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40 Wrestlers Who Died Before Age 40

We’ve previously profiled wrestlers who died young, including our extensive list featured on our wrestlers who died before age 50 page. But until now, we’ve never put together a comprehensive list of wrestlers who died before age 40 – including some of the enhancement talent names of the 80s and 90s who often get overlooked.

Here we look at wrestlers who died young – specifically, before age 40.

40. Richard Trogdon – Age 39

clowns r us

Richard Trogdon as “Pink” the clown, pictured far right. photo:

Richard Trogdon is best known for his role as “Pink,” one of three little person wrestlers who teamed with Doink the Clown at 1994’s Survivor Series to battle the team of Jerry “The King” Lawler and “The King’s” trio of little people—Queasy, Sleazy, and Cheesy. Trogdon suffered from back and body issues, with wrestlers and family members speculating it was from his career as a wrestler and the stress placed on a human body due to the condition of dwarfism. Trogdon reportedly underwent three spinal surgeries but suffered intense pain during his remaining years. Trogdon passed away on December 16, 2012 from surgery complications.

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