Bruiser Brody Death – Murdered

bruiser brody death

Bruiser Brody, murdered in a backstage locker room in Puerto Rico. photo:

1946-1988 (age 42)

Frank Goodish, best known to wrestling fans as Bruiser Brody, enjoyed a successful run in the professional wrestling world throughout the 80s… before his untimely murder.

Brody was in innovator with hardcore-style matches, often leading to blood from him or his opponent, and occasionally moving the action from the ring to the middle of the audience. This was of course during a time that was well before the existence of ECW, so the crowds were fascinated by Brody’s rough style.

bruiser brody abdullah butcher

WCCW 1987: Bruiser Brody in one of many feuds with Abdullah the Butcher. photo:

Trained by the legendary Fritz Von Erich, Bruiser Brody spent time with dozens of organizations, including the NWA, WWWF, and of course Fritz’ Texas-based, WCCW.

Bruiser Brody’s chaotic feud with Abdullah the Butcher is the stuff of wrestling legend. Here they are in the video below in an outdoor brawl for NWF. There can’t be more than a couple hundred people in attendance, but Bruiser and Abdullah put on a show like they’re wrestling in a sold out Madison Square Garden – true lovers of their craft:

Bruiser Brody Murder

Aside from the Benoit murders, Bruiser Brody’s death remains one of the most controversial in wrestling history.

bruiser brody biting

No holds barred! Brody goes to work on his unfortunate opponent. photo:

What’s known is that Brody was stabbed to death backstage during a show in Puerto Rico in 1988. No one was charged with Brody’s murder, and it’s speculated why he was stabbed to begin with.

The story goes that Brody was lured backstage “to discuss business” with José González, a Puerto Rican wrestler known as “Invader 1”. An altercation occurred, with Brody ending up dead from stab wounds.

José González claimed self defense, and was acquitted in 1989. The knife used to stab Brody was never recovered. For reasons that are unclear, Tony Atlas, who claims to have witnessed the stabbing, was never called to testify at González’ murder trial.

José González house caught on fire in 2014, destroying part of his home, a car, and a motorcycle. The damages were estimated to be $75,000.

Bruiser Brody was cremated. What was done with his ashes is not public knowledge.