Rusty Brooks helped put wrestlers over in the ring. Later, he trained several WWE Superstars.

Rusty Brooks Death – Undisclosed Causes

1958-2021 (Age 63)

Rusty Brooks’ wrestling career was about more than jobbing. He would also train several top stars. Brooks was the product of a bygone era whose contribution to wrestling shouldn’t be forgotten.

An Important Player in Wrestling

Once upon a time, enhancement talent played a vital role in weekly TV, helping to showcase new and established wrestling stars’ move-sets and mindsets. One such wrestler who served primarily as enhancement talent was Rusty Brooks.

Brooks became a familiar face to anyone who tuned in to WWF programming during the 1980s. Later, Brooks opened a well-regarded wrestling school after retiring, training a number of future performers.

Born Kurt Koski, the Texas native moved to Florida, playing football at Miramar High School. Koski trained with Boris Malenko and Jim Isler, debuting in the ring in 1982. At around 6’ and 300 pounds, Brooks helped get over WWF babyfaces and despite his size, could make anyone look good.

An Unsung Zero

While he worked to get over WWF Superstars (including a TV match against WWF Champion Hulk Hogan), he had a moment of fame when he appeared on Tuesday Night Titans. Rusty competed as a singles wrestler and tag team wrestler in the WWF.

He teamed with fellow enhancement talents Mike Sharpe and  Barry O. He also put over singles Superstars including Paul Orndorff and The Missing Link. Rusty also lost to other enhancement talents such as S.D. Jones.

After leaving the WWF, Brooks enjoyed modest success in International Championship Wrestling and Global Championship Wrestling.

Following retirement, Brooks would open the Rusty Brooks Pro-Wrestling Academy, operating it in Florida. According to SLAM! Wrestling, Brooks’ school had a number of future performers train there including, “Konnor of the Ascension, MVP, Gangrel, Luna Vachon, Angel Rose and Norman Smiley.”

According to the February 15, 2021 edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Brooks’ son Jeff also wrestled in the Florida area.

The Death of Rusty Brooks

Brooks experienced health problems as he grew older and began receiving kidney dialysis treatments. According to the Daily News, no cause of death was listed but the paper noted Brooks had had several toes amputated in January. He passed away on February 11, 2021 at age 63.

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