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Axl Rotten Death

Axl Rotten Death – Drug Overdose

axl rotten death

Axl Rotten, Dead at 44 from a heroin overdose. Photo:

1971-2016 (age 44)

Brian Knighton, known to wrestling fans as Axl Rotten, is best known for his run with ECW throughout the 90s.

Axl Rotten died from an accidental drug overdose on February 4th, 2016. He was found dead in a McDonalds bathroom in Linthicum, Maryland from a heroin overdose.

Please check back soon as we’ll be expanding on the career and death of Axl Rotten.

axl rotten ecw

Axl Rotten in 2006. photo: axlrottenecw / instagram

axl rotten death

Axl Rotten enters the ECW Arena in 1997. photo:

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