Andrew “Test” Martin Death – Drug Overdose

andrew martin death

Andrew Martin (known to wrestling fans as “Test”) – dead at 33 from drug overdose. photo:

1975-2009 (age 33)

Andrew Martin has a story that has become all too familiar in the world of professional wrestling. His career showed early promise, but sadly, his demons would get the best of him.

Martin debuted in the WWF as “Test” in 1998. His scripted storyline was that he was a former bodyguard for Motley Crue. The gimmick was a good fit as the WWF was transitioned into the Attitude era.

Test took part in several memorable storylines, including one involving an engagement to Stephanie McMahon.

He would go on to win several belts in the WWE, including the hardcore championship, as well as a tag-team championship run with Booker T. Test was ranked among the top 50 wrestlers by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2001.

Still, Test never seemed to break out of the midcard.

Drug Abuse Begins the Andrew Martin Death Story

Martin struggled with substance abuse. In late 2007 into 2008, he was arrested on multiple occasions for DUI. He failed a WWE drug test in the Fall of 2007, which ultimately lead to his dismissal from the company.

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A year later, Martin would also be fired by TNA due to drug use.

In February of 2009, Martin officially retired from wrestling. He would be found dead one month later.

Test takes on the Big Boss Man on a January 2000 episode of SmackDown. Sadly, both men would be dead within 9 years

The Discovery of a Body Leads to the Andrew Martin Death News

On March 13, 2009, police in Tampa, Florida, received a call from the next door neighbor of Andrew Martin. The neighbor reported that he had seen Martin lying on the floor motionless, and that when he checked several hours later, the former wrestler was in the exact same position.

The police arrived on the scene and entered his home. They confirmed that Martin was dead. The former wrestler would have turned 34 just 4 days later.

The Results of the Andrew Martin Death Examination

As soon as the news about the Andrew Martin death broke, fans and the media began speculating over whether or not anabolic steroids were involved with his death. The not so distant memory of the Chris Benoit murder/suicide was still fresh in everyone’s minds.

Test – Master of the Big Boot

Ultimately, the Hillsborough County medical examiner concluded that it was an accidental overdose of oxycodone, a prescription pain medication, that killed Martin.

Anabolic steroids were found in his apartment, but they were not the cause of death.

Beyond Drug Abuse: Head Injuries and the Andrew Martin Death Story

Following the death of Andrew “Test” Martin, Dr. Bennet Omalu examined his brain. Previously, the physician had also examined the brain of Chris Benoit. After his examination, Dr. Omalu spoke out, saying that he believed that brain damage due to repeated blows to the head were involved with the death of both men.

Omalu criticized professional wrestling and other professional sports leagues for not doing enough to advise athletes about the dangers of head injuries, which have been shown to lead to severe depression, drug abuse and even violent behavior. Omalu would go on to be depicted by Will Smith in the 2015 film, Concussion.

Andrew Martin was cremated. It’s not public knowledge who his ashes were given to.

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