Reactions from around the wrestling world to Chyna’s death

The death of Chyna on April 20, 2016 may not have been a shock given her past struggles with substance abuse – but it certainly left the wrestling world mourning.

On a touching episode of his podcast, close friend of Chyna, Vince Russo, states that Chyna was never truly aware of just how loved she really was.

An emotional Russo states “There was one thing Joanie wanted – and it was to be loved. If only she could be sitting behind a computer and reading what these people thought about her… she had no idea.”

Whether Joanie was aware of it or not, the below tweets from around the professional wrestling world should speak to the impact Chyna left on sports entertainment.

There’s no question Chyna left a lasting legacy in the WWE.

She was a unique character who shattered the stereotype of what it meant to be a female during the late 90s in the WWE’s Attitude-era.

Chyna fought men. She won the Intercontinental title. She entered the Royal Rumble – things that were previously unfathomable for the male-dominated audience.

There’s no question – Chyna’s legacy will live on.