39. Johnny Grunge – Age 39

johnny grunge

Mike Durham (aka Johnny Grunge) and Ted Petty (aka Rocco Rock) formed the innovative tag team known as The Public Enemy, exploding on the wrestling scene in ECW, drawing enough attention to be courted by WCW. Success at the national level proved elusive (although they did win WCW’s World Tag Team Championship), but Public Enemy made their mark on wrestling in a short time. After Grunge’s tag partner died, he continued working on the indie scene. However, Grunge’s issues with obesity hampered his later years as he was diagnosed with sleep apnea. On February 16, 2006, Durham was visiting a friend when he experienced breathing problems. Although his friend called for paramedics and Durham was taken to the hospital, he died en route from a coronary artery blockage due to obesity. He was 39.