Brad Armstrong Death – Undisclosed Causes

brad armstrong death

Brad Armstrong – Dead at age 50 from unknown causes. photo:

1962-2012 (Age 50)

A member of one of wrestling’s underrated dynasties, Brad Armstrong competed alongside his father “Bullet” Bob Armstrong, breaking into the business at age 18.

A talented wrestler, Brad Armstrong worked a number of gimmicks, but never found the same success as his father, or brother. Nonetheless, Brad Armstrong was highly respected in the industry, both in and out of the ring.

brad armstrong bullet bob armstrong

NWA World Championship Wrestling: Brad Armstrong and his father, “Bullet” Bob Armstrong take on Randy Barber and Mike Jackson in tag action (April 4, 1987). photo:

Breaking in at a Young Age

The son of WWE Hall of Famer “Bullet” Bob Armstrong, Brad broke into the business at the age of 18, working in the NWA’s Southeastern Championship Wrestling territory.

Before long, Armstrong was on the nationally syndicated program World Championship Wrestling, competing alongside his famous father Bob in Georgia Championship Wrestling.

Brad also teamed with Tim Horner, forming the team known as The Lightning Express.

The rising young star worked the territories as well as in Japan, competing in All Japan Pro Wrestling’s World Junior Heavyweight Championship tournament.

Regional Championships

Brad Armstrong’s good looks, technical abilities, and speed in the ring made him a regional star, with him winning regional championships around the United States. Brad would win singles honors such as the Georgia National Championship, the Mid-South North American Championship, the Smoky Mounty Championship, and the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship. His team with Tim Horner proved successful as they captured Georgia’s National Tag Team Championship and the UWF Tag Team Championship. Brad’s team with his father yielded tag team gold in Georgia and Southeastern Championship Wrestling.

A Vastly Underrated Star

Brad Armstrong was no curtain-jerker as he never reached the level of success as his dad, or brother Brian (aka The Road Dogg Jesse James). Certainly, the number of bad gimmicks WCW saddled him with in the early 1990’s didn’t help. Working as “The Candyman,” “Fantasia/Badstreet,” and the lawsuit-magnet Arachnaman did nothing for Brad’s career (although he did have the good fortune of wrestling under a mask for the latter two).

brad armstrong wcw

14 years before his death: Brad Armstrong makes his Monday Nitro debut (June 29, 1998). photo:

Still, Armstrong was highly regarded by his peers, including announcer Jim Ross who stated in his blog:

“One of the greatest things someone in our business can say of any wrestler is that said wrestler could have a good match with anyone, no matter who. Brad Armstrong certainly fits on a rather short list of wrestlers that could literally have a good match with anyone. I’ve called 100’s of Brad Armstrong bouts, in singles and in tags, in main events and in prelims, and I never saw him have what would be perceived as a “bad match.” Not one time.”

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin complimented Armstrong in his autobiography The Stone Cold Truth:

bob armstrong wwe hall of fame 2011

Brad Armstrong (right) appears alongside his brothers, Scott Armstrong (left) and Brian Armstrong (center) at the WWE’s 2011 Hall of Fame ceremony to induct their father, “Bullet” Bob Armstrong. photo:

“Brad Armstrong could work with anybody. That guy was as smooth as silk…He was like Ricky Steamboat, in a way—another guy you went out there with and never had to say a word to. He knew the finish and how to get there. I knew how good he could be. I’d call all the spots in the ring and we’d just wrestle”

After his in-ring career slowed down, Brad went to work in the WWE’s version of ECW as a trainer, producer, and guest commentator on a few occasions.

He appeared at his father’s induction into the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame class.

Brad Armstrong’s Sudden Death

On November 1, 2012, Brad was found dead in his Kennesaw, Georgia home. He was 50 years old at the time of his passing.

Armstrong had seen his physician the previous week for an undisclosed treatment, but his cause of death was never publicly disclosed. He is survived by his wife Lori and daughter Jillian.

Brad Armstrong is buried at the Kennesaw Memorial Park in Marietta, Georgia.

brad armstrong grave

Brad Armstrong’s grave at Kennesaw Memorial Park in Marietta, GA. photo: F Chambers

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