-153?
Curtis PoeCurtis Poe1992-?-??Murdered
Curtis ToweCurtis Towe1992-?-??Murdered
Cy WilliamsCy Williams???
Cyclone NegroRomon Eduardo Rodriguez2013-2-2080Heart attack
Czaya Bob NandorRobert Nandor2005-8-3080Cancer
D.C. DillingerDavid Cahill2016-8-1443?
Dale "TNT" MannDale Mann2017-7-1777Stroke
Dale KizerDale Warnholtz???
Dale LewisDale Folsom Lewis1997-8-3062Cancer (leukemia)
Dale StarrEdward E. Strevel1989-5-3051?
Dallas James, Dallas Divine Don Parker2017-9-24??
Damian HoustonKevin Mailhot2005-6-1424Accident - automobile accident
Damien SteeleDamien Dothard2009-7-2234Brain aneurysm
Damien TruthDamien Evans2009-12-1129Heart attack
Damon DiabloTony Garrido Anderson2013-4-2??
Dan Greer, Danny FargoAudie Leon Hager2003-12-2644Cancer
Dan McLeodDaniel Stewart McLeod1958-6-2098?
Dan StrikesDaniel J. Pacheco2015-5-2033?
Dandy Jack Donovan Joe Jack Dunnavant2004-11-2776Accident - accident at work
Dane GerousJared Hogan 2004-11-2619Accident - automobile accident
Dangerous Dale HernandezClyde Hatcher2014-1-1445?
Dangerous Don CarsonDonald Wayne Carson2014-12-1947?
Daniel Aldana, Grey Shadow, Mike DonelliDaniel Aldana-Rebatet1990-12-3178?
Danno McDonaldJames Gregory McDonald2004-3-481Natural causes
Danno O'MahonyDanno O'Mahony1950-11-338Accident - automobile accident
Danno O'ShockerJack Lloyd1997-8-3173Pneumonia
Danny DusekWilliam Sidney Nabors1982-7-29??
Danny HawkeDan Hawkins2004-2-1633Heart complications
Danny Little BearArchie Danny Underwood1991-5-1265Cancer (liver)
Danny McShainWoodrow Wilson Shain1992-7-1479?
Danny Miller, Dan MillerDaniel Dean Miller2016-6-684Multiple ailments - cancer, diabetes
Danny PlechasDaniel Plechas1983-12-2067?
Danny ValentineDannie Bruce Taylor2014-7-3??
Dapper DanWilliam Franklin Hess Sr.2013-7-1376?
Dara SinghDeedar Singh Randhawa2012-7-1283Heart attack
Dave DiamondDavid McCombs2007-9-2451?
Dave LevinGeorge W. Wenzel2004-2-191?
Dave RuhlDave Ruhl1988-12-2168?
Dave ShadeDave Shade2014-1-???
Dave ViciousDavid C. Webber2001-3-1632?
Davey Boy Smith, The British BulldogDavid Smith2002-5-1839Heart attack
David C. WhiteDavid C. White2013-7-673?
David Deaton, Dave BrunoDavid Deaton2012-10-2456Accident - drowning
David Paul WhiteDavid Paul White2013-10-2160?
David RoseDavid Rose2014-3-25?Lung (respiratory complications)
David Von ErichDavid A. Adkisson1984-2-1025?
Dazzlin Danny O'Rourke Danny Orourke 2013-?-?86Cancer (prostate)
Dean DettonDean Henry Detton1958-2-2349Suicide
Dean HartDean Harry Anthony Hart1990-11-2136Kidney disease
Dean RockwellDean Ladrath Rockwell2005-8-593?
Dean Ross Ross David Bentley2007-9-2464Cancer
Delinquent Damian MichaelsSean Anderson2012-2-1333Suicide
Del KunkelDelbert Kunkel1980-10-2075?
Del SkinnerDelmarnet Newton Skinner2012-5-1070?
Dennis ClaryVincent Lizdennis1955-1-3031Died after match against Ali Bey (head injury)
Dennis HallDennis Hall2013-10-18?Stroke
Dennis MitchellDennis Mitchell1997-10-2968Heart complications
Dennis StampDennis Stamp2017-3-1368Cancer
Denny Forslund, Swede Forsland, Eric The GreatDennis Earl Forsland2013-3-1779Natural causes
Denny KassDennis Kasprowicz2016-8-2259?
Deputy DogPhillip Kurt Shipp2011-12-9??
Derrell CochranDerrell J. Cochran2002-9-1372Heart attack
Devil BhudakahnJames Fawcett2007-7-1731Suicide
Devil Murasaki Akio Murasaki2017-10-2375?
Dewey ForteDewey Forte Jr.2016-2-1555?
Diablo VelascoCuahutemoc Velasco Vargas 1999-6-1380Heart attack
Diane Von Hoffman, Moondog Fifi, The Teutonic Terror, Lady BeastPhyllis Burch Kavanaugh2017-7-655Surgery complications
Dick AmnotteRichard Donald Amnotte2012-12-2475Natural causes
Dick Brower, Bulldog BrowerRichard T. Gland1997-9-1563Diabetes
Dick Cole, Dick Von Steinburn, The Exorcist, The BrutePreston VanSteenburgh2012-1-169?
Dick HuttonRichard Hutton2003-11-2480Natural causes
Dick MurdochHoyt R. Murdoch1996-6-1549Heart attack
Dick the BruiserWilliam Fritz Afflis1991-11-1062Other - internal bleeding
Dick SlaterRichard Van Slater2018-10-1867Heart complications
Dick TorioDominick Torio2014-12-984?
Diehard Steve Szoke Robert Szoke Jr.2008-5-2732Cancer
Dientes HernandezEduardo Hernandez Calderon1988-5-2879?
Dimitri DemetroffDimitri Demetroff1932-5-937Complications from an infection
Dino BravoAdolpho Bresciano1993-3-1144Murdered
Dino CasanovaDavid Mark DiMeglio2002-3-135Heart attack
Dinty ParksWilliam Parks2004-2-1183?
Dirty Dick BarkleyRichard Barkley Jr.1999-1-2868Natural causes
Dirty Dick RainesCharles Richard Raines1979-10-1868?
Dirty Don EvansDonald A. Evans2005-11-2888Complications from arthritis
Dizzy DavisSterling Davis1983-12-1970?
DJ PetersonDavid W. Peterson1993-5-2533Accident - motorcycle accident
DJ RizzJason Smith2009-8-426Accident - automobile accident
Doby Gillis, Mr. GillisGreg Gillies2007-12-2344Heart attack
Doc DeanIan Dean2018-8-1348Heart attack
Doc GallagherJohn J. Gallagher1994-10-?77?
Doc SarpolisKarl Sarpolis1967-5-2869Heart attack
Doctor KamakazeEdwin William James Stratton2000-3-963Cancer
Doctor XClemente Marcelino Valencia Najera2011-10-1143Murdered
Doink the Clown, Matt Borne, Big JoshMatthew Wade Osborne2013-6-2855Drug overdose
Dominic PyeHarry Dominic Pye1979-2-2650Accident - firearm accident
Domino, Mark BensonMark Gedge2016-6-1344Suicide
Don "The Bruiser" ManoukianDonald J. Manoukian2014-9-2380?
Don "The Lawman" SlattonDon Slatton2013-8-2279?
Don AndersonDon Anderson2013-5-980?
Don ArnoldDon Arnold2012-11-2290Natural causes
Don CarsonDonald Edward Gatson2013-3-1479Natural causes
Don CarverAlton Philpott1948-8-18??
Don ChuyDonald John Chuy2014-1-672Natural causes
Don CurtisDon Beitelman2008-3-680Stroke
Don DuffyDonald Quigley2013-4-1380Cancer (colon)
Don FargoDonald Kalt2015-11-885Natural causes
Don FieldsDonald Wayne Hatfield2012-9-1880Natural causes
Don GreeneDon Lewis Greene2014-6-2183?
Don Lee, Rocky LeeDon Lee1965-?-???
Don Leo JonathanDon Heaton2018-10-1387?
Don LiretteDon A. Lirette2005-4-3036?
Don McGee, Don McGeheeDonald Wilburn McGehee2013-2-2689Natural causes
Don McIntyreDonald J. McIntyre1989-11-2378?
Don Red CloudHerman Havins Watson2012-4-2785?
Don SavageClark H. Staples2012-7-20??
Don SebastianDon Louis Sebastian1987-11-3078?
Donn Lewin Donn Lewin 2010-12-1884?
Donna ChristanelloMary Alfonsi2011-8-2569Lung (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
Dorv RocheDorv Roche1944-6-2??
Dory DettonDory C. Detton1991-9-1779?
Dory Funk Sr.Dorrance Wilhelm Funk1973-6-354Natural causes
Dottie DownsDorothy Johnson2015-1-878?
Doug FurnasDwight Douglas Furnas2012-3-252Heart disease
Doug GilbertDouglas Allen Lindzy2013-11-476Alzheimer's disease
Doug HepburnDouglas Ivan Hepburn2000-11-2274Other - perforated ulcer
Doug SomersDouglas Somerson2017-5-1665?
Dr. B.F. RollerBenjamin Franklin Roller1933-4-1957Pneumonia
Dr. Bill MillerWilliam M. Miller1997-3-2469Heart attack
Dr. CreepBarry Hobart2011-1-1468Stroke
Dr. DestructionJohn Coggeshall2004-4-434Died after match against Matthew Gilbert (cause unknown)
Dr. Jerry GrahamJerry Martin Matthews1997-1-2475Stroke
Dr. John BonicaJohn J. Bonica1994-8-1577Brain (cerebral hemorrhage)
Dr. John Murphy, Dropkick John MurphyJohn E. Murphy1977-10-1765?
Dr. Ken RameyJohn Ramey2014-10-1783Cancer (throat)
Dr. Love Adam Marks Adam Stevens2006-8-1021?
Dr. Troy EatonTroy Petty2018-3-24??
Dr. WagnerVictor Manuel Gonzalez Rivera2004-9-1268Heart attack
Dream WarriorMel McGhee2016-9-2352?
Drew McDonaldCharles Shaw2015-2-959Cancer
Duane AllenDuane Allen2003-5-765Heart attack
Duke Finnegan, Lord Patrick LansdowneWilbert Henry Finran1959-11-2954?
Duke Hoffman, Bob LeiplerRobert Leipler2002-12-2476?
Duke Keomuka, Hisao TanakaMartin Hisao Tanaka1991-6-3070Heart failure
Duke MillerJerry Miller1976-11-???
Duke MyersFloyd Myers2015-8-22?Natural causes
Duke ScarboJames Scarbough???
Duncan McTavishMatt Gilmour2011-6-580Stroke
Dusty RhodesVirgil Riley Runnels Jr.2015-6-1169Cancer (stomach)
Dutch HefnerErnest Hefner???
Dutch Savage, Dutch SchultzFrank Stewart2013-8-378Stroke
Dynamite DDarren McMillan2007-4-1137Cancer
Dynamite Dick DunnRichard Demonbreun1995-6-664?
Dynamite KidThomas Billington2018-12-560?
E-MoneyEddie Piedra2018-4-1632?
Earl CaddockEarl C. Caddock1950-8-2562Heart attack
Earl McCreadyEarl Gray McCready1983-12-978?
Earthquake, Golga, The SharkJohn Anthony Tenta Jr.2006-6-742Cancer (bladder)
Ed "Strangler" LewisRobert Herman Julius Friedrich1966-8-876?
Ed "The Bull" GanterEdward J. Ganter Jr.1990-12-3131Suicide
Ed ChumanEd Chuman2010-1-1562?
Ed CohenEdward Cohen2018-8-2562?
Ed Don GeorgeEdward Nichols George Jr.1985-9-1880?
Ed ViragEde Virag-Ebner1951-10-2239?
Eddie "Flash" BarkerEdward Victor Barker2007-1-191Heart complications
Eddie AugerEdouard Auger1973-12-???
Eddie BakerEddie Baker1937-5-1436Died after match against Roy Welch (heart failure)
Eddie BlanksWaverly Edwin Blanks1995-11-1885?
Eddie CreatchmanEddie Creatchman1994-3-966Heart attack
Eddie FranksEdward Franks2014-10-2879?
Eddie GilbertThomas Gilbert Jr.1995-2-1833Heart attack
Eddie GrahamEdward F. Gossett1985-1-2155Suicide
Eddie GuerreroEduardo Gori Guerrero Llanes2005-11-1338Heart failure
Eddie LopezAlfredo Romero2012-7-2469?
Eddie PalauEddie Palau1994-1-181?
Eddie PopeEddie Pope???
Eddie SullivanRuben J. Huizar2000-11-2459?
Eddy Steinblock, Karl SteinblockEdwin Steinblock2017-11-961?
Edouard Carpentier Flying Frenchman2010-10-3084Heart attack
Eduardo PerezEduardo Perez1989-9-761Natural causes
EF HuttonTerry Lynn Wright2012-11-2651?
El Apache, Gran ApacheMario Balbuena Gonzalez2017-5-758Cancer (stomach)
El BanditoOrig Williams2009-11-1278Heart attack
El BrazoJuan Alvarado Nieves2013-10-1552Diabetes
El CobardeMiguel Angel Delgado Reyes1983-2-736Cancer (leukemia)
El Espanto IIFernando Cisneros Carrillo2010-8-2777Heart complications
El Faisan?2012-12-1552Cancer
El GladiadorLuis Ramirez Romero1965-12-3??
El GrecoKyriakos Anastassiadis1982-4-25?Died after match (cause unknown)
El Hijo de Cien CarasIgnacio Jimenez Ibarra2010-11-2934Murdered
El Hijo Del Andy BarrowFrancisco Javier Gutierrez2012-12-432Died in ring (hernia, intestinal rupture and heart attack)
El MedicoCesareo Anselmo Manriquez Gonzalez1960-6-1639?
El MongolRaul Molina2016-10-986Accident - fall
El Picudo, Devil RockerArturo Hernandez Herrada2018-8-351Diabetes
El SanguinarioLuis Alberto Medina Delgadillo2002-9-833Heart attack
El SantoRodolfo Guzman Huerta1984-2-567Heart attack
El SatanasEnrique Navarro Camargo 2007-11-878Alzheimer's disease
El ScorpioRafael Nunez Contreras 2010-6-2557?
El SolitarioRoberto Gonzalez Cruz1986-4-639Died after match against Fishman (cause unknown)
El SuavecitoAndrew Gilbert Yanez2014-7-5??
El SupremoSalvador Cuevas Ramirez 2010-5-467Heart attack
El Texano Juan Conrado Aguilar Jaurequi2006-1-1547Lung (respiratory failure)
El VagabundoJose Luis Garcia Ramirez2011-1-2062Natural causes
El VerdugoFrancisco Javier Ortiz Villanueva2015-4-2257?
Elephant BoyWilliam Victor Olivas2008-2-687Natural causes
Ella WaldekElsie Shevchenko2013-4-1783Natural causes
Ellis BasharaEllis Kalil Bashara1960-5-2751?
Elmer Brown, Pet BrownElmer D. Brown1923-5-536?
Elton OwenElton T. Owen1993-12-3178?
Elton Standon, E.T. StantonTom Stanton2007-10-21?Cancer
Elvira SnodgrassKatherine Duvall???
Emiko KadoEmiko Kado1999-4-923Died after match (intercerebral bleeding from head injury)
Emil DusekEmil Hason1986-7-981?
Emil NauckeEmil Naucke1900-1-2444Heart attack
Emile MaupasEmile Maupas1948-9-21??
Emilio CharlesEmilio Charles1994-9-670?
Emilio Charles Jr.Sergio Emilio Charles Garduno2012-12-2856Kidney failure
Emily ArthurEmily June Arthur Clark2015-5-757?
Enrique LlanesEnrique Juan Yanez Gonzalez2004-9-1885Natural causes
Enrique TorresEnrique Torres2007-9-1085Stroke
Eric DenisEric Denis2017-10-840Heart attack
Eric Pomeroy, Stan PulaskiEric Ronald Pomeroy2012-9-2979Natural causes
Eric the Animal, Eric the RedIb Solvang Hansen1978-11-2634Accident - hit by car
Ernest RoeberErnest Roeber1944-4-3083?
Ernie "The Cat" LaddErnest Ladd2007-3-1068Cancer (colon)
Ernie DusekErnie Hason1994-4-1185Heart failure
Ernie HolmesEarnest Lee Holmes2008-1-1759Accident - automobile accident
Ernie RileyErnie Riley2000-10-27??
Espanto IJose Eusebio Vazquez Bernal1968-5-30?Murdered
Espanto IIIMiguel Vazquez Bernal1996-12-856Heart attack
Espectrito, Mini Vader, El ToritoMario Perez Jimenez2016-1-2349?
Espectrito IIAlejandro Perez Jimenez2009-6-2934Murdered
Espectro IAntonio Hernandez Fernandez1993-10-1359?
Eugene StezyckiEugene Stezycki2007-7-1982Cancer
Eugene TremblayEugene Tremblay1947-1-?68Heart attack
Evan LewisHenry Clayton1919-11-359?
Even Colder Mike AustinMichael Rice2016-4-20?Cancer
Everett MarshallEverette Oldman Marshall1973-2-1067?
ExecutionerTerrence D. Manton2002-6-954Heart attack
Fabian el GitanoEmilio Fabian Fernandez de Leon2011-3-1739Murdered
Falcon de Oro, El AztecGilberto Arellano2018-4-28??
Farmer BurnsMartin Burns1937-1-875?
Farmer Elmer GibsonPaul Gibson2009-12-2080Cancer
Farmer Johnny AllanJohn Allan2013-1-1182Natural causes
Farmer JonesLoyd Murdoch1975-12-164?
Fat Frank, Lightning Lou DiamondFrank Iadevia2015-9-2343?
Felipe Hahn LeePhilip Lee Hahn2011-3-280Natural causes
Feodor TornowFeodor Tornow1974-9-15??
Ferenc HolubanHoulounah Ferectisz1945-?-???
Fernand Rene AlixFernand Rene Alix 2002-5-184Natural causes
Fireball Kid Michiaki YoshimuraMichiaki Yoshimura2003-2-1576Lung failure
Firpo Zbyszko, Joe KameroffFirpo Zbyszko??Murdered
FishmanJose Angel Najera Sanchez2017-4-866Heart attack
Flex ArmstrongPeter Sobieski Jr2014-7-1848Multiple sclerosis
Floyd HansenHyrum Floyd Hansen1965-2-2464?
Flying Dutchman, Boston BlackieGerhard Kalitzki 2016-5-1285Dementia
Fran Gravette, Tippy WellsFrancis Gravette2016-2-1677?
Francisco GutierrezFrancisco Gutierrez2012-12-432Heart attack
Frank AnderssonFrank Oivind Stefan Andersson2018-9-662Heart complications
Frank BrownFrank Evan Brown1977-9-2564?
Frank BrunowiczFrank Brunowicz1954-7-1358?
Frank BureshFrank Buresh???
Frank ButcherFrancisco Garcia2007-8-2284?
Frank DaltonGene Stevens1995-10-1754Stroke
Frank DursoFrank Scuillo2017-12-781?
Frank FoucheFrancois Fouche1968-7-1978?
Frank FozoFrank Fozo2007-8-2379?
Frank GotchFrank Albert Gotch1917-12-1640Kidney related (uremic poisoning)
Frank HesterFrank Hester1976-7-2740Accident - automobile accident
Frank JudsonFrank Joseph Jedlenski1982-6-?85?
Frank MartinezEfrain B. Martinez2010-2-1481?
Frank MorinFrank Morin2011-4-123Cancer
Frank NocetiFrank Noceti1998-7-3070Heart attack
Frank ParkerFrank Parker2014-12-2754Cancer
Frank Scarpa, Manuel CortezManuel Cortez1969-1-2553Died in ring (heart attack)
Frank SextonFrancis Paul Sexton1991-11-2081?
Frank Speers, Frank SpeerFrank Speer1938-6-1032Pneumonia
Frank TownsendFrank Townsend1965-5-1532Accident - drowning
Frank TunneyFrancis Martin Tunney1983-5-1070Natural causes
Frank ValoisFernard Levis Valois1998-12-3177Natural causes
FrankensteinNothanael Evaristo Leon Moreno2001-9-1285Brain hemorrhage
Frankie HartFranciscus Johannes Hart1982-7-374?
Frankie Hill MurdochFrank Murdoch???
Frankie TalaberFrank Talaber1994-9-782?
Frankie WilliamsArmando R. Pumarejo1991-4-2351Cancer (lung)
Franz MrnaFranz Mrna1963-8-28??
Franz OrlikFranz Orlik1981-6-2??
Fred AtkinsFred Atkinson1988-5-1477Natural causes
Fred BeellFriedrich A. Beell1933-8-557Murdered
Fred KohlerFrederick Wilhelm Koch1969-8-2466Natural causes
Fred MitchellFrederick Mitchell2004-5-991Natural causes
Fred Urban IIIFred Alfred Urban III2018-10-744?
Fred WardFred Ward1992-5-878?
Freddie GomezEliseo Lerma2014-5-2979?
Freddie SweetanFreddie Prosser1974-7-2636Accident - died in fire
Frederick Von SchachtFrank Altinger2001-8-990?
French Angel / The AngelMaurice Marie Joseph Tillet1954-8-451Heart disease
Frenchy BernardFrenchy Bernard2013-9-1677?
Frenchy MartinJean Gagne2016-10-2169Cancer
Frenchy RoberreYvon Losier2008-7-1378Natural causes
Fritz KleyFritz Kley1983-10-1982?
Fritz Von ErichJack Barton Adkisson Sr.1997-9-1068Cancer
Fuji NozawaShuji Joe Nozawa2008-5-785?
Fuzzy CupidLeon Stap1976-?-???
Gabino CaminoGabino Camino Gonzalez1964-10-2529?
Gary AlbrightGary Albright2000-1-736Died in ring against Lucifer Grimm (heart attack)
Gary HartGary Richard Williams2008-3-1666Heart disease
Gary LawlerCharles Ray Meserole2013-7-1559Natural causes
Gary Lee PearsonGary Lee Pearson2005-1-2061Cancer
Geeto Mongol, Geto MongolNewton Tattrie2013-7-1982Natural causes
Gene AndersonEugene Avon Anderson1991-10-3152Heart attack
Gene CyrHarvey E. Cyr Sr.2008-7-575?
Gene DuBuque, Magnificent MauriceEugene Earl Dubuque1974-3-1346Accident - plane crash
Gene Dundee, Flash MonroeGene Sannizzaro1994-11-2752?
Gene Kiniski Eugene Nicholas Kiniski2010-4-1481Cancer
Gene LeDouxAlphonse Joseph Martin1936-7-27?Died in ring (cause unknown)
Gene LipscombEugene Allen Lipscomb1963-5-1031Drug overdose
Gentleman Ed FrancisEdmund Charles Francis2016-11-1890?
Gentleman Ed SharpeSalvatore Thomas Baragiola2003-11-1883Cancer
Gentleman Jim HadyJim Hady1969-1-1238Died after match (heart attack)
Gentleman Jody DakotaJody Stettnichs2013-8-1348Cancer
Gentleman Saul WeingeroffSolomon Weingeroff1988-3-1472?
Geoff PortzGeoff Portz2016-4-182?
Georg AltmannGeorg Altmann1939-3-???
Georg BlemenschutzGeorg Blemenschutz1990-11-15??
Georg PohlsenGeorg Pohlsen1950-6-3??
George "The Animal" SteeleWilliam James Myers2017-2-1679Kidney failure
George "The Animal" Jr.Steven Allen Wallace2012-12-846Natural causes
George "Wildcat" WilsonGeorge Wilson1963-12-2763Heart attack
George BeckerGeorge P. Becker1999-10-2585Alzheimer's disease
George BollasGeorge A. Bollas1977-1-2853?
George BothnerGeorge Bothner1954-11-2057?
George Cannon, Crybaby CannonGeorge Arnold McArthur1994-7-162Cancer
George DarbyGeorge Darby Jr.2013-10-464?
George Drake, Catalina DrakeRonald McGarel Hogg1967-12-2939Suicide
George Eakin, Red EakinGeorge Eakin2010-2-2181Cancer
George GadaskiGeorge Kosti1982-12-1652?
George GordienkoGeorge Gordienko2002-5-1474Cancer
George HackenschmidtGeorg Karl Julius Hackenschmidt1968-2-1990?
George Harris, Two Ton HarrisGeorge Lowell Harris2002-11-2975Heart attack
George Hubert, Silent HubertGeorge L. Hubert2013-8-2286Natural causes
George KotsonarosGeorge Kotsonaros1933-7-1345Accident - automobile accident
George LenihanGeorge T. Linnehan1981-12-1373?
George MackGeorge Matkovich1945-3-3?Accident - plane crash
George McKayJerry Groseclose1993-4-1558?
George PencheffGeorge Pencheff???
George Romanoff, Jack MeyersConstantine Romanoff1950-3-11?Accident - automobile accident
George Scott, Great Scott George Scott2014-1-2084Cancer (lung)
George TempleGeorge Francis Temple Jr.1996-5-2777?
George Torontos, Billy TorontosGeorge Torontos1981-9-24??
George ZahariasTheodore Vetoyanis1984-5-2276?
Georges CagneyGerard Letarte???
Gerard Turnne, Gerry TurenneGerald Turrene???
Gerhard KarcherGerhard Karcher1978-2-1144?
Giant BabaShohei Baba1999-1-3161Cancer
Giant GonzalezJorge Gonzalez2010-9-2244Multiple ailments - diabetes, heart complications
Giant HaystacksMartin Ruane1998-11-2952Cancer
Giant OchiaiTakayuki Okada2003-8-830Died while training with Kenzo Suzuki (cause unknown)
Gigolo Johnny MercedesMark D. Gallo2018-3-2152?
Gil GuerreroGilbert Guerra2010-2-1569?
Gil MainsGil Mains2009-1-1079?
Gino GaribaldiSam Curcuru1984-12-1077?
Gino HernandezCharles E. Wolfe1986-2-228Drug overdose
Gino Nicolini, Louis Papineau, Lou PaineauLouis Papineau1964-3-736Died after match against Gino Britto (heart attack)
Gino Vagnone, Red VagnoneDominic Bernard Vagnone1977-?-???
Gladys "Killem" GillemGladys Marie Wall2009-8-1288Alzheimer's disease
Glen MunnGlen B. Munn1988-2-1381?
Gloria BarattiniGloria Dolores Souza2014-1-2784Natural causes
Goga PahalwanGoga Pahalwan1981-2-6?Died in ring against Nasir Bholu (cause unknown)
Golden Terror, Hardy KruskampHarold William Kruskamp1994-11-1388?
Goldie RogersDavid Sherwin2012-7-2061Stroke
Gordon CorbettGordon Corbett1985-?-???
Gordon McKinleyJack Everhart1958-1-18?Died after match against Bibber McCoy (cause unknown)
Gordon NelsonGordon George Nelson2012-12-1882Heart failure
Gorgeous GeorgeGeorge Raymond Wagner1963-12-2648Heart attack
Gorgeous George Arena, Baron ArenaJoseph George Arena1992-7-1684?
Gorgeous George GrantDan Moody Sheffield2010-4-2185Natural causes
Gorgeous George Jr.Charles Richard Phelps2012-5-1274Cancer
Gorilita FloresGonzalo Flores Garcia2001-7-2477Heart failure
Gorilla Marconi, Frank MarconiFrancis Joseph Julian1997-3-179?
Gorilla MonsoonRobert James Marella1999-10-662Heart failure
Gorilla PoggiErmete Poggi1988-8-3086?
Gory GuerreroSalvador Guerrero Quesada1990-4-1869Liver (cirrhosis)
Gran MarkusJuan Chavarria Galicia2007-11-1568Diabetes
Gran NaniwaYoshikimi Kimura2010-10-633Heart failure
Gran PetroneoAmador Medina2013-2-1160Natural causes
Great TogoGeorge Kazuo Okamura1973-12-1762?
Greg PetersonGregory G. Peterson2001-7-2168?
Gregory JarqueGregory Jarque1998-7-175Hepatitis
Grizzly SmithAurelian Smith Sr.2010-6-1277Alzheimer's disease
Gus KallioAugust Kallio1962-3-270Suicide
Gus SonnenbergGustav Adolf Sonnenberg1944-9-946Other - tuberculosis
Gust JohnstoneGust Johnstone1954-12-950Died after match (cerebral hemorrhage)
Gust KarrasGust Karavites1976-1-1673?
Gustl KaiserGustav Kaiser1989-5-281?
Guy BrunettiGuy Joe Brunetti2005-5-875Natural causes
Guy Mitchell, Jerry Valiant, The StomperJohn Steele Hill2010-3-1168Alzheimer's disease
Guy TaylorGuy Taylor1968-3-23?Died after match against Doctor X (heart attack)
Gypsy JoeGilberto Melendez2016-6-1582?
Hack Meyers, Hack MyersDonald Haviland2015-12-541Surgery complications
Handsome Johnny BarendJohn Barend2011-9-2082Natural causes
Hangman Bobby JaggersRobert F. Jeaudoin2012-9-3064Blood related (infection)
Hank Brazeau, Hammer HankHenry Brazeau2013-3-1173?
Hans HermannRobert Hans Hermann1980-6-965?
Hans KampferHans Kampfer1984-?-???
Hans LercheJohannes Lerche1971-6-11??
Hans MortierJacob Grobbe2010-12-1586?
Hans SchmidtGuy Larose2012-5-2687Natural causes
Hans SchnableHerbert Moehler???
Hans SchroederHans Schroeder2017-4-29??
Hans Schwartz Jr.Johann Joseph Schwarz1983-10-3074?
Hans Schwartz Sr.?1960-1-28??
Hans SteinkeHans Steinke1971-6-2478Cancer (lung)
Happy Humphery, Happy Farmer HumphreyWilliam Joseph Cobb1989-3-1462Heart attack
Hard Boiled HaggertyDonald J. Stansauk2004-1-2778Natural causes
Hard Rock JohnsonCraig Washington2014-11-23??
Harlan McKeeMike McKee?81?
Harlem Jimmy BrownJimmy Brown1965-?-??Accident - automobile accident
Harlem WarlordJaime Cardiche2000-7-2832Surgery complications (gall bladder)
Harley SaitoSayori Saito2016-12-1530Cancer (esophageal)
Harold CatesHarold Cates2014-3-467?
Harold KannerHarold Melvin Kanner1993-8-1566Cancer (liver)
Harry Bernard Oswald Barry Harry Bernard Oswald Barry 2014-4-772?
Harry D'Amato, Tony DematoHarry D'Amato2009-8-951?
Harry DemetralHarry Morris Demetral1968-3-369?
Harry DuvakHarry Duvak2013-9-677Natural causes
Harry KamatchusHarry Kamatchus1967-7-468?
Harry WenzelHarry Wenzi1966-11-20??
Haru SasakiStanley Haruo Sasaki2001-5-570?
Haruka Eigen, Great TogoHaruka Eigen2016-11-2870Heart attack
Harvey Moritz Harvey D. Moritz 2014-7-2479?
HayabusaEiji Ezaki2016-3-347Brain (subarachnoid hemorrhage)
Haystacks CalhounWilliam Dee Calhoun1989-12-755Diabetes
Heather SavageHeather McGuire2014-11-936Accident - automobile accident
Heavy DDennis Wright2015-7-149?
Hector GarzaHector Solano Segura2013-5-2643Cancer (lung)
Hector LamasJose G. Ramirez2013-3-2274?
Heinrich EberleHeinrich Eberle1919-12-2246?
Heinrich Franz Keller, Trae KellerHiram F. Keller2005-9-2036?
Heinrich WeberHeinrich Weber1939-12-1164?
Helen HildHelen Nevins1984-3-457Pneumonia
Helmut KreischHelmut Kreisch1951-9-1838?
Henri DeglaneHenri Deglane1975-7-773?
Henry Garcia, Don Running BearHenry Garcia2012-4-557?
Henry IrslingerHenry Irslinger1954-10-166Cancer
Henry OrdemannHenrik Gunter Ordemann1947-6-863?
Henry PulascoHenry Pulasco2006-?-??Diabetes
Herb AbramsHerb Christian Abrams1996-7-2342Heart attack
Herb CalvertHerbert Calvert Jr.2002-1-2745?
Herb Freeman, Herb SchiffHerbert S. Freeman1966-8-?44?
Herb LarsonHerb Larson2010-9-183?
Herb ParksHerb Parks1956-?-???
Herb WelchHerb A. Welch1999-3-2991?
Herbert WestphalHerbert Westphal1989-3-13??
Hercules CortezAlfonso Carlos Chicharro1971-7-2339Accident - automobile accident
Hercules HernandezRaymond C. Fernandez2004-3-647Heart disease
Herman HickmanHerman Michael Hickman1958-4-2546?
Hermann SimonHermann Simon1987-4-780?
High Chief Peter MaiviaFanene Pita Maivia1982-6-1345Cancer
Hiro MatsudaYasuhiro Kojima1999-11-2762Cancer
Hiroshi WajimaHiroshi Wajima2018-10-870Cancer (throat)
Hog Head CroyLarry Leon Croy2014-10-1149?
Hogan Wharton Robert Glen Wharton2008-11-572Lung (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
Hombre MontanaHarry Finkelstein1972-?-???
Homeboy, AC Golden, Mark FrearMark Frear2014-5-1144?
Homer O'Dell, Strangler Jackie O'DellHomer Marion O'Dell???
Hot Stuff Eddie DavisCharles Edward Downs2014-3-2845?
Howard Cantonwine, HangmanHoward Conger Cantonwine1977-3-1876?
Hubert GensheimerHubert Gensheimer1977-3-12??
Hugh NicholsHugh Clifford Nichols1956-12-1558?
Huracan CastilloPedro Castillo1993-12-11??
Hurricane RamirezDaniel Garcia Arteaga2006-10-3180Heart attack
Hurricane SmithMaurice Grimbly2017-4-182?
Hurshel Victor RicksHurshel Victor Ricks2014-2-455?
Ian St. JohnIan St. John2012-12-875Natural causes
Iben SeleemCharles Harvey1939-2-1727Accident - automobile accident
Ida Mae MartinezIda Mae Martinez Selenkow2010-1-1979Alzheimer's disease
Igor Volkoff, Danny Babich, Hugo BabichNedelko Babic2008-6-2871?
Ilio DiPaolo Ilio DiPaolo1995-5-1068Accident - automobile accident
Irish Jack KennedyJack Kennedy1979-7-2268Murdered
Irish JackieJohn P. Cusick2000-2-869Heart attack
Irish Jerry MonahanJerry Monahan1947-1-1045?
Irish Pat SullivanPat Sullivan1998-10-18??
Iron Mike ClancyChristopher J. Clancy1988-6-1563?
Iron Mike DiBiaseMichael DiBiase1969-7-245Died in ring against Man Mountain Mike (heart attack)
Iron Mike SharpeMichael Sharpe2017-1-1667?
Iron Mike SteeleJohn Michael Meek2007-8-2952Murdered
Isak RainIsak Bjerknes2007-10-1022Accident - automobile accident
Isao YoshiharaIsao Yoshihara1985-6-1060?
Ivan BulbaJohn Robert Shaw1989-2-19??
Ivan KalmikoffEdward Bogucki Bruce1996-6-978Heart attack
Ivan Kameroff, Boris VolkoffJohn Karney1974-12-2454?
Ivan KoloffOreal Perras2017-2-1874Cancer (liver)
Ivan ManagoffWallace John Muscovich1944-4-23?Murdered
Ivan MickailoffIvan Mickailoff???
Ivan PoddubnyIwan Maximowitsch Poddubny1949-8-878Heart attack
Ivan RasputinHyman Fishman1976-9-?64?
Ivan the TerribleA.J. Christenson1996-2-?97?
Ivan ZaikenIvan Zaiken1995-?-?39?
J ProdigyJeremy Adam Davis2004-2-2929?
J.C. DykesJames Clayton Dykes1993-11-2067Heart attack
J.D. BledsoeJohn David Bledsoe 2017-5-750?
J.J. CarsonJoseph Michael Carson2017-1-2731Murdered
J.R. Foley, John Tolley, John FoleyJohn Foley1988-6-24?Cancer (lung)
J.W. HawkJames William Hawk2004-9-755?
Jaan JaagoJaan Jaago1949-8-2862?
Jack "Blackjack" Van BebberJack Van Bebber1986-4-1378?
Jack Allen, Bull AllenJack Altinger1966-9-2837?
Jack BarnesJack Spencer Barnes2012-1-1573Accident - ATV accident
Jack BenceJohn Bence1985-4-?63?
Jack BriscoFred Joe Brisco2010-2-168Surgery complications (heart)
Jack BrittonGabriel Acocella1980-2-9??
Jack CainJack Thornton1978-12-3??
Jack CarkeekJack Carkeek1924-3-1263?
Jack CarterJack Lakey2006-12-690?
Jack CaseyJack Casey1990-7-26??
Jack ClaybourneJack Claybourne1960-1-749Suicide
Jack Dempsey Thomas Moore2007-11-2087?
Jack ForbesJack Forbes1953-4-364?
Jack HurleyJack Hurley1933-3-14?Accident - fall from 4th story of hotel
Jack KiserJacob Kiser1991-5-1781?
Jack Laskin Jack Laskin 2010-11-2881?
Jack McDonald, Sockeye McDonaldHerbert Darrel Betsinger???
Jack Meridol, Father JackJack Zaler2014-1-25??
Jack Nazworthy, Elmer NazworthyElmer Nazworthy1977-4-?64?
Jack PesekJack Pesek1990-7-266?
Jack RossJack Ross1945-3-3?Accident - plane crash
Jack SavageJack Savage2010-3-2160?
Jack SherryIvan Seric1969-10-1174?
Jack SteeleJack Steele???
Jack TaylorJack Taylor1956-5-1983Stroke
Jack Van BehanJack Van Behan???
Jack WentworthAlfred Hodgson1984-?-?77?
Jackie FargoHenry Faggart2013-6-2482Heart failure
Jackie NicholsSamuel W. Nichals2003-4-2292Natural causes
Jackie SatoNaoko Sato1999-8-941Cancer (stomach)
Jackie SimpsonJack Simpson1999-7-28?Heart attack
Jackie Wiecz, Andre Carpentier, Jacky CarpentierJacques Magnin2018-7-877?
Jacques LaroseJacques Larose???
Jagat SinghJagat Singh1930-?-???
Jakob KochJakob Koch1918-2-1847?
James Hiram McLaughlin, Colonel James McLaughlinJames Hiram McLaughlin1905-9-1161?
James Hoagie YoungJames Young1985-1-22??
James MurdochJames Murdoch1980-8-8??
Jan GotchWalter Grebek1990-11-?78?
Jan NelsonJan Nelson1978-?-??Drug overdose
Jay "Big Dottie" CaldwellJay Norman Caldwell2002-9-2827Accident - automobile accident
Jay YoungbloodSteven Romero1985-9-130Died after match (ruptured spleen, heart attack)
JC BaileyJoseph Carl Bailey Jr.2010-8-3027Brain aneurysm
Jean AntoneJean Antone2016-8-473?
Jean BaillargeonJean Baillargeon1994-3-278?
Jean Caroline CataniaJean Caroline Catania2014-3-357?
Jean LasalleOscar Bourdage1989-7-1359?
Jeanette WolfeJanet Boyer Wolfe1951-7-2818Died after match against Ella Waldek (cause unknown)
Jeff KayeJeffrey Kaye2018-4-?64Cancer (gallblader)
Jeff PetersonJeffrey R. Peterson2002-11-2921Cancer (hodgkin disease)
Jeff Raitz, "Rattlesnake" RaitzJeffrey T. Raitz2002-2-938Heart attack
Jenni LeeJennifer L. Bednar2006-7-1534?
Jerry "JJ" JenkinsJerry Jenkins2010-6-1866Cancer
Jerry BlackwellJerry Blackwell1995-1-2245Accident - automobile accident
Jerry Bryant, Harley DavidsonJerry G. Bryant1989-12-2336ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease)
Jerry GambrellJerry Francis Gambrell2013-10-2670?
Jerry KozakJerry Kozak2014-3-579Cancer
Jerry LondonJerry Linden1970-8-2041Suicide
Jerry MillerJames Miller2014-1-2970?
Jerry MontiGerald Monti1999-12-359Cancer (liver)
Jerry Oski, Jerry AllenJerry Arotski1995-12-?32Accident - fall
Jerry RalphJerry Lee Ralph2012-12-753Natural causes
Jerry Woods, El ShereefJerry Carroll2006-12-1973Cancer
Jess "Bull" Ortega, Mighty UrsusJesus Melendez Ortega1977-7-2855Heart attack
Jess WestergaardJess Westergaard???
Jesse JamesDemitros Stephanos Tzitzikas2000-5-9??
Jesse JamesJames Judge2014-3-4??
Jesse MoralesJesse Anthony Venegas Sr2000-11-2969Stroke
Jesse TupakJesus Martinez2015-3-30??
Jet MonroeGary V. Brumbaugh2010-5-1271?
Jim BradyJames L. Berry2016-8-25?Natural causes
Jim BrowningJames Browning1936-6-1933Lung (pulmonary embolism)
Jim Casey, Thunderbolt CaseyJames Casey2000-1-287?
Jim ClinstockHarold C. Clinstock1944-1-2938Murdered
Jim GrabmireWilliam A. Borders1999-11-2467?
Jim HollieJim Hollie???
Jim KendricksJim Kendricks1936-1-29?Died after match (spinal meningitis)
Jim LondosChristos Theophelos1975-8-1978Heart attack
Jim McKenzieJim McKenzie2004-2-?69?
Jim McMillen, Jim McMillanJames McMillen1984-1-?68?
Jim MitchellJames Mitchell1996-6-1987?
Jim "The Anvil" NeidhartJames Henry Neidhart2018-8-1363Accident - fall
Jim PennickJim Pennick???
Jim Siksay, James SzikszayJames Szikszay2011-10-692Natural causes
Jim WhiteJames White2010-1-767Cancer
Jim WrightJim Wright1963-8-250Died in ring (cause unknown)
Jimmy "Superfly" SnukaJames Reiher Snuka2017-1-1473Cancer (stomach)
Jimmy BealJimmy Beal1993-8-1?Died after match (cause unknown)
Jimmy CoffieldRyland Charles Coffield1973-2-768?
Jimmy Del RayDavid Everette Ferrier 2014-12-652Heart attack
Jimmy HinesJames Elmore Hines1983-5-2056Accident - automobile accident
Jimmy HustlerJimmy Alicea2006-11-2133Heart attack
Jimmy HydeJimmy Hyde1982-1-?50?
Jimmy Lafkas, Nick KolonisJames Paul Lafkas1989-1-2677Cancer (pancreatic)
Jimmy LottJames Lott???
Jimmy ReddingWilliam James McLeod2013-3-8??
Jimmy SavileSir James Wilson Vincent Savile2011-10-2984Pneumonia
Jock RuddockJock Ruddock2011-11-669?
Joe "Killer" Christie, Masked Marvel, DestroyerJoseph Steven Kayorie1999-1-682Heart attack
Joe Ball Joseph A. Ball Jr.2008-11-4??
Joe BlanchardJoseph Edgar Blanchard2012-3-2283Cancer (skin)
Joe CorbettJoseph Steven Katelmach1987-9-2482?
Joe CostelloJoe Costello1961-10-3030Murdered
Joe DusekJoseph A. Hason1992-10-3181Heart failure
Joe GaddisJoseph Gaddis2017-1-548?
Joe KopeckyJoe Kopecky1973-9-2679Cancer (mouth)
Joe LouisJoseph Louis Barrow1981-4-1266Cardiac arrest
Joe LynamJoe Lynam1948-9-2531Accident - plane crash
Joe MalcewiczJoseph Malcewicz1962-4-2065Heart attack
Joe MillichWalter J. Millich1990-6-1473Heart attack
Joe ParelliJoseph Cecini???
Joe PazandakJoseph Pazandak1983-12-1069?
Joe ScarpelloJoseph J. Scarpello1999-11-976Alzheimer's disease
Joe ShimkusJoseph Shimkus1934-5-3138Died after match against Walter Podolak (head injury)
Joe So DeliciousJoe Montanino2016-8-1832?
Joe Soto, Tamayo Soto, Rocky Tamayo, Inca PeruVictor Alberto Tamayo2016-10-3086?
Joe StecherJoseph J. Stecher1974-3-2980?
Joe TurnerJoseph David Turner2014-5-174Cancer (brain)
Joey KaosJoe Pertowski2018-1-930Surgery complications (lung)
Joey RossiJoseph E. Rositano2003-11-2951Cancer (lung)
Joey "Wild Child" KidmanJoseph Stuart Handelman2015-3-2322?
John AndersonJohn Anderson2013-5-795?
John Boy Ruffen, Jackie RuffinGervaise Jones1982-6-1923Murdered
John GrandovichJohn Grandovich1946-?-???
John KatanJohn Katan1968-3-966?
John KronusGeorge Bernard Caiazzo2007-7-1838Heart failure
John Paul HenningJohn D. Henning2001-7-173?
John RingerJohn Wall2012-8-22?Cancer
John SwenskiJohn Swenski2001-12-9??
Johnnie JamesFrank James1998-3-475Cancer (lung)
Johnny AngelJohnny Lee Clary2014-10-2155Heart attack
Johnny AttitudeJohn Thomas Greene2018-6-1253Heart attack
Johnny CanuckJohn Collins2014-7-1456Heart attack
Johnny CzeslawCzeslaw Minkler2014-1-4??
Johnny DeaconDonnie Lee Watson Jr.2015-3-12??
Johnny DemchukJohnny Demchuk1962-6-2349Died after match (heart failure)
Johnny DiamondJohnny M. Autenrieb2012-2-1160Heart attack
Johnny EaglesRoy Nicholas Boyd1999-5-1264?
Johnny FotiJohn Foti1969-4-2941Suicide
Johnny GilbertGilbert Sanchez1990-12-4??
Johnny GrungeMichael L. Durham2006-2-1639Other - sleep apnea complications
Johnny HeidemannJohnny Heidemann2011-1-2790Natural causes
Johnny KaceJohn J. Kakacek1992-9-966?
Johnny Mann, Johnny DupreeJohn Emanuello2001-11-3060Cancer
Johnny RingoJohnny Ringo2013-12-1956Natural causes
Johnny RottenBryron Greene2014-3-948Heart attack
Johnny RougeauJean Rougeau1983-5-2554Cancer
Johnny SilviGiovana V. Silvi1991-2-2684?
Johnny ThunderJohn Stewart2015-1-1680Cancer (prostate)
Johnny ValentineJonathan Theodore Wisniski2001-4-2472Natural causes
Johnny ValiantThomas Sullivan2018-4-471Accident - hit by car
Johnny WeaverKenneth Eugene Weaver2008-2-1572Natural causes
Jonas the GiantMichael Jonas2014-1-541?
Jos LeDucMichel Pigeon1999-5-154Lung infection
Jose Lothario, SupersockGuadalupe Robledo2018-11-683Natural causes
Jose NievesPedro Castro Mendoza 2010-9-4??
Jose TarresJose Roses Ibanez???
Joseph AlieJoseph Edward Alie2014-5-2666?
JR Hogg Charles Milliser 2007-10-2759?
JT LightningJames Haase2011-8-340Cancer
JT RobertsJustin T. Roberts2011-6-1829Accident - automobile accident
Juan "The Party Man" King Juan King2008-7-1251?
Juan Chico MoralesJuan Morales1980-9-745Murdered
Juan SebastianJuan Onaindia1990-6-2665?
Juanita CoffmanJuanita Coffman1987-8-365Stroke
Judo Jack TerryCharles Van Audenarde1978-?-???
Judy GrableNellya Burres-Baughman2008-5-882Multiple ailments - diabetes, stroke, alzheimer's disease
Jules LaRanceJules LaRance1969-?-???
Jules StrongbowJules Strongbow1975-5-1385?
Julius SchillerJulius Schiller???
Julius SigelJulius Sigel1942-?-???
Jumbo KennedyWillie Kennedy1957-1-23??
Jumbo TsurutaTomomi Tsuruta 2000-5-1649Surgery complications (kidney transplant)
Jumping Jim HusseyJim Hussey2011-11-3087Natural causes
Jumping Joe SavoldiJoseph Anthony Savoldi Jr.1974-1-2565?
Jumping Joey MaggsJoseph Magliano2006-10-1539?
Jun IzumidaJun Izumida2017-1-2551Heart attack
June ByersDeAlva Eyvonnie Sibly-Snyder1998-7-1773Pneumonia
Junkyard DogSylvester Ritter1998-6-145Accident - automobile accident
K.O. Kenny YatesKenny Yates1999-1-???
KamizakeModesto Aledo???
Kantaro HoshinoTatsuo Hoshino2010-11-2567Pneumonia
Kara AhmedKara Ahmed1912-5-27??
Karen KelloggKaren Kay Heuton2016-2-1074?
Karl AfflisKarl Afflis2009-9-2553?
Karl GotchKarl Charles Istaz2007-7-2882Natural causes
Karl Heisinger, Baron Von HeisingerDonald G. Huizenga1973-9-2933Heart attack
Karl PojelloKarolis Pozela1954-9-461Cancer (lung)
Karl Von BraunerDoug Donnan2009-7-578Stroke
Karl Von HessKarl Von Hess2009-8-1290Alzheimer's disease
Karl Von Stroheim, Skull NurnbergWalter Leo Nurnberg2006-8-1378Heart attack
Karloff LagardeCarlos de Lucio Lagarde2007-8-3179Stroke
Karol Kalmikoff, Karol KrauserKarol Piwoworczyk1964-9-1152Complications from staple in knee
KasavubuJimmy L. Banks1982-7-2726Heart failure
Katsuhisa Shibata Katsuhisa Shibata 2010-1-1666Heart attack
Kay NobleMary Charlene Noble-Bell2006-4-2765Cancer (stomach)
Keith EricDarren Keith Eric2006-9-3048?
Keith Iverson, Farmer JonesKeith Iverson2013-2-1874Natural causes
Keith MegsonKeith Megson2011-11-3078Cancer
Ken FarberKenneth Farber1996-5-2773?
Ken KennethKenneth Arthur Schischka1994-10-1682?
Ken LucasKen Lucas2014-8-673?
Ken SweetanKen Sweetan1981-7-2536?
Ken TimbsKenneth Timbs2004-8-153Heart failure
Kenneth AspdenKenneth Aspden1985-?-???
Kenny AcklesKenneth Vincent Ackles1986-11-570Stroke
Kenny MayneKenneth Robert Mayne2014-3-276?
Kenny MayneKenneth Harvey Mayne1992-12-3177?
Kenny ValentineKenneth Laymon2010-3-2645Accident - automobile accident
Kerry Von Erich, The Texas TornadoKerry Gene Adkisson1993-2-1833Suicide
Killer Buddy AustinAustin Wesley Rogers1981-8-1251Heart attack
Killer Karl KoxHerbert Alan Gerwig2011-11-1080Heart attack
Killer Karl KruppGeorge Momberg1995-8-2461Hepatitis
Killer KowalskiEdward Wladyslaw Spulnik2008-8-3081Heart attack
Killer Sam SheppardSamuel Holmes Sheppard1970-4-646Liver failure
Kimon KudoKaimon Kudo1993-10-886?
King CheesyLarry Gibson2017-3-8??
King Curtis IaukeaCurtis Piehau Iaukea III2010-12-473?
King JamesJames Carroll Avret Jr.2012-12-1457?
King KahunaScottie Ray Bundy2014-8-2147?
King Kong Cox, Masked MarvelTheodore B. Cox1976-?-?74?
King Kong CzayaEmile Czaja1970-5-1561Accident - automobile accident
King Kong KirkMalcolm Kirk1987-8-2450Died after match against "Big Daddy" Shirley Crabtree (heart complications)
Kinji Robert Shibuya2010-5-388Natural causes
Kintaro Ohki, Kim IIKintaro Ohki2006-10-2677Heart attack
Klondike Bill BulbarWilliam Soloweyko2000-10-368Other - neuromuscular disorder
Knobby McDonaldNorbert McDonald2013-12-986Natural causes
Koa TikiRaymond Iwalani Kamaka2014-5-12??
Kodo FuyukiHiromichi Fuyuki2003-3-1942Cancer (liver)
Kola KwarianiNicholas Kwariani1980-2-?77Murdered
Kotetsu Yamamoto Masaru Yamamoto2010-8-2868Brain (degenerative brain disease)
Kraven, John CravenJohn Hannan2016-4-21?Diabetes
Krippler Karl DavisKarl T. Davis1977-7-469?
Kris TravisKristoffer Travis2016-3-3132Cancer (stomach)
Krusher Al KormannAbraham K. Korman???
Kung FuRaymundo Cuesta Veloz2001-1-349Lung (pulmonary arterial hypertension)
Kurt Von BraunerJames Brawner2004-6-479Stroke
Kurt von Brawner, Jack WilsonJohn M. Wilson2001-3-1382Natural causes
Kurt Von HessWilliam Earl Terry1999-3-1365Heart attack
Kurt Von PoppenheimJake Pappenheim2003-5-189Natural causes
Kurt Von Stroheim, Karl Von StroheimWilli Kurt Rutkowsky1993-2-1769?
Kurt Von Stroheim, Red BaronLawrence C. Grattenthaler2008-5-1976?
La Fiera Arturo Casco Hernandez2010-9-1149Murdered
La ParkitaAlberto Perez Jimenez2009-6-2934Murdered
Laddie HolekLaddie Holek2012-7-382?
Lady AngelGeneva Huckabee1966-?-???
Lance CadeLance Curtis McNaught2010-8-1329Drug overdose
Lance IdolSteve Schuman1991-9-2632Heart disease
Larry "The Axe" HennigLawrence Henry Hennig Jr.2018-12-682Kidney failure
Larry MoquinLaurent Moquin1988-12-1265Cancer
Larry O'DeaLarry Davies1997-6-3053Cancer (liver)
Larry SweeneyAlexander K. Whybrow2011-2-1130Suicide
Larry WintersJohn Charyszyn2015-1-2758Heart attack
Lavon StoneLavon Stone2017-2-9??
Lawrence de Arabia, Paco RamirezFrancisco Ramirez Pardinez1984-2-16??
Leaping Larry CheneArthur Lawrence Beauchene1964-10-240Accident - automobile accident
Leaping Larry HatfieldLarry Hatfield1985-11-1840?
Lee FieldsAlbert Lee Hatfield2000-6-469?
Lee HenningLeland Wilbur Henning1977-10-1164?
Lee HickersonLeland Howard Cole Jr.2014-7-1953?
Lee WykoffLee Wykoff1974-4-3076?
Legs LangevinFlorian Langevin2005-10-891Natural causes
Len HughesLen Hughes1984-12-2476?
Lennie HurstLenoard Holness2014-10-2170?
Leo GaribaldiLeo Garibaldi2008-5-1278Natural causes
Leo NewmanLeo Newman1992-8-584?
Leo NomelliniLeo Joseph Nomellini2000-10-1776Stroke
Leo PinezkiLeo Pinezki1949-6-26??
Leo VossLeo Voss1989-4-9??
Leo Wallick, Masked MarvelLeo Wallick??Cancer (leukemia)
Leroy BrownRoland C. Daniels1988-9-638Heart attack
Leroy McGuirkLeroy Michael McGuirk1988-9-978Natural causes
Les KelletLes Kellet2002-1-986Natural causes
Les RuffenLeslie Ruffen1990-12-?76?
Lester WelchLester A. Welch2009-9-1870?
Lethal Larry CameronLarry Cameron1993-12-1341Died in ring against Tony St. Clair (heart attack)
Lightning Leni, LoleniFineaso Po'a2007-8-2350?
Linda Gaines Harrod Linda Gaines Harrod 2013-7-2751?
Lionel BaillargeonLionel Baillargeon1982-6-1960?
Lionel ConacherLionel Conacher1954-5-2654Heart attack
Lita MarezManuela Schmerber2007-7-2169Natural causes
Little AndreDavid Casey 2007-11-1943?
Little BeaverLionel Giroux1995-12-461Lung (emphysema)
Little CocoStanley C. Littlejohn1993-5-1640Natural causes
Little FrankieMasanobu Okamoto2002-8-1544Liver (cirrhosis)
Little Joe, Limey JoeJoseph Acton1917-6-2665?
Little JohnJonathan Adams2013-6-1058Natural causes
Little TokyoShigeri Akabane2011-9-670Heart attack
Liz ChaseElizabeth Chase2000-2-2945Surgery complications
LizmarkJuan Banos2015-12-1666Heart attack
Lloyd AntonationLloyd Antonation2017-4-10??
Lobo RubioEdmundo Arenas Casillas2005-12-2860Lung failure
Loco ZandokanArturo Carrillo Arteaga1995-7-2539?
Lofty BlomfieldMeynell Strathmore Blomfield1971-6-2962?
Lola LaRayGladys Reynolds2018-9-279?
Lord Alfred HayesAlfred George James Hayes2005-7-2176Stroke
Lord Athol LaytonAthol Layton1984-1-1863Heart attack
Lord BlearsJames Ranicar Blears2016-3-592Natural causes
Lord Humongous, Emory HaleEmory H. Hale2006-1-2936Kidney issues
Lord Jonathan BoydJonathan Barry Boyle1999-8-754Heart attack
Lord Leslie CarltonLeo Brookes Whippern1988-12-1574?
Lord LittlebrookEric Henry Edward Tovey2016-9-987?
Lord Patrick Roach Francis Patrick Roach 2004-7-1767Cancer (throat)
Lord Pinkerton, Mr. America, Bob McCuneRobert E. McCune2002-6-1480?
Lorenzo ParenteLorenzo Parente Martino2014-3-1578Natural causes
Lou KellyLou Kelly???
Lou Klein, Louis Klein, Lou BastienLouis J. Klein1979-10-1162Heart attack
Lou NewmanReino Nyman2001-3-2987Stroke
Lou PitosciaLou Pitoscia2005-7-2876?
Lou PlummerLouis Plummer1985-9-1678?
Lou TheszAloysius Martin Thesz2002-4-2886Surgery complications (heart)
Louie Spicolli, Rad RadfordLouie M. Spicolli Jr.1998-2-1527Drug overdose
Louie The LippLouis Lipp2005-5-174?
Louis Langley, Chief ThundercloudLouis Langley2012-10-3169Natural causes
Lucha Larry DoyleLawrence E. Doyle1998-6-2137Diabetes
Lucky Lou EisenhartLouis J. Eisenhart1995-12-1364?
Ludvig Borga, The VikingTony Christian Halme2010-1-847Suicide
Ludwig DoseLudwig Dose1969-3-7??
Luigi MaceraLuigi Macera2012-12-2988Natural causes
Luis Hernandez, Medic #2, El Medico, Rito CarreonLuis Hernandez1972-2-133Died after match (heart attack)
Luke "Big Boy" BrownCarl Dennis Campbell Sr.1997-11-1262Stroke
Lumberjack #1Russell Walters2012-5-17??
Lumberjack LukeDon Morrison 2008-12-3166Natural causes
Luna VachonGertrude Elizabeth Wilkerson2010-8-2748Drug overdose
Luther LindsayLuther J. Goodall1972-2-2148Died in ring against Bobby Paul (heart attack)
Lyman BrownLyman Brown???
Lyra StarrLisa Leon2008-9-20??
Mablo CardozaMablo Gonzales Cardoza2007-9-460?
Machine Gun Mike KellyMichael Kelly2018-3-29?Cancer
Macho Man Randy SavageRandall Mario Poffo2011-5-2058Heart disease
Mad Dog Matt StormLuigi DelBove2007-2-2439?
Mad Dog Mike BellMichael Bell2008-12-1437Drug overdose
Mad Dog Pierre LefebvrePierre Lefebvre1985-12-2430Accident - automobile accident
Mad Dog Rex, Neil Carr Neil Carr 2010-12-1851Cancer (esophageal)
Mad Dog VachonJoseph Maurice Regis Vachon2013-11-2184Natural causes
Mae YoungJohnnie Mae Young2014-1-1490Natural causes
Magic Dragon, Haru SonadaKazuharu Sonoda1987-11-2831Accident - plane crash
Major Tom ThumbWilliam Bowman1981-10-2465?
Man Mountain DeanFrank Simmons Leavitt1953-5-2961Heart attack
Man Mountain Terry TylerTerry Navalta2014-11-29??
Mando LopezArmando Lopez2011-8-2663Natural causes
Maniac Mike DavisMichael Joe Davis2001-12-2546Heart attack
Maniac Mike GordonGoron M. Voris2010-11-15?Heart attack
Manny EscobarEmmanuel J. Escobar2018-3-642?
Manuel VillalobosManuel Villalobos2016-2-1??
Margaret Garcia Margarita Gaitan Strong2008-10-2966Heart complications
Maria Del AngelMaria Del Angel2014-3-25?Stroke
Marie DarnellSylvia Marie Puckett Clarke2015-8-2478?
Marin PlestinaMarin Plestina???
Mario GalentoBonnie Lee Boyette1989-1-674Liver disease
Mario MilanoMario Bulfone2016-12-981?
Mark "Freight Train" JonasMark Jonas2015-2-14??
Mark MansonMark Christopher Kroll2015-11-1765?
Mark MendianMark Mendian2000-6-120Died in ring (cause unknown)
Mark StarrMark Ashford-Smith2013-6-750Heart attack
Mark TendlerMark W. Tendler1990-2-1567Murdered
Mark Young, Mark ScarpaLuke Joseph Mark Scarpa Jr.2016-2-2548?
Marquis de Paree, Robert PareRobert Pare2013-1-1678?
Marshall CarterMarshall Esteppe1989-1-1879?
Martin HutzlerMartin Hutzler1966-1-1142Multiple ailments - throat cancer, diabetes
Martin KaradagianMartin Karadagian1991-8-2769?
Martin TheszMartin Thesz1970-11-2582?
Marty GibsonMarty C. Doyle Sr.2013-8-3153Heart attack
Marv WestenbergMarvin Louis Westenberg1978-8-2569?
Marva ScottMarva Scott2003-8-15??
Marvin JonesMarvin Jones???
Marvin StrohadoMarvin Strohado???
Mary Jane MullMary Jane Mull1999-4-1270?
Masa Saito, Mr. SaitoMasanori Saito2018-7-1476Parkinson's disease
Masakazu FukadaMasakazu Fukada2000-4-1927Died in ring against Katsuyori Shibata (internal bleeding on brain)
Masami SoranakaMasami Soranaka1992-6-1848?
Masio KomaAtsuhide Koma1976-3-1035Liver failure
Masked Medic, Donald LortieDonald Laurent Lortie Sr.2006-8-575Heart failure
Mass TransitErich Kulas 2002-5-1422?
Matros KirilenkoWladmir Aksionoff???
Matt CappotelliMatthew Lee Cappotelli2018-6-2938Cancer (brain)
Matt DuvalMatthew Thomas DuVall2013-2-2241?
Matt GraceMatt Grace1883-4-541?
Matt RiotMatt Lowry2009-9-1521Died while training (brain injury)
Matty MatsudaMatty Matsuda1929-8-1??
Maurice LachapelleZoltan Kajel???
Maurice LapointeMaurice Lapointe???
Max Devlin, Dutch FieldingDevon Leigh Fielding2017-12-442?
Max PainCharles McAlaster2014-10-2845?
Max SeibtMax Seibt1970-4-2??
Maximum CapacityMichael Stanco2014-8-2146Cancer (colon)
Mel PetersMilford Lee Peter1976-12-24?Natural causes
Mephisto LephantoOmar Antonio Perez Barreto2007-5-531Died in ring (heart attack)
Michael ElliotMike Noles2016-12-147?
Michel "Mad Dog" MartelMichel Vigneault1978-6-3033Died after match (heart attack)
Mick McManusWilliam George Matthews2013-5-2293Natural causes
Mickey GoldMaxwell Gold2003-7-2584Kidney failure
Mickey SharpeMickey George1965-7-10??
Mighty AtlasMorris Shapiro1999-10-2885Natural causes
Mighty IgorRichard Joseph Garza2002-1-770Heart failure
Mighty Joe EspositoJoseph Esposito2005-2-2089Natural causes
Mighty YankeeJoe Hamilton1995-3-1655?
Miguel PerezJose Miguel Perez Sr.2005-7-1668Heart attack
Mike "Pops" McComasMike McComas2014-12-3065?
Mike "The California Hippie" BoyetteMike Bowyer2012-12-669Natural causes
Mike AwesomeMichael Lee Alfonso2007-2-1742Suicide
Mike Blazer Myron H. Blaser2008-8-586Cancer (liver)
Mike BrendelMike Brendel???
Mike FeverMichael Eugene Lydia2009-10-1753Heart attack
Mike GallagherGeorge Gallagher1990-?-?66ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease)
Mike GrahamMichael Gossett2012-10-1961Suicide
Mike KilonisEmanuel K. Contomposis1999-1-886?
Mike LondonHarold Russ Anshutz1989-8-2680?
Mike MarcelloMichael M. Arcand2000-8-15?Suicide
Mike MarinoMike Harrison1981-8-24?Cancer (leukemia)
Mike MazurkiMikhail Mazurwski1990-12-982?
Mike NazarianMike E. Nazarian1963-10-451?
Mike PaidousisMichael George Paidousis2002-9-978?
Mike RomanoMike Romano1936-6-2540Died in ring against Jack Donovan (neck injury)
Mike RyckoffMike Ryckoff2012-9-581Natural causes
Mike SharpeMichael Sharpe Sr.1988-8-1166Natural causes
Mike Von ErichMichael Brett Adkisson1987-4-1223Suicide
Mildred BurkeMildred Bliss1989-2-1873Stroke
Milo SteinbornHenry Steinborn1989-2-994?
Milt OlsenMilton P. Olsen1963-4-2751?
Milton Reid, The Mighty ChangMilton Rutherford Reid1987-?-?70Heart attack
Mini ChessmanValentin Aguilar Garcia2014-1-2946Lung (respiratory tract failure)
Mini L.A. ParkSimon Tapia2013-9-1625Heart attack
Mitch SnowMitch Snow2000-8-3?Suicide
Mitsu ArakawaMitsukazu M. Arakawa1997-4-1769Heart failure
Mitsu HiraiMitsuaki Hirai2003-10-2860Heart attack
Mitsuharu MisawaMitsuharu Misawa2009-6-1346Died in ring against Akitoshi Saito (spinal cord injury)
Miyuki YanagiKatsue Yagishita2002-10-1964Multiple sclerosis
Mocho CotaManuel Cota Soto2016-12-2262?
Monty BlackKeith Montgomery2007-9-945?
Moondog Cujo, Hillbilly Cousin JuniorLanny Neal Kean Jr.2009-1-1348Heart attack
Moondog King, Sailor WhiteEdward John White 2005-8-2656Accident - automobile accident
Moondog Lonnie MayneRonald Doyle Mayne1978-8-1434Accident - automobile accident
Moondog NathanNathan Brian Randolph2007-7-437Heart attack
Moondog SpikeWilliam Smithson2013-3-2162Complications from obesity
Moondog Spot, Larry LathamLarry Booker2003-11-2951Died in ring (heart attack)
Moondog William WantlandWilliam Wantland2011-12-2357Stroke
Moose CholakEdward Cholak2002-10-3172Multiple ailments - stroke, pneumonia
Moose MahoneyTony James Mitchell2010-2-2144?
Moose MorowskiStan Mykietowich2016-9-1081?
Moose NorbeckEvandor Kristian Mayer Baardsen1952-9-568?
Motoshi OkumaMotoshi Okuma1992-12-2751Kidney failure
Mr. America Gene StanleeEugene Zygowicz2005-9-2388Natural causes
Mr. Chin, Ideguchi HajimeYuichi Deguchi1995-6-2662?
Mr. ClydeNik Niknahad2018-4-1343Cancer
Mr. Death, Angel Rojo, El Tiburon del CaribeOscar Norberto Rodriguez Bustamante2008-6-172Cancer
Mr. Exclusive Danny BDaniel Bilski2012-9-2231Natural causes
Mr. FujiHarry Masayoshi Fujiwara2016-8-2882?
Mr. Hayashi, Ushinosuke HayashiKoichi Hayashi 1999-11-457Heart attack
Mr. HitoKatsuji Adachi2010-4-2167Diabetes
Mr. Kenneth "Grizzly" Dale PayneKenneth Payne2014-6-2850?
Mr. MotoMasaru Iwamoto1991-7-671?
Mr. MurderBarry Bernsten Jr.2010-2-1444Cancer (kidney)
Mr. PerfectCurtis Michael Hennig2003-2-1044Drug overdose
Mr. Pogo, Mr. Seki, NinjaTetsuo Sekigawa2017-6-2366Surgery complications
Mr. TV Jackie PalloJack Ernest Gutteridge2006-2-1180Cancer
Mr. Wonderful JL ChicoJose Luis Chico2017-4-959?
Mr. Wrestling, Tim WoodsGeorge Burrell Woodin2002-11-3068Heart attack
Mr. XDouglas Dorsey Scoggins1972-8-1430Accident - automobile accident
MS-1Pablo Fuentes Reyna2012-1-1255Accident - automobile accident
Mt. FijiEmily Dole2018-1-260?
Muhammad the ButcherKen McBride1994-1-3??
Mustafa ShikhaneMustafa Shikhane1981-7-18??
Mysterious Masked MedicAtanacio Gonzales Jr.2002-3-472?
Nanjo SinghNanjo Singh2006-?-?75Alzheimer's disease
Naoito ShimitsuNaoito Shimitsu1993-1-826?
Nat PendletonNathaniel Greene Pendletonn1967-10-1272Heart attack
Nate HatredNathan J. Kehner2018-9-143Accident - automobile accident
Nathan VainAlvin George McGown Jr.2018-8-20?Accident - automobile accident
Natie BrownNatie W. Brown1991-6-2481?
Neal "Swede" OlsonNeal Olson???
Neil SuperiorNeil Allen Caricofe1996-8-2333Homicide (shot in police confrontation)
Nell StewartVerdie Nell Stewart2001-1-274?
Nelson RoyalNelson Combs2002-2-366Heart attack
New Orleans Axeman, Madman MahoneyMark Everett Stamper2014-1-457?
Nicholas "The Greek" SpilliosNicholas George Spillios2011-2-179Natural causes
Nick BockwinkelWarren Nicholas Bockwinkel2015-11-1480?
Nick CondosNicholas Thomas Condos1973-11-1265?
Nick HarrisNick Harris???
Nick KolonisNick Kolonis???
Nick LutzeNick Lutze1955-12-2354?
Nick PacchianoNicola Pacchiano2010-1-2472?
Nick RobertsNick Roberts2002-2-2375Cancer (pancreatic)
Nicole BassNicole Bass-Fuchs2017-2-1752Stroke
Nicoli VolkoffSteve Gobrokovich2001-8-2981?
Nigerian NightmareAaron Gainey2017-8-16??
Nikolai VolkoffJosip Hrvoje Peruzovic2018-7-2970?
Night Stalker, Paul Jay DyerPaul Jay Dyer2013-6-1539?
Nightmare John Allen, John BohannonJohn Alen Bohannon2017-1-2948?
Nightmare Ted AllenTed Allen2010-8-1954Heart attack
Nino SparkzNathaniel Westfield2014-6-1626?
Norton B. JacksonNorton B. Jackson???
NouroulahAli Nurullah Hassan1912-?-???
Odell Scaggs, Super DestroyerJerry Blair2016-11-2?Cardiac arrest
Oki ShikinaOki Shikina1983-12-1579?
Oki ShikinaPedro Zapata2001-12-???
Ole OlsenAlbert Olsen2008-8-1786Natural causes
Ole Olson, Olaf OlsonOle Olson1923-6-5?Died in ring (cause unknown)
Oly OlsenTodd Olsen2015-11-1858Heart complications
Omer Marchessault, Masked MarvelOmer Marchessault1996-12-2683?
Oni Wiki Wiki, Wally LambWallace Lam Ho2008-6-2088?
Oregon Lumberjack, Al RomeroAlberto C. Romero2000-11-854?
OroJesus Javier Hernandez Silva1993-10-2621Died after match against Kahoz (cause unknown)
Orville BrownOrville E. Brown1981-1-2472?
Ossie Timmins, The Red SecretOssie Timmins2001-3-1281Cancer
Oswald BuchheimOswald Buchheim1933-1-22??
Othon BanzicaJesus Cruz1959-?-??Died in ring (cause unknown)
Otto KussOtto Kuss???
Otto LuggerBarney Joseph Lobsinger2000-9-186Natural causes
Otto WanzOtto Wanz2017-9-1474?
Outlaw Don BassDonald Hollis Welch2016-9-1670Cancer
Outlaw Ron Bass, Sam Oliver BassRonald Heard2017-3-768Surgery complications
Outlaw Teddy MarshallTed Boynton2016-7-1056?
Outlaw Woody LeeWoody Lee Coulter2014-11-963Heart disease
Owen Hart, The Blue BlazerOwen Hart1999-5-2334Died in ring (head injury from accidental fall from rafters)
Ox AndersonDonald Anderson2003-1-1871Heart failure
Ox BakerDouglas A. Baker2014-10-2080Heart attack
Oyama "Great" KatoShin'ichi "Stanley" Mayeshiro1961-1-942Died after match against Clair Robinson (heart attack)
Paavo KetonenPaavo Ketonen1999-1-2888Heart attack
Paddy CaseyPaddy Casey2002-2-1592Natural causes
Paddy RyanEarl Patrick Freeman1989-12-2857Heart attack
Pak SongPak Song Nam1982-4-?37?
Pancho the BullFerdinand Tucci1977-5-3062?
Pancho VillaWilliam L. Dahmer1995-6-1270?
Pancho Villa, Roberto Pico, Bobby PicoRoberto L. Pico1989-6-3075?
Pat FlanaganWinnett Wallingford Watson1985-3-2868?
Pat Hutchison, ScorpionWilliam Patrick Hutchinson2006-6-2749?
Pat KellyVictor Arko1988-7-4?Accident - automobile accident
Pat Kennedy, Bobby Graham, Hercules GrahamLarry W. Hulin1996-6-1457?
Pat McClary, Hard Boiled HaggertyPaul Douglas McClary1983-1-24??
Pat McGillPatrick Joseph McGill1969-12-3172?
Pat MurphyEdward Melowsky1985-?-???
Pat O'Hara, The Green HornetSunday Feuer2004-6-2184Natural causes
Pat O'ConnorPatrick John O'Connor1990-8-1665Cancer
Pato SoriaRuben Pato Soria2017-12-1575Cancer
Patrick Miller Patrick Miller 2008-8-17?Accident - automobile accident
Patsy O'Neill, Daisy MaeNancy Taylor Lewis2015-6-2385?
Paul "Bomber" SinghPaul Singh Dhaliwal2015-1-20100?
Paul AndersonPaul Edward Anderson1994-8-1561Kidney disease
Paul BaillargeonPaul Baillargeon1999-10-1878?
Paul BergerPaul Berger1992-1-1368?
Paul BunyanMax Palmer1984-5-756Heart disease
Paul DuvalDyer Henderson, Harry Duval2013-9-6??
Paul E. NormousPaul P. Fuchs III2009-1-1633Drug overdose
Paul FigueroaHipolito Cruz2012-3-1270?
Paul JonesAlfred Frederick2018-4-1875?
Paul Jones, Andy LutziAndrew Lutziger1988-4-1786?
Paul LincolnPaul Lincoln2011-1-1178Natural causes
Paul LortiePaul Marcel Lortie1953-4-838?
Paul Novak, Chuck KrauserChester Rybinsky1999-7-1476Cancer (prostate)
Paul ReyesIsmael Reyes2000-1-1960?
Paul TrappenPaul Trappen1957-2-23??
Paul Westergaard-SchmidtPaul Schmidt1963-11-???
Paulla KayePaulla Kaye2018-2-670?
Payton ScottChristopher Payton Scott2004-8-26?Accident - automobile accident
Pedro Aguayo Jr., El Hijo del Perro AguayoPedro Aguayo Ramirez2015-3-2135Died in ring against Rey Mysterio (heart attack after broken neck)
Pedro GodoyPedro Hernan Godoy Lopez1981-11-1161?
Pedro MartinezIgnacio Martinez1998-2-482Parkinson's disease
Pedro the GypsyGordon Allen2010-11-26??
Pee Wee JamesRaymond Sabourin2008-9-1675?
Penny BannerMary Ann Kostecki2008-5-1273Cancer
Pepe CisnerosMarcos Manuel Vazquez Lopez2012-12-2666Cancer
Pepe LopezRuben Rodriguez1976-7-2739Accident - automobile accident
Pepper GomezJose Serapio Palimino Gomez2004-5-677Other - gastritis
Percival A. FriendAlbion Joseph Friend2015-9-2370Heart complications
Pete LochPete Loch1940-12-2061?
Pete ManagoffPete Managoff1966-8-?51?
Pete McKayPedro Gonzalez2002-6-254?
Pete VisserPeter H. Visser1968-11-672?
Peter Denard SmithSlick the Butcher2005-6-1142Heart failure
Peter GoodmanPeter Goodman2009-8-2629Drug overdose
Peter KaiserPeter Kaiser1985-10-25??
Peter SzakacsPeter Szakacs2015-4-1285?
Phil "The Master Assassin" EmersonPhillip McKinley Emerson2016-7-770?
Phil LawsonPhilip Lawson1949-5-3048?
Phyllis LeePhyllis Lee Zuver2015-1-18??
Pierre MorrisonPierre Morrison2011-4-152Heart attack
Pietro "Peter" RoncadinPietro Roncadin2014-5-25??
Pink, Mighty DoomRichard Trogdon2012-12-1639Surgery complications
Pistol Pez Whatley Pezavan Whatley2005-1-1854Heart failure
Pitbull #2Anthony Durante2003-9-2536Drug overdose
Pitbull Kerry BrownKerry Brown2009-9-1051Liver failure
Playboy Buddy RosePaul R. Perschmann2009-4-2856Natural causes
Plum MarikoMariko Umeda1997-8-1629Died after match against Mayumi Ozaki (cause unknown)
Polo Pardo Polo Pardo ???
Popeye Chuck RichardsCharles Richards1995-7-2165?
PopitekusHilario Vargas Ruiz2010-7-1253Diabetes
Porfirio LongoriaPorfirio Trevino Longoria2013-10-1975Natural causes
Porter TindaleIra Tindale2012-9-479Natural causes
Power MikeMichael Okpala2004-3-1164Heart attack
Powerhouse ParkerTim Parker2015-2-2551?
Pretty Boy Floyd CreatchmanFloyd Creatchman2003-10-2546Other - crohn's disease
Pretty Boy Larry SharpeLarry Weil2017-4-1066Liver disease
Primo CarneraPrimo Carnera1967-6-2960Liver (cirrhosis)
Prince Kumali, The Great MalumbaGordon Petrie2015-1-?93Dementia
Prince Neff MaiavaNeff Maiava2018-4-2193?
Prince PooleHarold Poole2014-8-4??
Prince PullinsCalvin C. Pullins2006-6-174Natural causes
Princess JasmineCynthia Peretti2009-5-860Cancer
Princess Tona Tomah, Tona FordMercedes Waukago2007-6-1572Natural causes
Princess White Dove, Bonita White DoveIrene Francisco1972-10-?28?
Principal Pound, Danny YoungJohn Cozman2016-11-2852Cancer
Prodigy ATVReggie Rivers2015-6-730?
Professor Ito, Mr. ItoUmanosuke Ueda2011-12-2171Accident - automobile accident
Professor Steve DrukSteve Druk2017-5-584?
Professor Tanaka, Toru TanakaCharles J. Kalani Jr.2000-8-2270Heart attack
Professor Thiebaud BauerThiebaud Bauer1902-1-???
Psycho Perry ReidEdward Perry Daniels2018-4-1082?
Q-Ball, Canadian Angel, Jack RushWilliam Charles Rush1955-1-143Died in ring (cause unknown)
Quentin Latrell WashingtonQuentin Latrell Washington2012-1-2025Died while training (head injury)
Rabbi Raphael HalpernRafael Halperin2011-8-2087Cancer
Raging Bull Yukon BraxtonJeffrey M. Dingess2002-12-3024Drug overdose
Ralph AlexanderRalph Alexander???
Randy BarberRandy Barber2008-1-149Heart attack
Randy MansfieldRandy Toslinski1998-4-?23?
Randy Morse Randy Morse 2010-9-558Heart failure
Randy TylerMonroe Alton Rice Jr.2002-7-2250Cancer (liver)
Rapid Ricky RomeroEnrique Gregory Romero2006-1-1574Diabetes
Rash RenegadeTimothy Randall Champion2014-4-1930Accident - automobile accident
Rasputin #2Johnny Howard2013-8-1970Natural causes
Rattlensnake BrooksCecil Daren Westbrook2004-4-1743Liver disease
Raul Mata?2018-12-1971?
Raul RojasRaul Rojas1995-10-22??
Ray, Lin Byron, Lin Bairon?2018-8-3036Brain tumor
Ray "Crippler" StevensCarl Raymond Stevens1996-5-360Heart attack
Ray "Thunder" SternWalter Bookbinder2007-3-674Surgery complications
Ray CandyRay Canty1994-5-2342Heart attack
Ray EckertFloyd W. Eckert1996-7-779Heart attack
Ray EvansRay Evans2013-6-549Cancer
Ray Golden AppollonCyril Cornelius Joseph1997-2-472?
Ray GunkelRaymond F. Gunkel1972-8-148Died after match against Ox Baker (heart complications)
Ray MendozaJose Diaz Velazquez2003-4-1673Heart complications
Ray MillerRay Miller???
Ray Schilling, Logger LarsenRaymond Schilling2002-3-2162Natural causes
Ray SteelePeter Sauer1949-9-1149Heart attack
Ray Urbano, The Great KabookiGeorge Rey Urbano2007-10-1683Natural causes
Ray VillmerRaymond H. Villmer2005-1-992Natural causes
Rayo de JaliscoMaximino Linares Moreno2018-7-1985Natural causes
Red BastienRolland Bastien2012-8-1181Alzheimer's disease
Red McKim, Bill McKimWilliam McKim1995-?-?64?
Redneck Billy RedwoodWilliam H. Crumpton Jr.2004-7-328Accident - automobile accident
Redneck KidCharles Britt2013-3-2426?
Reid FlairRichard Reid Fliehr2013-3-2925Drug overdose
Renato TorresAdolfo Contreras Vargas2009-2-563Heart attack
Rene GuajardoJuan Manuel Guajardo Mejorado1992-5-1159Cancer (liver)
Rex MobleyJames W. Mobley1982-?-?74?
Ricardo Moyan, King RicardoRicardo Moyan???
Richard DeliciousWayne Van Dyke2017-5-1329Heart attack
Richard Schikat, Dick ShikatRichard Schikat1968-12-371?
Rick BoltonRichard W. Bolton2000-12-549Heart attack
Rick CrabtreeRick Crabtree2009-3-2251Multiple ailments - heart complications, liver complications
Rick DavidsonRicky K. Davidson2000-8-547Other - staph infection
Rick Johnson, Count MauriceRick Johnson2014-12-30?Cancer
Rick McGrawRichard McGraw1985-11-130Heart attack
Rick O'TooleRick Lancaster2012-2-6??
Rick RenslowRichard Forrest Renslow Jr.2008-9-353Cancer
Rick RudeRichard Erwin Rood1999-4-2040Heart failure
Ricki LawlessMedardo Jim Leon Jr.1988-11-3022Murdered
Ricki StarrBernard Herman2014-9-3083?
Ricky Cortez, Crusher CortezRicardo Bermudez Cortez2008-6-2977Heart attack
Ricky GibsonRichard E. Cain2006-9-1553Natural causes
Ricky VillainTerry Bell2017-7-1031?
RikidozanMitsuhiro Momota1963-12-1539Murdered
Rip CollinsFrank Gary Collins1993-6-18??
RIP HawkHarvey Maurice Evers2012-12-2182Natural causes
Rip TylerWallace Dean Vaughn1997-12-357Cancer (liver)
Ripper CollinsRoy Lee Albern1991-11-1162Cancer (skin)
Ripper Savage, The Bronx BarbarianDon Ross1995-6-248Heart attack
Rita CortezYolanda Gutierrez2012-7-2773Natural causes
Ritchie MagnettRichard Francis Magnett2015-5-251?
Rito RomeroRito Romero Loza2001-1-1773Heart attack
Road Warrior HawkMichael J. Hegstrand2003-10-1946Heart attack
Robbie RageRobbie Jerline Tate2015-9-2854?
Robert AhnerRobert L. Ahner2014-5-1571?
Robert BruceJohn Charles Young2009-3-265Blood related (sepsis)
Robert Dale Phipps, Adrian SteeleRobert Dale Phipps2011-6-439Died in ring (heart attack)
Robert "Hurricane" HuntRobert H. Hunt2018-12-2785?
Robin Hood, Brazo CiberneticoJose Aaron Alvarado Nieves1999-10-2733Other - acute infection
Robin ReedRobin Lawrence Reed1978-12-20??
Rocco RockTheodore Petty2002-9-2149Heart attack
Rocket MonroeMaury High2010-6-869Blood related (infection)
Rockin' RebelCharles Williams2018-6-152Suicide
Rockin RickRicky Creason2012-11-1350?
Rocky ColumboRocco John Columbo1964-3-535?
Rocky FordSamuel Lester Ford Jr.2014-6-2586?
Rocky HataMitsuo Hata1991-10-2743?
Rocky SmithRoland Smith1977-10-5??
Rod SteeleRod Steele2011-8-5?Suicide
Roger Mackay, Mighty YankeeRoger H. Mackay2005-2-1976Heart failure
Rolando VeraRolando Hernandez Verastegui2001-3-2986Heart attack
Rollin' HardRoland Montgomery2008-12-2634Cancer
Ron "Beast" RichardsRonald W. Richards Jr.2018-5-2548?
Ron "Bull" JohnsonRon Johnson???
Ron DupreeRussell Grobes1975-10-17?Died in ring as ring announcer at time (heart attack)
Ron Hill, Golden GladiatorRonald C. Hill2008-8-2773Surgery complications
Ron MatteucciRonald M. Matteucci2004-6-1472Heart complications
Ron RossiRon Wilkins2017-7-1762?
Ron SlinkerDavid Slinker2008-3-2862Liver failure
Ron WrightRonald Wright2015-4-2176?
Ronnie EtchisonRonald Lewis Etchison Sr.1994-3-473Natural causes
Ronnie PaulRonald M. Paul1975-8-12?Accident - automobile accident
RoseyMatthew Tapunu'u Anoa'i2017-4-1747Heart failure
Rotten Reggie LoveJohn Eric Evans2018-1-790?
Rotten Ron StarrBobby Eugene Nutt2017-6-867Lung (collapsed lung)
Roughhouse Jack O'BrienMarcelo Andreani 1982-9-14??
Rowdy Roddy PiperRoderick Toombs2015-7-3161Heart attack
Roy HeffernanLawrence Roy Heffernan1992-9-2467Heart attack
Roy McClarity, Roy McClartyRoy Lorne McClarty1998-3-2779Natural causes
Roy ShireRoy P. Shropshire1992-10-170Heart attack
Roy WelchRoy Edward Welch1977-9-2775?
Rube WrightReuben Haz Wright1983-11-976?
Ruben Juarez Ruben Juarez 2017-9-1390Heart attack
Ruben PriestRuben Charles Priest2014-4-1075?
Rudger TerryRudger Terry1934-1-3028Homicide (shot in police confrontation)
Rudi SaturskiRudi Saturski1975-8-8??
Rudy DusekRudolph Hason1971-10-2770?
Rudy KayJean-Louis Cormier 2008-5-2565Blood related (sepsis)
Rudy LaDitziRudolph La Ditzi1942-10-2837Other - malaria
Rudy ReynaAndres Rodolfo Reyna Torres2015-4-2667Diabetes
Rudy StrongbergRudy Strongberg1949-4-30??
Rudy ValentinoRudy Valentino2015-3-973?
Ruffy SilversteinRalph Silverstein1980-4-566ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease)
Rufus JonesJoseph Alvin Godfrey1951-11-1756?
Rufus R. "Freight Train" JonesCarey L. Lloyd1993-11-1360Heart attack
Rusher KimuraMasao Kimura2010-5-2468Multiple ailments - pneumonia, kidney failure
Russ HaasThomas Russell Haas2001-12-1527Heart failure
Ryu NakataRyu Nakata2014-2-1551Heart attack
Ryuma GoHiroshi Yagi2009-10-1853Blood related (sepsis)
Ryze, Mr. WooJustin Honeycutt 2011-7-230Accident - accident at work
S.D. JonesConrad Efraim2008-10-2663Stroke
SahoriMaría Jovita Ramírez Zamora2018-1-2541Cancer
Sailor Art ThomasArthur Thomas2003-3-2079Cancer
Sailor MoranCharles Perry Croy???
Sam BassFred W. Bass1976-7-2741Accident - automobile accident
Sam MenackerFrank L. Menacker1994-1-779?
Sammy Baldwin, Sam BaldwinWilliam S. Baldwin Jr.1996-8-2769?
Sammy HallSammy Ray Hall2014-10-3059?
Sammy SteamboatSamuel K. Mokuahi2006-5-271Multiple ailments - alzheimer's disease, diabetes
Sammy SteinSamuel Stein1966-3-3060Heart attack
Sammy VanglerSammy H. Vangler1971-2-?67?
Samson KutsuwadaTomotsugu Kutsuwada2004-11-2957?
Samson, Kay BellKay D. Bell1994-10-2780Cancer
Sandor KovacsSandor Kovacs2004-6-3083Alzheimer's disease
Sandor SzaboSandor Szabo1966-10-1660Heart attack
Sandy BarrFerrin Charles Barr2007-6-269Heart attack
Sandy ScottAngus Scott2010-3-1175Cancer (pancreatic)
Sangre IndiaJose Vicente Ramos Estrada1979-12-2524Died in ring against Cesar Curiel (head injury)
Sarah LeeSarah Eugene Ray2008-4-576Alzheimer's disease
Savannah JackTed Russell2012-1-1764Heart disease
Scott Bazo, TharashmasterScott E. Bazso2008-11-139?
Scott IrwinScott K. Irwin1987-9-535Brain tumor
Scott PetersonScott Peterson1994-7-2531Accident - motorcycle accident
Scott ThomsonThomas Stevenson2018-7-11??
Scotty ThompsonFrank Thompson2005-8-1784?
Scotty WilliamsScott Dumas2007-8-744?
Scotty Williams, Eddie WilliamsEdgar Lewis Williams2008-3-2394?
ScreamerDave Kistolinic2010-4-26??
Sean "Shocker" EvansSean Charles Evans2007-10-236Cancer (lung)
Sean O'HaireSean Christopher Haire2014-9-843Suicide
Sean StoppSean C. Stopp2012-11-2743?
Sensational Sherri, Sherri MartelSherri Russell2007-6-1549Drug overdose
Septiembre NegroVirgilio Aristeo Amezcua Sanchez2011-11-473Natural causes
Serge SaumonSerge Daigneault2011-8-852Cancer
Sergei KalmikoffSergei Kalmikoff???
Sexy Lexi PillmanAlexis Pillman2009-11-2626Accident - automobile accident
Sgt. BossVernon Blanton Jr.2015-6-1045?
Sgt. Bobby AllenBobby Allen1997-6-?64Heart attack
Sgt. MacDonald, Ernie MacDonaldErnest MacDonald2018-12-12??
Shabba ShabazzArnold L. Russell2015-9-2144Accident - accident at work
ShadoxDale Elliot Bolenbaugh2013-11-244?
Shag ThomasJames S. Thomas1982-7-2558Heart attack
Shane RhodesPatrick Rhodes2014-7-12??
Shane ShamrockBrian Stephen Howser1998-8-1823Homicide (shot in police confrontation)
Shawn OsborneShawn McGrath2011-1-2635Suicide
Shawn SummersShawn Belcher2013-6-135?
Sheik AliWadi Ayoub1976-9-29?Cancer
Sheik Ali RajaiRobert E. Falcioni 2017-8-1660?
Shilelagh O'SullivanPatrick McMahon2012-3-1174?
Shinya HashimotoShin'ya Hashimoto2005-7-1140Brain aneurysm
Shirley StrimpleShirley McClarty1990-1-27??
Siegfried StankeWilliam J. Lehman2012-11-1274Natural causes
Siete VidasSiete Vidas??Cancer
Sir Dudley Clements, Steve ClementsSteven Beresford1976-4-2128Accident - automobile accident
Sir Oliver HumperdinkJohn Jay Sutton2011-3-2062Cancer (bladder)
Skagway Clements, Ray ClementsIsaac Ray Clements1976-3-1265?
Skandor AkbarJames Saied Wehba2010-8-1975Cancer (prostate)
Skinny Kenny Arden, Cody StarKenny Arden2016-7-2559?
Skip Young, Sweet Brown SugarGalton W. Young2010-12-359?
Skull MurphyJohn J. Murphy1970-3-2339Suicide
Sky Low LowMarcel Gauthier1998-11-670Heart attack
Sky-Hi LeeRobert E. Leedy1973-?-???
Slick Robbie DRobert E. Dicks Jr.2002-2-1832Suicide
Smasher SloanEldon Lee Whittler2001-1-?65?
Smith HartSmith Stewart Hart2017-7-268Cancer (colon)
Snake Watson, Dave WatsonGerald Watson1992-7-6?Murdered
Sol SlagelSolomon Schlegel1942-2-2234?
Soldat GorkyWalter R. Allen1991-6-469?
Sonny "Madman" Meyers, Sonny MyersSonny Meyers2012-2-2353Cancer (throat)
Sonny DuprixGerald Keith Anderson2011-10-2657?
Sonny Fargo, Roughhouse FargoJack Lewis Faggart2008-8-2080Natural causes
Sonny MyersHarold Calvin Myers2007-5-783Natural causes
Sorakichi MatsudaKojiro Matsuda1891-8-1632?
Soundcheck SullyShawn T. Sullivan2013-6-727?
SpiderDaniel Quirk2005-5-2822Died in ring against Hi-Lite Kid (head injury)
Spike NortonBrendan Fields2015-4-6?Accident - automobile accident
Spike PetersonCurtis Peterson1951-5-2839Died after match against Sam Abraham (neck injury)
Spike, Jim Jeffers, James JeffersonJames Jefferson2013-2-8??
Spiro, ThorCameron Bates2011-11-3035Drug overdose
Sputnik MonroeRoscoe Monroe Brumbaugh2006-11-377Natural causes
Spyral, SnakeBrandon Kaplan2017-12-436?
Stacy HallStacy Raymond Hall1971-2-2562?
Stan Kowalski, The Big K, Krusher Kowalski Bert Smith2017-10-2091?
Stan Myslajek, Stan MayslackStanley E. Myslajek1995-2-2883Heart attack
Stan StasiakGeorge E. Stipich1997-6-1960Heart failure
Stanislaus ZbyszkoStanislaw Jan Cyganiewicz1967-9-2388Heart attack
Stanley BureshStanley Buresh1972-1-?68?
Stanley StasiakIgnacy Stasiak1931-9-1336Died after match against Ed Don George (broken arm leading to blood poisoning)
Stanley WycoffHans Kronert1990-9-2382?
Star Rider RockCharles Paleveda2018-1-2158?
Steamin Jimmy FreemanJames Freeman2009-9-2323Suicide
Stephan DeLeonStephan DeLeon2004-4-634Accident - motorcycle accident
Steve "Crusher" CaseyStephen Casey1987-1-1078?
Steve "Dr. Death" Williams Steven Williams2009-12-2949Cancer (throat)
Steve BolusSteve Bolus2002-3-??Cancer
Steve BradleySteven James Bisson2008-12-432?
Steve BrisnoSteve Brisno???
Steve BrodieSteven H. Opalenik1945-2-2228Other - killed in World War II
Steve Budynas, Jack Kusas, Jack KojutSteven A. Budynas1989-3-19??
Steve CollinsMike Hewes2014-9-?53?
Steve Cooper, The Prophet, The Tennessee StudSteve Cooper???
Steve King, Chief CherokeeJose Rivera1998-6-2946Cancer (leukemia)
Steve KozakSteve Kozak1974-?-?59?
Steve LoganSteven Logan2003-?-?80Alzheimer's disease
Steve PassesSteve Passes???
Steve RickardSydney Mervin Batt2015-4-585Natural causes
Steve StanleeSteve Zygowicz2010-7-290?
Steve StrelishSteve Strelish???
Steve TravisSteve Musulin2018-8-1067?
Steve ZnoskiSteve Znoski1936-6-??Died after match (spinal meningitis)
Steven Dunn, Steven DollSteven Dunn2009-3-2248Blood related (clot)
Steven Little BearVincent Bryant1998-9-29??
StormtrooperCraig W. Kibler2016-10-342Accident - automobile accident
Strong RogersStrong Rogers???
Stu HartStewart Edward Hart2003-10-1688Stroke
StunnerHannes Van Zyl2008-2-2227Accident - motorcycle accident
Sue BrittainMarjorie Farrar2013-4-2876Natural causes
Sugi SitoFrancisco Javier Mar Hernandez2000-5-473?
Super DragonLee Wang-Pyo2018-9-464Cancer (gallblader)
Superstar Richard ByrneRichard Byrne2012-9-462?
Swede HansonRobert Fort Hanson2002-2-1968Blood related (sepsis)
Swedish AngelPhillip Olaf Swenson1974-2-1066?
Sweet Georgia BrownSusie Mae McCoy1989-?-??Cancer (breast)
Sweet Stevie LeeStevie Lee2005-10-1233Brain aneurysm
Sylvain RichardSylvain Richard2014-4-2483?
T. John ThibodeauxMichael Lee Richard2013-9-1764?
T.C. Brimstone, Tracey CaddellTracy Lee Caddell2018-7-2950?
Tamba, The Flying ElephantJose Francisco Arreola Ramirez2001-9-651?
Tank MorganPaul McManus1991-8-1558Murdered
Tank PattonDouglas Goodwin McMichen1998-12-3152Lung complications
Tara the Southern BelleSheila Best2009-?-??Cancer
Taro MyakiGeorge Halealoha Kahaumia2010-11-789Natural causes
Tarras Bulba, Juan ReynosaAbel Reynosa2016-1-27??
Tarzan GovenderTarzan Govender1985-6-3??
Tarzan HewittFrank Hewitt1958-12-2238?
Tarzan LopezCarlos Lopez Tovar 1975-8-2863Cancer
Tarzan Potvin, Ed Potvin, Tarzan ZimbaTarzan Potvin1981-?-???
Tarzan TylerCamille Tourville1985-12-2458Accident - automobile accident
Ted Christy, Ted TravisTed Christy1976-9-?66?
Ted GrizzlyGary Wolfenden2009-4-2065Diabetes
Ted HeathEdmund Charles Heath2014-8-1780?
Ted ThyeTheodore Thye1966-3-2275Heart attack
Terrible TurkGeorge Kopecky2000-5-3174?
Terrifc Tim Lawler, Mr. TerrificTimothy Lawler2018-7-1253Multiple ailments - liver (cirrhosis), diabetes
Terry "Bam Bam" GordyTerry R. Gordy2001-7-1640Heart attack
Terry "The Beauty" GarvinTerry Simms2018-4-755?
Terry "The Hammer" SchollTerry Scholl1958-10-?51?
Terry GarvinTerrance Joyal1998-8-1761Cancer
Terry MajorsTerri James 2000-1-2465Multiple ailments - pneumonia, cancer
Terry McGinnisMax Martinshultz1952-3-3041Died after match against Danny McShain (cause unknown)
Terry NylandsTerry Nylands2018-1-11??
Terry Yorkston, Black DiamondTerry Yorkston2011-8-778?
TestAndrew Martin2009-3-1333Drug overdose
Tex HagerNealon Walter Hager1989-5-2574?
Tex McKenzie, Hugh McKenzieFrank H. McKenzie2001-5-3170Other - abdominal aortic aneurysm
Tex PorterFranklin Porter1998-12-691Natural causes
Tex RileyRussell Alvin Riley1964-5-2148Died after match against the Von Brauners (heart attack)
Tex WrightTex Wright1935-3-1128Died after match against Ali Yumid (Ali Baba)
Texas Outlaw #1David William Broadaway2004-3-939Accident - automobile accident
The BeastYvon Cormier2009-3-470Cancer
The BeastJohn Yachetti1986-?-?59Cancer (throat)
The Blimp, Martin The BlimpMartin Levy1961-11-8??
The Blue CycloneJames D. Nichols2013-11-1355?
The California Red Devil, Sailor Jack LewisJack Lewis1934-2-25?Died after match against Harry Kent (heart attack)
The CrusherReginald J. Lisowski2005-10-2279Brain tumor
The DivaKelly Tabor2002-12-2228?
The Drunken IrishmanJames Prentice2015-9-2239?
The EqualizerTimothy L. Foster 2007-11-2746?
The Fabulous MoolahMary Lillian Ellision2007-11-284?
The Flying Kentuckian Del BennettDel Bennett2014-3-879?
The Golden Boy David Hastings2012-12-2250?
The Great AntonioAntonio Barichievich2003-9-777Cardiac arrest
The Great GoliathPablo O. Crispin2004-4-1269Heart failure
The Great John LWilliam H. Clark2005-11-680?
The Great Kusatsu Masatake Kusatsu2008-6-2166Cancer (esophageal)
The Great Mephisto, Mephisto, Frankie Cain, Inferno #1James Ault2010-5-??Heart attack
The Hawaiian KidJason Abregana Jr.2017-2-1650?
The Home WreckerMichael J. Plezing2017-5-12??
The Incredible BulkJames Patrick Hamilton Sr.2014-6-955?
The Joker Frank KeithFrank Edward Keith 2017-5-442Heart disease
The Masked Marvel, Buddy StewartStuart McCullum2003-5-2573Diabetes
The Mighty AxisSteven Thomas Ranton2007-3-2722Suicide
The Mighty Mennonite Bob HarmsRobert Victor Harms2015-3-2374?
The Mighty Wilbur, IncubusRandall Lee Buchanan2014-11-2657?
The Missing Link, Dewey RobertsonByron James John Robertson2007-8-1668Cancer
The Missouri Mauler, Rocky HamiltonLarry Hamilton1996-7-2065Heart attack
The MummyBenjamin Ramirez1995-12-2063?
The Oklahoma KidElmer Ray Geralds1968-8-1129Heart attack
The Original Sheik, The SheikEdward George Farhat2003-1-1876Heart failure
The PunisherAlan Niestrmski2017-3-551?
The Rebel WarriorCecil Ray Martin2013-6-1856?
The RenegadeRichard C. Williams1999-2-2333Suicide
The SpoilerDonald Delbert Jardine 2006-12-1666Multiple ailments - heart attack, leukemia
The Terrible Turk, Youssouf Ishmaelo, Yousouff the TerribleYusuf Ismail1898-7-4?Accident - drowning
The Tigress Maria Bernardi2006-3-2080Brain (cerebral hemorrhage)
The Viking, Bob MorseRobert Morse1981-10-3??
The Wall, Malice, Sgt. A.W.O.L.Michael Jerome Tuite2003-12-636Heart attack
The WolfmanVilmos Farkas2016-1-1080?
Theresa TheisTherese Grace Theis1999-8-768Cancer
Thor HagenOrion Clemence Heskin1982-12-1457Cancer (liver)
Thunder SugiyamaTsuneharu Sugiyama2002-11-2262Heart attack
Tibor SzakacsTibor Szakacs1981-10-5?Cancer
Tiger Conway Sr.Plasse Dennis Bradford Conway2006-11-1374Stroke
Tiger Jack Brown, Arvid SiasArvid P. Sias1998-7-1368?
Tiger Joe MarshJoseph Samuel Marusich1989-5-977?
Tiger Joe Tomasso, Spoiler TomassoGiuseppi DiTomasso1988-4-3073Natural causes
Tiger Joginder SinghTiger Joginder Singh1990-8-1??
Tiger KhanMarlon Kalkai2006-6-2833?
Tiger Nenoff Tsakoff, Steve NenoffVasel Nenoff Tsakoff1965-3-2063?
Tigerman John PesekJohn Pesek1978-3-1285Heart attack
Tigre Canadiense, Mike LozanskyMichael Joseph Lozanski2003-12-1835Heart attack
Tiki TapuTiki Tapu2011-1-2048Cancer
Tim Arson, Tim Roberts, The ZombieTimothy Calkins Jr2015-1-739?
Tim HerbertTim Herbert2012-11-19??
Tim Hunt, The HunterTimothy Hunt2014-6-1648?
Timothy Geohagen, Young AtlasCharles Geoghegan1998-4-2975?
Timothy Well, Rex KingTimothy Alan Smith2017-1-955Kidney failure
Tinker ToddRamon Napolitano2013-7-1485Natural causes
Tiny Anderson, Russell KnorrRussell Knorr1995-1-?42Kidney failure
Tiny KramerGeorge B. Kramer2015-1-2481?
Tiny MillsHenry W. Mittlestadt1987-6-2738?
Tiny Tim, Little Brutus Jean Jacques Girard2010-4-173Surgery complications
Tio Tio, Tio Tayler, TioAititio T. Taylor, Jr.2009-2-???
Tito CarreonTito Carreon2015-2-885Cancer
Tito CopaJacobo Selherszberg2004-6-3?Heart attack
Tito MontezEdward Montemayor2013-1-3078Natural causes
Tojo YamamotoHarold Watanabe1992-2-1965Suicide
Tokugoro ItoTokugoro Ito1938-1-2258Brain (cerebral hemorrhage)
Tokyo JoeYukihiro Sakeda2017-11-475Cancer (colon)
Tom "Boogaloo" ShaftUlysses Thomas2013-7-972Natural causes
Tom BarbolaThomas David Barbola2014-2-385Natural causes
Tom CaseyTom Casey1985-5-2470?
Tom ConnorsTom Connors1939-?-?77?
Tom DavisThomas Burton2010-3-2946?
Tom DrakeThomas Edwin Drake2017-2-486?
Tom JenkinsTom Jenkins1957-6-1984?
Tom Jones, Mr. Ebony, The GladiatorGeorge Thompson2017-3-477Alzheimer's disease
Tom MeekThomas H. Meek2012-1-2671?
Tom Rice, The Masked MarvelThomas C. Rice1996-8-2482Stroke
Tom RolewiczTomasz Jozef Rolewicz1965-8-782?
Tom UglyThomas J. Burnell2013-11-233?
Tom ZahariasTom Vetoyanis1974-5-?58?
Tom Zenk, The Z-ManThomas Erwin Zenk2017-12-959?
Tommy GilbertThomas Gilbert Sr.2015-11-2675?
Tommy Marlin Sr.Thomas C. Marlin2018-1-2485?
Tommy MartindaleThomas Martindale???
Tommy RogersTommy R. Couch2015-6-154?
Tony "Hades" TindleAnthony Tindle2018-7-1849Suicide
Tony AltimoreAnthony C. Altomore2003-9-2536Drug overdose
Tony Angelo, Russian Crusher, Pat KellyHenry Pardi???
Tony BaillargeonAntonio Baillargeon1997-3-1468?
Tony BorneAnthony Wayne Osborne2010-8-2784Heart complications
Tony Charles, CheckmateAnthony Charles Scott2015-2-1379?
Tony CosenzaTony Cosenza2011-8-1793Natural causes
Tony EnosManuel Enos1993-12-1878?
Tony JaronaAnthony Jarona Sr.2012-11-2687Natural causes
Tony LanzaFerdinairdo Antonio Lanza2005-1-2084Accident - fall
Tony Martinell, Tony MartinezNicholas Russo???
Tony MorelliLorigo Theodore Morelli1983-8-2376Heart attack
Tony NashAnthony Nash2000-8-530Died in ring (cause unknown)
Tony Nero, Prince Nero, The Black DemonAnthony Aurelio2012-3-685?
Tony ParisiAntonio Pugliese2000-8-1858Heart attack
Tony SantosAnthony Sannizzaro1984-10-2762Brain (cerebral hemorrhage)
Tony StecherAnton Charles Stecher1954-10-965Heart attack
Tony Sugar, El Astro, Corsario NegroAntonio Moreno2014-6-???
Toots MondtJoseph Raymond Mondt1976-6-1182?
Tor Johnson, The Super Swedish AngelTore Johnson1971-5-1267Heart failure
Tor KamataMcRonald Kamaka2007-7-2370Heart disease
Tor YamatoToyoki Uyeda1960-12-11??
Torbellino Blanco, The White TornadoMariano Yugueros1988-?-???
Tosh Togo, Mr. SakataHarold T. Sakata1982-7-2962Cancer (liver)
ToyonoboriMichiharu Sadano1998-7-167Natural causes
Tracy RichardsDebra Hunter Newkirk2007-2-2550Cancer
Treach PhillipsHenry W. Phillips Jr.1995-9-3066Heart failure
Trent AcidMichael Verdi2010-6-1829Drug overdose
Tromp Van DiggelenTromp Van Diggelen1967-?-???
Troy Endres, Great MutaTroy Endres2014-8-346Accident - automobile accident
Troy GrahamTroy Rolland Thompson Jr.2002-3-747Heart attack
Tuffy Red StokerFrancis M. Stoker2014-3-1597?
Tug WilsonSeptimus Willson2003-7-2791Natural causes
Tugboat TaylorRichard Taylor2017-11-871?
Tugger Larsen, Stocky KneilsonTugger Larsen1952-?-???
Tugger Zeke, Rod AllenStocky Knielson???
Two-Ton Tony GalentoDomenic Anthony Galento1979-7-2269Diabetes
Ultimate Solution, Jeep SwensonRobert Alexander Swenson Jr.1997-8-1840Heart failure
Ultimate WarriorJames Brian Hellwig2014-4-854Heart attack
UmagaEdward Umar Fatu2009-12-436Drug overdose
Uncle ElmerStanley Cooper Frazier1992-7-154Kidney failure
Uncle FeltonFelton Mathis2017-6-25?Accident - automobile accident
Universo 200Andres Reyes Gonzalez2018-5-155Heart complications
Vader, Big Van VaderLeon Allen White2018-6-1863Pneumonia
Vanka ZelezniakVanka Zelezniak???
Venus LaRueVenus LaRue2011-11-976Cancer (lung)
Verne GagneLaverne Clarence Gagne2015-4-2789Alzheimer's disease
Verne Langdon Verne Langdon 2011-1-169?
Vic ChristyVic Christy1995-10-2683Natural causes
Vic ColemanVic Coleman2013-8-293Natural causes
Vic Faulkner Vic Faulkner 2017-7-673?
Vic HolbrookVictor Allan Holbrook Jr.1980-9-?59?
Vic KalfusVictor S. Kalfus Jr.2013-2-990Natural causes
Vic Raines, Vic Rossi, Vic RossitaniVictor Rosettani2014-2-1176Cancer
Vic RosettaniVictor Bobby Rosettani2014-2-1174Natural causes
Vic VengeanceTimothy Berner2004-7-2534Suicide
Vic VincentVicenzo Vincent1984-9-1974Cancer
Victor OchoaVictorio Ochoa1960-7-441?
Victor the BodyguardVictor Manuel Rodriguez Gracia2004-6-2038Died after match (heart attack)
Victor ViciousGregory Cox2015-7-2050Cancer
Villano IJose de Jesus Diaz Mendoza 2001-1-449Heart attack
Villano IIIArturo Díaz Mendoza2018-8-2166Stroke
Vince Montana, The SpoilerVince Bagala1998-6-2056Heart failure
Vincente FebrerVicente Febrer Solsona1991-8-2365?
Virgil FlynnVirgil Flynn III2018-7-1833Stroke
Vivian St. JohnSuzanne Miller2013-12-2163?
Vivian VachonDiane Vachon1991-8-2447Accident - automobile accident
Wahoo McDanielEdward McDaniel2002-4-1863Diabetes
Waldo Von ErichWalter Paul Sieber2009-7-575Accident - fall
Wally DusekCharlie Santen1981-10-28??
Walter GirardDan Walker2003-9-6??
Walter JohnsonWalter Johnson1999-6-2956Heart attack
Walter PalmerWalter Palmer1998-7-1086?
Walter PodolakWalter Podolak1983-2-1673?
Walter StrattonWalter F. Stratton???
Warren BockwinkelWarren Bockwinkel1986-3-2474Alzheimer's disease
Wayne MunnWayne Munn1931-1-934Kidney issues
Wee Willie DavisWilliam Grundy Davis1981-4-?74?
Whipper WatsonWilliam Potts1990-2-474Natural causes
Whipper Watson Jr.Phil Carl Watson2018-1-1868Heart attack
Whirlwind Woodie JohnsonWoodie Johnson Sr.2009-7-2080Stroke
Whiskers Savage, Leo SavageLeo Savage1967-1-766?
Whitey CaldwellJ.C. Caldwell1972-10-737Accident - automobile accident
Whitey Hewitt, Pat McKayPat McKay???
Whitey WahlbergClarence Wahlberg???
Whitey WhittlerEldon Larue Whittler1983-6-1769Cancer
WickedDavid Shannon Rhymer2017-7-2437?
Wilbur SnyderWilbur Snyder1991-12-2562Heart attack
Wild Bill LongsonWillard Rowe Longson1982-12-1076?
Wild Bill SavageWilliam Faynik2008-4-1277Alzheimer's disease
Wild Bill ZimmovitchBill Zimmovitch???
Wild Bull CurryFred Thomas Koury Sr.1985-3-870Natural causes
Wild Bull MillerThomas Miller2018-5-2456?
Wild Man Buddy MarloWalter Young2015-3-271?
Wild Red BerryRalph L. Berry1973-7-2166Heart attack
Wild Thing Willie ClayWillie Clay2018-3-1957?
Wildcat McCannEarl Carrier1961-10-2560?
Wilhelm StallingWilhelm Stalling1934-8-11??
Willi HalmannWilli Halmann1937-4-10??
Willi KuhnWilli Kuhn1990-6-???
Willi MullerWilhelm Muller1975-9-24??
William "Farmer" BaldwinWilliam J. Baldwin1911-2-2424Died in ring against "Dad" House of McIntyre (neck injury)
William MuldoonWilliam A. Muldoon1933-6-388?
Wilson KohlbrecherWilson Kohlbrecher1972-9-153?
Wim RuskaWillem Ruska2015-2-1474?
Wladek ZbyszkoWladek Cyganiewicz1968-6-1076Heart attack
Wladyslaw TalunWladyslaw Frantiszek Talun1980-9-1570?
Wolf RubinskyWolfgang Ruvinskis1999-11-978Heart attack
Wolfgang EhrlWolfgang Ehrl1980-6-1168?
Woody FarmerWoody Farmer2012-2-2976Cancer
Woody StrodeWoodrow Strode1994-12-3180Cancer (lung)
XtremeJose Cabrera2004-11-2520Murdered
Yankee Rogers, CharleyCharles Rogers???
YokozunaAgatpu Rodney Anoa'i2000-10-2334Lung (pulmonary edema)
Yoshi MomotaYoshihiro Momota2000-11-2254Liver failure
Yuel LovettAlex Lovett1999-7-3128Heart attack
Yukio Suzuki, Mammoth SuzukiYukio Suzuki1991-5-2450?
Yukon EricEric Holmback1965-1-1641Suicide
YumaCayetano Sandoval Maciel2014-2-2863?
Yvar MartinsonYvar Martinson1975-7-22??
Yvon "The Lion" RobertYvon Robert Sr.1971-7-1356?
Zach CrowZach Baker2018-3-822Accident - automobile accident
Zack MalkovZack Malkov1964-11-???
Zoltan PappSamuel Popescu1986-11-7??

About this List:

What separates this deceased wrestlers list from the others? For one, it’s the largest and most complete documentation of professional wrestler deaths in existence. Also, many of the other deceased wrestler lists floating around the internet simply copy and pasted Gary Will’s list (which is no longer online). Most of the copied lists don’t contain a cause of death and many haven’t been updated in 15+ years. I’ve also summarized the data from this page and compiled it onto a separate data page.

While some information in this list was double-checked using various wrestling websites, blogs and other “unofficial” sources, most of the data was sourced from reputable publications including obituaries, archived newspapers, the Cauliflower Alley Club, Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Greg Oliver’s fantastic Slam! Wrestling columns, as well as verifications from various respected wrestling historians in books and forums. See the full sources / thank you list below.

Although some may have snuck by, this list does not include Olympic, Greco-Roman, catch, and amateur freestyle wrestlers.

I will be updating this list regularly and want to make sure it remains the most up to date and accurate account of wrestler deaths on the internet. That said, due to the massive size and scope of this list, there is inevitably going to be some errors and duplicates… if you spot something that’s off, please drop me an email.


This deceased wrestlers list is compiled for fans and is not exactly intended to be scientific. For example, “automobile accident” is not a technical cause of death. There are also other circumstances which should be taken into account – for example, someone may suffer from a heart attack, but then die from the following surgery several days later – while it’s not the heart attack itself that caused the actual death, it’s still the major contributing factor, so generally that’s what would be shown in the list above.

Another example would be something like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. These diseases do not technically or directly cause death, but are often the major contributing factor to whatever ailment does end up causing death.

It should also be noted that ailments like cancer, strokes, pneumonia, kidney failure, heart attacks, and heart disease are considered “natural causes”, though I only used the term natural causes in the above list when it’s the only information I could source.

Note, the in-ring and training deaths may list another wrestler who was competing in the ring at the time the incident occurred, but does not necessarily implicate that this wrestler was responsible for a death that took place – in fact, a botched move resulting in a wrestler’s death is extremely rare. For historical purposes I’ve listed the other wrestler involved when that information could be sourced. Keep in mind that there are also various examples of in-ring deaths where the death occurring in the ring (or shortly after a match) is a sheer coincidence and not a direct result of the match itself (often a pre-existing health condition being the culprit).

Using info or data from this page:

Thousands of hours have gone into the research and creation of this page. Please include a link back to this page if you’re sourcing any of the information for your blog, website, forum, etc.

Thank you’s / Online Sources:

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