Skandor Akbar Death – Prostate Cancer

skandor akbar death

Skandor Akbar – Dead at 75. photo:

1934-2010 (age 75)

Jim Wehba, known to wrestling fans as the cigar-smoking Skandor Akbar, was a heel manager for WCCW throughout the 80s.

Akbar’s stable, “Devestation, Inc” helped draw huge money for Fritz Von Erich‘s Texas-based WCCW – taking part in memorable programs with the baby faced Von Erich brothers.

Prior to managing, Akbar briefly wrestled throughout the 70s, including a run with the WWWF (now WWE) where he was managed by the late Classy Freddie Blassie.

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Here’s Akbar in a short WWWF bout against Ivan Putski:

Skandor Akbar Death

The late Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) confirmed the death of Skandor Akbar in a heart felt post in his blog. Skandor Akbar died from prostate cancer on August 19, 2010. He was 75 years old.

Skandor Akbar Legacy, Influence

skandor akbar kamala

Skandor escorts Kamala to the squared circle. AWA Wrestlerock, 1986. photo:

Just 11 days prior to Wehba’s death, Jim Ross speaks fondly of him in a blog post, noting that Wehba is the one who taught him how to save money.

In the same blog post, Jim Ross makes it a point to credit Wehba with helping steer Steve Austin in the right direction early in his career – a move that apparently paid off for Stone Cold given he had one of the most marketable and memorable runs in modern wrestling history.