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Wahoo McDaniel Death

Wahoo McDaniel Death – Kidney Failure

wahoo mcdaniel death

Wahoo McDaniel – Dead at 63. photo:

1938-2002 (age 63)

Edward McDaniel, best known by his nickname, “Wahoo” McDaniel, enjoyed a long career in both professional wrestling, as well as professional football.

Most notably, Wahoo played for the Jets in the 60s.

Wahoo began splitting his time between football and wrestling, eventually transitioning to wrestling full time by the late 60s.

Wahoo’s Wrestling Career

McDaniel spent time with various territories including the WWWF, NWA, Mid-Atlantic, AWA, WWC, and CWF.

Throughout his career, Wahoo had notable feuds with Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter, Gino Hernandez, and Greg Valentine, to name a few.

Wahoo McDaniel Death

Wahoo takes on Colone Debeers. AWA Wrestlerock, 1986. photo:

Wahoo takes on Colone Debeers. AWA Wrestlerock, 1986. photo:

By 1996, McDaniel was retired. Sadly, he wouldn’t live much longer.

Wahoo McDaniel died on April 18, 2002 at the age of 63.

According to the NY times, he had suffered from kidney failure. McDaniels was on a waiting list to receive a kidney transplant.

Edward McDaniel was cremated. It’s not public knowledge who his ashes were given to.

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