Steven Dunn Death – Blood Clot

steven dunn death

Steve Doll (best known to wrestling fans as Steven Dunn from “Well Dunn”) – dead at 48. photo:

1960-2009 (age 48)

Steven Lyle Doll was involved in professional wrestling from 1984 to 2005, and while he had a long career, he never achieved the notoriety of many of his contemporaries.

Still, he did manage to win multiple championships, most notable with his tag partner Timothy Smith, better known as Rex King and Timothy Well.

Over the course of his career, Steven Dunn won the NWA North American Tag Team Championship four times, the NWA Tag Team Championship one time, the USWA World Tag Team Championship eight times and the NWA North American Tag Team Championship three times.

Well Dunn takes on the Bushwhackers (with Howard Finkel) in a ’94 episode of Raw. Within 15 years, Steven Dunn would be dead from a bloodclot to his heart

Had the events that led up the Steven Dunn death story never occurred, it’s likely that the talented wrestler would have an even longer list of championships to his name.

Unexpected Retirement

Like many wrestlers, Steven Dunn dealt with a number of injuries over the years. In 2005 he suffered a major one. To repair a serious injury to his back, Steven Dunn had to undergo back surgery. While it proved to be successful, the wrestler would never be able to return to the ring again. He would also be given prescription pain pills, which would play a role in his death.

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Substance Abuse Problems

By all accounts, Steve Doll had a very difficult time giving up his place in the spotlight in the world of professional wrestling.

He did not want to retire when he did, and reportedly, he began to suffer from depression due to the loss of his career. Abusing pain killers became a way of life for the former wrestler. He frequently mixed the drugs with alcohol. The effects of substance abuse began to take their toll.

Well Dunn (with Harvey Wippleman) takes on the Rock N’ Roll Express in a 1993 episode of WWF’s All American Wrestling.

Failing Health

In 2006, Steven Dunn had to be rushed to the hospital. He was exhibiting signs of kidney failure and was placed on life support.

Steven Dunn’s lifestyle had resulted in severe damage to his intestines. The abuse of pain pills had rotted his organs. To save his life, he had to undergo emergency surgery and have 5 feet of his intestines removed. Sadly, this meant that he had to take more pain pills to deal with the pain.

The Final Days of Steven Dunn’s Life

From 2006 until his death, Steven Dunn remained out of the spotlight. Friends report that he spent his time drinking and using pills. All of this would finally catch up to him on March 22, 2009.

Steven passed away in Nashville, Tennessee, at the age of just 48. His cause of death was a blood clot traveling to his heart, but physicians confirmed that the problem was brought on by his heavy substance abuse.

Steven Dunn Grave

Steven Dunn’s grave is located at Hermitage Memorial Gardens in Old Hickory, TN.

steven dunn grave

Steven Dunn’s grave at Hermitage Memorial Gardens in Old Hickory, TN. photo: Cally

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