Sean O’Haire Death – Suicide

sean o'haire death

Sean O’Haire – Dead at 43. photo:

1971-2014 (age 43)

Sean Haire was a South Carolina native, best known by his ring name Sean O’Haire.

O’Haire had runs with WCW, WWE, and New Japan Pro Wrestling. After exiting the wrestling world, Haire briefly tested the waters with MMA.

Sean O’Haire in WCW, WWE

O’Haire first signed with WCW. He saw success with the company, wrestling as part of “The Natural Born Thrillers” faction – enforcers to figureheads Eric Bishoff and Vince Russo.

sean o'haire dead

Sean O’Haire during his feud with APA. Smackdown, 2001. photo:

When WCW was acquired by WWE in 2001, so was O’Haire’s contract.

O’Haire was packaged with Chuck Palumbo, a tag partner from his WCW days. The two quickly began programs with The Hardy Boys, and the APA.

Early in 2002, O’Haire had rather abruptly disappeared from WWE programming. He was sent to OVW in Louisville, one of the WWE’s developmental territories at the time.

O’Haire made another WWE run in 2003. He began working an angle where he was being mentored by the late Roddy Piper under the Smackdown brand.

His gimmick portrayed him in a dark light. Dressed in a black trench coat and obsessed with spiders, his character urged his contemporaries to give in to adultery, not to trust religion, and not pay taxes, claiming “I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know.”

Sean O’Haire’s Life Outside the Ring

O’Haire seemed to have a lot of potential – an impressive physique, and a guy who knew how to work in the ring.

Sadly, like many young wrestlers before him, O’Haire battled personal demons outside the squared circle and life after wrestling did not bode well for him.

sean o'haire roddy piper

Sean O’Haire and Roddy Piper during Sean’s final run with the WWE. Backlash, 2003. photo:

After leaving the WWE in 2004, Haire was arrested numerous times for violent altercations and was said to have an addiction to alcohol, as well as suffering from depression.

In 2007 he was involved in an assault that left him with a fractured skull and impaired vision in his left eye.

2009 saw Haire arrested for choking his girlfriend. The charges were dropped, but he was arrested 2 years later on battery charges in November of 2011.

O’Haire entered rehab on six different occasions in the years prior to his death. The sessions were sponsored by his former employer, WWE.

Sean O’Haire Death

On September 9, 2014, Sean O’Haire was discovered dead in his Spartanburg, South Carolina home by his father. He had hung himself from a bedpost. The news was broken via Twitter by WCW alum, Scotty Riggs:

Paying Tribute to Sean O’Haire

Here’s an excellent tribute to the late Sean O’Haire via YouTube, showcasing 50 of his top moves.

It’s clear the guy could work, especially impressive given his size – something that generally limits a wrestler’s arsenal.

Sean’s wrestling career, although brief, is remembered fondly by fans. In wrestling circles he’s remembered as an underrated talent who was held back by his personal demons.