Buddy Rose Death – Natural Causes

buddy rose death

“Playboy” Buddy Rose – Dead at 56. photo: wwe.com

1952-2009 (age 56)

Paul Perschmann, best known to wrestling fans as “Playboy” Buddy Rose, started his wrestling career in the early 70s, working all the way into the early 90s.

Buddy Rose wrestled for Pacific Northwest Wrestling, the AWA, as well as two brief runs with the WWF in both 1982-1983 and 1990-1991.

Rose primarily worked as a heel, although in June of 1983 he made one of the biggest face turns in Portland wrestling history:

buddy rose grand wizard

NWA Pacific Northwest: Buddy Rose with his manager, the Grand Wizard, interviewed by a young Vince McMahon. 10/9/82. photo: youtube.com

Buddy Rose and the WWF

Buddy’s first run with the WWF was the most successful of the two stints – he was managed by the Grand Wizard and was an upper carder.

Rose also holds the distinction of wrestling in the very first match of the very first WrestleMania – working under the moniker of “The Executioner” against Tito Santana.

Buddy’s second WWF run in the early 90s would prove disappointing.

buddy rose wwf

Saturday Night’s Main Event, 1990: Buddy Rose takes on the Texas Tornado (his WWF TV debut). photo: wwe.com

He was essentially used as a comedy character, mocking his newly found weight gain from the late 80s. Buddy would routinely “correct” the announcer of his “slim, trim 217 pounds” – not the 271 pounds that he was billed.

Buddy Rose Death

Buddy Rose died in his Vancouver home on April 28, 2009. According to the medical examiner, it was due to natural causes, although Rose had been suffering from diabetes.

Buddy Rose was cremated. His ashes were given to his wife.