Lord Alfred Hayes Death – Stroke

lord alfred hayes

Lord Alfred Hayes – Dead at 76. photo: wwe.com

1928-2005 (age 76)

Born on August 8, 1928 in London, England, Alfred Hayes would rely on his English accent and dignified attitude to present himself as an arrogant heel or friendly Englishman.

Hayes competed as a wrestler before managing wrestlers and later, serving as an announcer and Vince McMahon’s sidekick on the WWF’s Tuesday Night Titans show.

A Distinguished Athlete

Hayes was a distinguished athlete, becoming the youngest British 7th dan black belt in judo and the youngest British heavyweight champion, just two years into his wrestling career.

lord alfred hayes mean gene okerlund

Lord Alfred Hayes and Mean Gene Okerlund. photo: wwe.com

After years as a babyface (or “blue-eyes” as babyfaces were called in England), Hayes toured in North America, returning as a heel.

Hayes began to manage wrestlers during the 1970’s, with his persona of an arrogant Englishman serving him well. However, Hayes occasionally found himself in the ring as well, as seen when he feuded with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan in the American Wrestling Association (AWA).

Hayes managed in a number of promotions including Jim Crockett Promotions and Championship Wrestling from Florida.

Lord Alfred heads to Titan Towers

The lovable and comical Hayes became a constant presence in the WWF during the 80’s and 90’s, serving as Vince McMahon’s sidekick on Tuesday Night Titans. Although Hayes’ presence was often played for laughs, things could get physical such as the time “Rowdy” Roddy Piper slapped him.

Thankfully, Hayes’ activities in the WWF were usually lighthearted with Hayes appearing in hilarious segments on Saturday Night’s Main Event and hosting the WWF’s seemingly endless series of Coliseum Home Videos. He also hosted the news segment “Special Report” seen on the WWF’s syndicated programs.

According to the book Titan Sinking, Hayes left the WWF in the mid-90’s after being asked to take a 40% pay cut.

Hayes was a beloved figure in the industry. In 2005, Sgt. Slaughter praised his friend:

“He was a wonderful father and grandfather that loved and adored his children and grandchildren. Over the years, I watched how wonderful he was to his family, friends, fans and just people in general. I like to think that some of that rubbed off on me. He was the perfect Englishman. He spoke Queen’s English and never spoke a bad word in his life. Sometimes we would be golfing and he would miss a short putt. Rather than swearing, which he never did, he would pick up the ball and say ‘you’re a beast. You’re supposed to go into the hole.’”

lord alfred hayes wrestlemania 5

Lord Alfred Hayes attempts to interview the Bushwhackers while they annihilate Trump Plaza’s buffet at WrestleMania V. photo: wwe.com

Tony Schiavone, who worked in the WWF for a year, recalled his friend Alfred Hayes during a 2017 interview:

“I can tell you right now though, my most memorable time working in Pro Wrestling and somebody being by my side was working with Lord Alfred Hayes. He was a tremendous person. Anyone that knew him knew he was a wonderful man. He and I got to travel, and went to London to do a show for Vince, and I got to travel overseas for the first time with him. My fondest memories with a broadcast partner was with Lord Alfred Hayes.”

Lord Hayes’ later years were plagued by health problems, but he maintained his legendary good nature, despite being confined to a wheelchair due to the long-term effects of wrestling and a car accident.

Lord Alfred Hayes Death

Hayes lost a leg due to diabetes-related gangrene, leading to his last years being in nursing homes.

Alfred Hayes passed away at age 76 on July 21, 2005 while residing in a nursing home in Dallas, Texas. He was cremated.

Hayes was survived by his son, daughter, and three grandchildren.

2005 also saw the death of other notable wrestlers including Eddie Guerrero, Chris Candido, and The Crusher.