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Sid Vicious suffered one of the most gruesome injuries in wrestling history. photo:

Sidney Eudy, better known by his wrestling aliases as “Sycho Sid” and “Sid Vicious” was a force to be reckoned with in the 90s WWF and WCW scenes. But despite Sid’s impressive physique, he still had to battle for his spot – and not just against competitors in the ring. Sid also had to battle back after a gruesome injury that took place in 2001 during his WCW run. The botched move nearly ended his career.

A Risky Move

sid vicious compound fracture

Sid Vicious suffers a (real life) compound fracture mid-match. photo:

The WCW pay per view “Sin” was held on January 14, 2001. Supposedly WCW officials urged Sid to try an aerial move that he had never before attempted in the ring. Sid protested, feeling that the move was too risky, but reportedly, he was pushed to go forward.

While the cameras rolled, his leg literally snapped with both of his main leg bones protruding from the skin. It was immediately clear to fans in attendance that this wasn’t part of the show.

Typically, when a move is botched, or a wrestler is seriously injured, the footage is cut and never spoken about on the air. That wouldn’t be the case with Sid’s injury. In a surprising move, WCW exploited the events on Monday Night Nitro – an episode that aired 24 hours after the brutal injury took place.

A Long Recovery

Ordinarily, an injury like the one that Sid Vicious sustained would mean the end of a career, and with just one year left in his contract with the WCW, Eudy said that he did consider retiring. Still, he worked hard to recover. The ordeal began with a 2-hour surgery during which a 17-inch metal rod was placed in his leg. When he was finally able to walk, it was only with a cane, but little by little, he regained strength through intensive rehabilitation services.

An Unsuccessful Lawsuit

Eudy has always maintained that he was essentially forced to do the dangerous move against his will, and as a result, he attempted to sue the WCW for damages following his injury. He also sued them for lost wages, as the WCW, which had been purchased by the WWE by that time, had slashed his salary because he was unable to perform.

Although Eudy reportedly gave a very convincing testimony during the case, the judge found in favor of the WCW. On March 11, 2005, Eudy’s attorney filed an appeal with the Court of Appeals in Georgia, but the judge upheld the previous judge’s ruling.

psycho sid powerbomb

Sid Vicious hits his trademark powerbomb. Sid overcame the odds and returned to the ring after his gruesome leg injury. photo:

A Return to the Ring

Although Eudy was not victorious in the court room, he did end up a winner, coming back from injury when so many doubted that he ever could.

In 2004, he began wrestling with the International Wrestling Syndicate out of Canada, and he appeared at multiple events during the 2000s.

On June 25, 2012, Eudy was one of the wrestlers that appeared in the star-studded 1000th episode of Raw. He beat Heath Slater in under 2 minutes, capping him off with his powerbomb.