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WWE Sucks …And Here’s 10 Reasons Why

wwe sucks

Once upon a time the WWE kept me glued to my television screen. Missing an episode of Raw was considered a heinous crime. In 1999 I skipped my grade school graduation ceremony to attend a house show.

Nowadays, I can stomach about two minutes of the WWE before I am bored out of my mind or literally embarrassed. Is it terrible booking or did I simply outgrow it? Here’s 10 reasons why I think modern WWE sucks.

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10 Best SummerSlam Matches of All Time

old school summerslam logo

When the Summer’s scorch is nearing its twilight, the cinematic blockbusters have run their course, and the NBA regular season can no longer be seen in the rearview mirror, WWE produces, in the eyes of many, their single greatest event of the year – SummerSlam.

There have been a number of incredible moments and matches that have occurred through the years, but we are here to countdown the 10 Best SummerSlam matches of all time.

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Is SummerSlam a more appealing show than WrestleMania?

wwe summerslam logo

For all its glitz and glamour and its remarkable mainstream appeal, WrestleMania is the epitome for all that is wrong with professional wrestling today.

Ignored are logical storylines, surprises (for the most part), and the full-time stars that we have seen grace our screens for the last 11 months. Part timers from yesteryear are put on full display and showcased in a way that presents them as being more important than their full-time roster. Matchups are thrown together only to try and draw a “dream matchup” as opposed to one that will be a great bout from a technical standpoint.

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State of the WWE

vince mcmahon now

No one argues that Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr. has taken the WWE from a regional promotion and transformed it into a global empire. Stateside, the WWE is the only major wrestling promotion (err, “sports entertainment” company) in town – at least in terms of mainstream appeal.

There’s no doubt Vince’s vision and business acumen cannot be questioned in terms of accomplishments. Turning WWE into what is today, and eliminating the company of any real competitors can be directly attributed to his bulldog mentality and perseverance. What cannot be ignored, though, is the fact that the product is incredibly dry and repetitive these days and seems to be bereft of any real excitement or vitality. And that’s not strictly subjective, the ratings back it up.

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8 Things WWE should do now that WrestleMania 33 has passed

wwe 2017

Now that the show of shows has come to an end, the clock has reset and the WWE calendar has started anew.

We all know that the WWE has its fair share of plot holes, incoherent booking, and an apparent allergy to continuity. But no matter how frustrating the product can get for all of us, we keep coming back.

While maintaining the WWE’s current philosophies, here’s 8 things that the WWE must do pronto, to create a more engaging program.

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AJ Styles – Most Unlikely WWE Champion?

aj styles wwe entrance

Styles had accomplished virtually everything he possibly could with TNA. From a professional standpoint, it made sense for him to move on.

TNA was also battling very public financial issues. The company asked AJ, their poster boy and face of the company, to take a pay cut. Styles stated that he had always worked hard and believed he should be compensated for it – ultimately deciding to walk away from his home of nearly 12 years.

AJ decided to bet on himself.

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10 Reasons why the WWE New Generation Era Didn’t Suck

wwe new generation era

Ah yes, who could forget the classic Fake Razor and Fake Diesel storyline, and that unforgettable Undertaker Vs. Undertaker match at SummerSlam.

Okay, while some of the hate is surely warranted, I still think this era gets unfairly treated as the bastard child of the WWE.

From the debut of Monday Night Raw, to a heavier PPV schedule, to some of the most iconic feuds and matches in the company’s history (seriously), here’s 8 reasons why the WWE New Generation era didn’t suck.

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Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg: Shock Value and Money

goldberg brock lesnar

WWE dubbed it “fantasy warfare meets reality”. In fact, WWE, as they typically do, beat us over the head with that mantra for weeks upon weeks. Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar 2 at the Survivor Series.

Survivor Series, a 30 year traditional WWE PPV has been more or less viewed as a “B” level PPV for years now. Once one of the “big 4” has become the bastard child of the quartet – arguably not as exciting to current fans as Money in the Bank or possibly even Hell in a Cell depending on who you ask.

But the 2016 Survivor Series received a much-needed shot of adrenaline when the WWE decided that it wanted this show to be relevant once again…

But did it live up to expectations? Or was it a big disappointment?

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Brawl For All – When Wrestling Gets Real

It was the summer of 1998 and the WCW and WWF were entrenched in a ratings war. Both companies were throwing anything and absolutely everything against the wall, hoping it would stick.

There are tales of scripts being changed throughout live shows. Gimmicks and storylines thrown away at the drop of a hat if their particular segment didn’t do well.

Among all of the crazy things that were pitched at that time, one that stands out (for better or worse) was the WWE’s shoot tournament, called Brawl for All.

What happens when professional wrestling doesn’t go according to a script? Injuries ran rampant and careers were ended.

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Wrestling Managers – A Lost Art?

mr fuji salt in the eyes

Wrestling managers, remember those? For whatever reason, WWE has currently devalued the presence of a manager in today’s era.

Long gone are the days of wrestling managers running stables such as “The Heenan Family”, “The Million Dollar Corporation”, or any of the factions run by “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart.

Are wrestling managers a lost art? Or is simply an old school thing that doesn’t have a place in today’s wrestling world?

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WWE Concussion Lawsuit – Do Wrestlers Stand a Chance?

wwe consussion lawsuit

The suit involves over 50 former wrestlers who are suing the WWE over CTE-related brain injuries. Former wrestlers involved in the suit include Road Warrior Animal, King Kong Bundy, Shane Douglas, Kamala, Jimmy Snuka, Demolition, Ahmed Johnson, Sabu, The Warlord, The Barbarian, and One Man Gang.

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Scott Hall – Drugs, Homicide, and Redemption

razor ramon arrested

Scott Hall was working as a bartender at ‘Thee DollHouse’ – a strip club that still stands today on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando.

“I remember what he was wearing, what I was wearing, what it smelled like… it’s burnt in my brain.”

What is Scott Hall referring to? Hall is recounting the incident where he killed another man.

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Chyna Dead – The Wrestling World Reacts

The death of Chyna on April 20, 2016 may not have been a shock given her past struggles with substance abuse – but it certainly left the wrestling world mourning.

On a touching episode of his podcast, close friend of Chyna, Vince Russo, states that Chyna was never truly aware of just how loved she really was.

An emotional Russo states “There was one thing Joanie wanted – and it was to be loved. If only she could be sitting behind a computer and reading what these people thought about her… she had no idea.”

Whether Joanie was aware of it or not, the below tweets from around the professional wrestling world should speak to the impact Chyna left on sports entertainment.

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Triple H on Chyna in WWE Hall of Fame: “It’s not my decision”

triple h chyna wwe hall of fame

One looming question on many fans minds is about Chyna’s possible induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

In wrestling circles, it’s practically considered a crime that Chyna hasn’t already been inducted. Many speculate that her previous relationship with Triple H (who is now married to “the boss’s daughter”) is the primary reason that she’s been snubbed.

Last year, Triple H mentioned on the Stone Cold Podcast that while he felt Chyna deserved the spot from a wrestling career standpoint, it was not that simple.

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