Professional wrestling may be entertainment, but the hazards are very real. Tragically, the hazards have sometimes proved to be fatal.

Although it’s rare, there’s been several documented cases of wrestlers who died in the ring. Aside from Owen Hart’s accident in 1999, many of these cases have not been widely publicized. For some in-ring deaths, the lack of coverage can be attributed to a pre-internet world, but several incidents we look at took place during the internet age.

Here we give a ten bell salute as we look at 16 wrestlers who died in the ring:

16. Larry Cameron

larry cameron

Former Canadian Football League player Larry Cameron made the jump from football to wrestling, working North America before becoming a mainstay of European wrestling. He had a brief run in WCW in the early 90s as “Lethal Larry”. In 1993, Cameron was wrestling Tony St. Clair in Bremen, Germany when he experienced a massive heart attack in the ring. Despite attempts by the referee to resuscitate him, Cameron passed away. He was 41.