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mike von erich death

Mike Von Erich Death

Von Erich name quickly became synonymous with professional wrestling throughout the early 80s. Sadly, the Von Erich name is now ...
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david von erich death

David Von Erich Death

Kerry respectively. All three committed suicide, prompting whispers of “the Von Erich Curse”. Kevin Von Erich is the last surviving ...
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chris von erich

Chris Von Erich Death

Chris Von Erich Death – Suicide Chris Von Erich, the youngest of the wrestling Von Erich brothers, dead from a ...
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texas tornado death

Kerry Von Erich Death

as his father, Fritz Von Erich. Kerry Von Erich’s grave at Grove Hill Memorial Park in Dallas, TX. photo: David ...
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fritz von erich

Fritz Von Erich Death

Fritz Von Erich Death – Brain and Lung Cancer Fritz Von Erich – Dead at 68. photo: 1929-1997 (age ...
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savage and warrior

Full List of Deceased Wrestlers

...1954-9-4 61 Cancer (lung) Karl Von Brauner Doug Donnan 2009-7-5 78 Stroke Karl Von Hess Karl Von Hess 2009-8-12 90 ...
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eddie graham death

Eddie Graham Death

...Kanyon, Ludvig Borga, Mike Awesome, Sean O’Haire, and three of the Von Erich brothers: Mike Von Erich, Chris Von Erich, ...
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buddy roberts death

Buddy Roberts Death

...wrestling. Perhaps their most notable feud taking place against the Von Erichs in WCCW. The Von Erich’s were the baby ...
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chris adams death

Chris Adams Death

...Adams was wrestling for Frtiz Von Erich‘s Texas-based territory, WCCW. Chris Adams with manager, Gary Hart. Both men no longer ...
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sean o'haire death

Wrestlers Who Committed Suicide

Brian Christopher Lawler - Dead at 46 Chris Benoit - Dead at 40 Chris Kanyon - Dead at 40 Chris ...
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bruiser brody death

Wrestlers who died in the 1980s and earlier

Adrian Adonis - Dead at 33 Andy Kaufman - Dead at 35 Bruiser Brody - Dead at 42 David Von ...
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eddie gilbert death

Eddie Gilbert Death

...Several other notable wrestlers passed in the 90s including Brian Pillman, Art Barr, Kerry Von Erich, David Von Erich, Louie ...
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gino hernandez death

Gino Hernandez Death

...remembered for his run with WCCW in Dallas, a promotion operated by the late Fritz Von Erich. Dubbed the “Dynamic ...
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skandor akbar death

Skandor Akbar Death

...heel manager for WCCW throughout the 80s. Akbar’s stable, “Devestation, Inc” helped draw huge money for Fritz Von Erich‘s Texas-based ...
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rosey wwe death

Matt Anoa’i Death

...from heart complications as early back as 2014. A Wrestling Family The surname Anoa’i is nearly as synonymous with professional ...
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uncle elmer

Uncle Elmer Death William Tatum via find a grave Many other well known wrestlers died in the 1990s including Andre the Giant, ...
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stan stasiak

Stan Stasiak Death

...In 1997 we also saw the losses of Fritz Von Erich and Brian Pillman. 2001: Accompanied by Stacy Keibler, Stan ...
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terry gordy death

Terry Gordy Death

...held one half of the WCW tag team championship alongside “Dr. Death” Steve Williams. WCCW in the 80s: Terry and ...
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the missing link

The Missing Link Death

...Link makes his WWF debut in 1985 Robertson would see the most successful period of his career when he joined ...
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david von erich death

Wrestlers Who Died From Unknown or Undisclosed Causes

Art Barr - Dead at 28 Ashley Massaro - Dead at 39 Blackjack Mulligan - Dead at 73 Brad Armstrong ...
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buzz sawyer death

Buzz Sawyer Death

...Arguably, Buzz Sawyer saw the most success while working for Fritz Von Erich‘s Texas-based WCCW. In 1986, he won WCCW ...
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peter maivia death

Peter Maivia Death

...The 1980s also marked the passing of many other notable wrestling stars including Adrian Adonis, Bruiser Brody, David Von Erich, ...
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dick the bruiser death

Dick the Bruiser Death

...passed away in the 90s including Art Barr, Buddy Rogers, Bobo Brazil, Dick Murdoch, Eddie Gilbert and Kerry Von Erich ...
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bruiser brody death

Bruiser Brody Death

...Von Erich, Bruiser Brody spent time with dozens of organizations, including the NWA, WWWF, and of course Fritz’ Texas-based, WCCW ...
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earthquake death

Wrestlers Who Died From Cancer 68 Frenchy Martin - Dead at 69 Fritz Von Erich - Dead at 68 Giant Baba - Dead at ...
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big bully busick

Big Bully Busick Death

...with the Brooklyn Brawler, but by late 1991, was gone from the company. Big Bully locks up with “The Texas ...
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paul jones death

Paul Jones Death

...Jones was paired with an impressive list of 70s talent including Nelson Paul, Wahoo McDaniel, Ricky Steamboat, Baron Von Raschke, ...
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big dick dudley death

Big Dick Dudley Death

...a faction. D-Von and Bubby Ray may be the most well known Dudley’s after successfully moving over and enjoying long ...
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