Pat Patterson Death

pat patterson death

Pat Patterson Death – Liver Failure 1941-2020 (Age 79) Many prominent figures in wrestling have contributed much to the sport either in the ring or out of it, but few did so much in both spheres as Pat Patterson. Patterson’s various runs in the territories and his later success behind the scenes in the WWE established him as more than wrestling’s first openly gay man, it established him as one of the industry’s greatest workers and wrestling minds. French-Canadian Fighter The man who became famous as Pat Patterson was born Pierre Clermont on January 19, 1941. In his memoir, Accepted: How the First Gay Superstar Changed WWE, Pat recalls having four brothers and four sisters and living in a two bedroom apartment. Patterson tried his hand at various endeavors including figure skating, the circus, and even had aspirations of becoming a priest someday after his years as an altar boy.

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Rene Goulet Death

rene goulet death

Rene Goulet Death – Undisclosed Causes 1932-2019 (Age 86) French-Canadian wrestler Rene Goulet worked in the territories, but arguably gained just as much TV exposure for his post-wrestling career as a WWF agent. Goulet would often appear during brawls and other memorable angles along other wrestlers-turned-agents such as Tony Garea and Blackjack Lanza. Like many of his contemporaries, Goulet worked the various wrestling territories of North America, but also made extensive tours of Australia, Europe, and Japan. “The Number One Frenchman” Robert Bedard was born on July 12, 1932 in historic Quebec City and enjoyed sports, playing hockey as a defenseman (and nearly dying after an opponent’s skate cut into his throat). In addition to hockey, Bedard trained as a bodybuilder and a boxer, but decided to try wrestling after another boxer warned him he’d be punch-drunk by the time he was 25. Bedard worked his first match in 1957,

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Moondog Rex Death

moondog rex randy colley death

Moondog Rex Death – Undisclosed Causes 1950-2019 (Age 69) Randy Colley achieved fame as one-half of the WWF Tag Team Championship team the Moondogs, and nearly scored even greater fame as a member of the WWF’s legendary 1980’s team, Demolition. At 6’2” and weighing nearly 300 pounds, Colley fit the role of a burly brawler to perfection. Whether it was in singles competition or tag team action, Colley was a featured player in the territories, becoming best known as Moondog Rex. The Moondogs Colley began competing in the WWWF as a Moondog after taking the name “Moondog Hawkins” (having previously competed there as “Ripper Hawkins”). According to the book, The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Tag Teams, promoter Vince McMahon Sr. felt Colley resembled Moondog Mayne, a WWWF star who had worked years earlier. Colley’s resemblance was no surprise as he’d set out to copy Mayne’s look. McMahon Sr.

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Pedro Morales Death

pedro morales death

Pedro Morales Death – Parkinson’s Disease 1942-2019 (Age 76) WWE has confirmed the death of Pedro Morales. He was 76. Pedro Morales had a storied career in the wrestling world, dating all the way back to 1959. Morales most notably spent time with the WWE (then, WWWF) from 1970-1975, before returning again in the early 80s. Morales was the first “triple crown” winner with the company – successfully capturing heavyweight, intercontinental, and tag team gold. In between his WWE runs, Pedro Morales bounced around the territories, including runs with the AWA and Championship Wrestling from Florida. Morales was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1995. According to The New York Times, Pedro Morales had been battling Parkinson’s disease. Several other notable wrestling stars have passed in 2019 including King Kong Bundy and on-screen personality Mean Gene Okerlund. Our condolences to the friends and family of Pedro Morales.

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Nikolai Volkoff Death

nikolai volkoff

Nikolai Volkoff Death – Undisclosed Causes 1947-2018 (Age 70) Days after being treated and released from a Maryland hospital from dehydration, wrestling legend Nikolai Volkoff has died at age 70. A cause of death has not yet been made public. Real name Josip Nikolai Peruzović, the Croatian turned villainous Russian worked nearly three decades, making his debut back in 1967. Nikolai Volkoff was quickly signed by Vince McMahon Sr.’s WWWF, and by 1974 he was battling company golden boy Bruno Sammartino. Late in ’74, Volkoff moved over to Verne Gagne‘s AWA, wrestling under the moniker “Boris Breznikoff” (though he carried with him the same evil Russian gimmick). He was managed by the late Bobby Heenan during his AWA run. A decade later and Nikolai Volkoff would find himself back with the WWWF for a memorable run – by this time the company was under the control of Vince McMahon Jr.

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The Sheik Death

the sheik

The Sheik Death – Heart Failure 1924-2003 (Age 76) When wrestling’s roll call of villains is made, it’s unlikely they’ll be anyone as fierce or as brutal as Ed Farhat, better known as the Sheik. The Sheik made opponents bleed night after night and singed many an opponent with his dreaded use of fire. While the Sheik operated out of the Detroit territory he owned, he worked a number of promotions. Unfortunately, his wild matches sometimes led to fast runs before he was shown the door. Nevertheless, Farhat is considered one of wrestling’s greatest heels. Edward Farhat wrestled during television’s Golden Age of Wrestling in the 1950’s. Fans familiar with the bloody and brutal Sheik of the 60’s and 70’s might be surprised by the Sheik’s early persona. As the Sheik of Araby, he portrayed more of the stereotypically wealthy Arab and wrestled, as well as sold for opponents. While

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The Crusher Death

the crusher death

The Crusher Death – Brain Tumor 1926-2005 (Age 79) Reggie “The Crusher” Lisowski was one of wrestling’s true working-class heroes, a tough guy who drank beer, smoked cigars, and kicked ass wherever he went. While “The Crusher” was supposed to be a heel, fans couldn’t help but admire his character, turning him into one of wrestling’s most beloved figures. Lisowski’s tag team with his kayfabe cousin Dick the Bruiser added more championships to his already impressive collection of singles and tag team belts. With his Bolo Punch finisher and catchphrase, “How ‘bout dat”? Da Crusher was one of wrestling’s most colorful, yet relatable characters. Lisowski lived until 79 when a brain tumor ended his life. From Working Class Stiff to Working Class Hero Reggie Lisowski was born on July 11, 1926 in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a city he would become well-known in. After playing fullback in high school, Lisowski served

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Big Bully Busick Death

big bully busick

Big Bully Busick Death – Cancer 1954-2018 (Age 63) WWE has announced the passing of Nick “Big Bully” Busick. He was 63. Busick grew up in Pittsburgh, looking up to local wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino who passed last month. Busick started out as enhancement talent for the WWWF in the late 70s. He bounced back and forth between wrestling and his job as a police officer throughout the 80s. In 1989 Busick received TV time in the WWF, wrestling as “Big Bully” Busick. His gimmick was modeled after a stereotypical 1920s bully, complete with a cigar, derby hat and trademark mustache. If the bully gimmick wasn’t enough, Busick was managed by Harvey Wippleman during his WWF run, making him an easy recipient of heel heat. Though he may not have been a household name because of his short TV run, Busick locked up with many notable stars including The Texas

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Bruno Sammartino Death

bruno sammartino death

Bruno Sammartino Death – Heart Complications 1935-2018 (Age 82) Wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino has died at age 82. Sammartino was a huge star throughout the 60s and 70s. In 1963 he defeated Buddy Rogers to become the second ever WWE (then, WWWF) champion. Bruno would go on to hold the title for over 7 years, a record that still stands today. The length of Bruno’s title run speaks loudly for his drawing power. WWE gave Madison Square Garden the moniker “the house that Bruno built” – they credit Sammartino for selling out the arena 187 times throughout the 60s and 70s (though some wrestling historians dispute this). Bruno eventually lost the title to Canadian turned Russian heel Ivan Koloff. According to wrestling lore, grown men in the sold out Madison Square Garden were seen weeping when a baby faced Sammartino gave up the strap to Koloff. Life After Wrestling A

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Haystacks Calhoun Death

haystacks calhoun death

Haystacks Calhoun Death – Diabetes 1934-1989 (Age 55) One of professional wrestling’s attractions is that it offers something for everyone. Looking for skilled technicians? Wrestling has boasted some of the world’s premier amateur wrestlers. Looking for high-flyers who could work as acrobats and gymnasts? Wrestling has provided gravity-defying artists to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Want to see a larger-than-life worker who define the word spectacle? Look no further than Haystacks Calhoun, one of wrestling’s most successful big men. At 6’6” tall and a quarter ton of mass, Calhoun provided promoters with a top draw wherever he worked. “Haystacks” wowed audiences with his size, strength, and remarkable display of wrestling skills for a man his size. He cultivated a character of a lovable hillbilly with his overalls, bushy hair, and trademark lucky horseshoe. Calhoun was a top star in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s until weight-related issues

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Jerry Blackwell Death

jerry blackwell death

Jerry Blackwell Death – Automobile Accident 1949-1995 (Age 45) While today’s wrestling landscape boasts many talented big men, that wasn’t always the case. Wrestling had its big men from the sport’s earliest days, but few could move like Jerry Blackwell or work long matches without looking for the nearest oxygen tank. Jerry Blackwell was a talented worker who helped pave the way for other agile big men such as Bam Bam Bigelow and Vader by showing all that big men could do. Blackwell achieved his greatest fame in Verne Gagne’s American Wrestling Association (AWA) but enjoyed success in several National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) territories as well. Unfortunately, Blackwell did not enjoy a long life, dying at the young age of 45. Super-Heavyweight Stand-Out Jerry Blackwell debuted in 1974 at a time when most big men got by on size alone – content to work slow matches where they utilized few holds

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Giant Haystacks Death

giant haystacks

Giant Haystacks Death – Cancer 1946-1998 (Age 52) Big men will always have a place in the world of professional wrestling where larger than life is seen as the norm, rather than the exception. One such wrestler was Martin Ruane, who performed as “Giant Haystacks” in Great Britain and “Loch Ness” in WCW. Although Ruane had limited exposure in North America, he enjoyed massive success in Great Britain, including brushes with the rich and famous such as Britannia’s Queen Elizabeth and Sir Paul McCartney. Sadly, Ruane succumbed to lymphoma at the age of 52. A Natural for the Ring Martin Ruane was born in London on October 10, 1946. His Irish parents relocated him to outside Manchester where he attended St. Thomas’ School until he was 14. At 14 years old, Ruane was close to his eventual height of 6’ 11”, making him a natural for anything involving size and strength.

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Buddy Rogers Death

nature boy buddy rogers death

Buddy Rogers Death – Stroke 1921-1992 (Age 71) Police officer turned wrestler Buddy Rogers achieved national renown as “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers, the top-drawing heel during his run. Rogers would become the first man to hold the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship. Rogers’ career and style would inspire many wrestlers, most of all Ric Flair, who emulated Rogers and even battled him for the title “Nature Boy.” A Talented Athlete Born Herman Rohde, Jr., the man who would legally change his name to Buddy Rogers was a talented athlete who learned how to wrestle at the local YMCA. Rogers was an all-around athlete, thriving in football, boxing, track, and swimming during his youth in Camden, New Jersey. Rohde won YMCA championships in wrestling and swimming, the beginning of a lifetime of championships. Marketing Himself to the Top Rohde began wrestling under the name Dutch Rohde,

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Professor Tanaka Death

professor tanaka death

Professor Tanaka Death – Heart Attack 1930-2000 (Age 70) The man who entered the halls of wrestling legend as the Japanese villain “Professor” Toru Tanaka was actually a Hawaiian native. Tanaka would team with another Hawaiian-turned-Japanese villain, Mr. Fuji, terrorizing the WWWF during the 1970’s. Tanaka was a frequent offender in the WWWF battling the promotion’s most beloved babyfaces in singles and tag team action. Tanaka was also a Hollywood regular, with 46 film and TV credits according to the Internet Movie Database. Although Tanaka seemed to always play a villain, he was loved behind the scenes as one of wrestling’s kindest souls, despite a reputation as a legit tough man. Hawaiian Puncher Charles Kalani was born on January 6, 1930 and began studying jiu-jitsu in 1939 (eventually earning the rank of Danzan-Ryu Black Belt). A troubled youth, Kalani reportedly turned his life around under the direction of his high school

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Ox Baker Death

Ox Baker Death – Heart Attack 1934-2014 (Age 80) In-ring deaths do happen, albeit infrequently. However, one wrestler credited with killing two opponents in the ring is Ox Baker, an imposing man whose finisher the heart punch, earned him notoriety throughout his career. Given Baker’s size and appearance, he didn’t need it, but that didn’t stop promoters from billing him as a man with a lethal finisher. Baker terrorized the territories and even inspired fans to riot. He proved to be multi-talented, working not only as a wrestler, but an actor, trainer, and cook. The Imposing Iowan Douglas A. Baker was born on April 19, 1934 in Missouri, but grew up in Waterloo, Iowa. Baker excelled at high school athletics but was kicked out of school for reasons unknown. After two years’ service in the military, he trained under wrestling legend Pat O’Connor (amongst others) before debuting in 1962. At 6-foot-5,

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Stan Stasiak Death

stan stasiak

Stan Stasiak Death – Heart Failure 1937-1997 (Age 60) Once upon a time, a world championship was an honor granted to few individuals. To hold the belt meant something – even if the title reign was transitionary. While Stan Stasiak’s World-Wide Wrestling Federation Championship reign was brief, it was in recognition of his contributions to the industry and a reflection of an overall excellent career. Stan Stasiak was a wrestler who symbolized the travel and glory of the territory era. A Fiery Temper Leads to the Ring George Stipich was born on April 13, 1937 in Quebec, Canada. As a young man, he played hockey, including time in the Quebec Amateur Hockey Association. Stipich was an aggressive player, incurring penalty after penalty until his coach reportedly suggested he try his hand at professional wrestling. Stipich agreed, debuting in the late 1950’s with the nickname “The Crusher.” Eventually, he became known as

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Swede Hanson Death

swede hanson

Swede Hanson Death – Sepsis 1933-2002 (Age 68) Big man Swede Hanson was well-known for his tag team with Rip Hawk, but he also enjoyed a singles career, including a main event program with WWWF champion Bob Backlund. The Big Swede winded down his career in the WWF, retiring in 1986. While younger fans may be unfamiliar with Hanson’s work, his team with Hawk is considered one of the greatest tag teams from the territory era. New Jersey Knuckles Robert Hanson was born in 1933 but had little time to enjoy his childhood. In a 1997 interview, the New Jersey native recalled working since he was nine years old. Over time, he became a boxer, competing in New Jersey’s Golden Gloves with a 61-3 win-loss record. But it would be professional wrestling that won him over. The 6’4” 300-pound Hanson trained under George Trajos, the same man who had trained legendary wrestler

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Ernie Ladd Death

ernie ladd dead

Ernie Ladd Death – Colon Cancer 1938-2007 (Age 68) Believe it or not, Ernie Ladd could nearly stand toe to toe with Andre the Giant. At 6’9” and 300-plus pounds, Ladd cast a fearsome path wherever he walked. A gifted football player, Ladd easily transitioned into becoming a wrestler. Ladd portrayed a heel at a time when African-Americans faced prejudices for the color of their skin, let alone for whether they played a hero or villain. Outside the ring, Ladd served the community by reaching out to disadvantaged kids, warning them of the dangers of the streets, but also sharing them the possibility of success through perseverance and hard work. From Gridiron to Grappling Born in Louisiana and raised in Texas, Ernie Ladd attended Grambling State University on a basketball scholarship after excelling in high school at both football and basketball. Ernie Ladd enjoyed spectacular success in the American Football League

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Bobo Brazil Death

bobo brazil death

Bobo Brazil Death – Stroke 1924-1998 (Age 73) WWE Hall of Famer Bobo Brazil began wrestling in 1951, his famous name coming after a printer misspelled his name at the time. Known for his headbutt finisher the Coco Butt, Brazil battled racial prejudice, winning over even the most biased of people. A Typo Creates a Legend Houston Harris, the man who would become world-famous as Bobo Brazil was born on July 10, 1925 in Little Rock, Arkansas but grew up in East St. Louis, Illinois. Harris trained under grappler Joe Savoldi, debuting in 1951. Harris wrestled as “Boo Boo” Brazil until a printer’s error listed him as “Bobo” Brazil. Bobo was born and the name stuck. At the time, segregation in the South normally limited African-American wrestlers to only wrestling other African-American wrestlers, but Brazil proved so popular that promoters put aside their prejudices in order to make money. A Legendary

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S.D. Jones Death

sd jones death

S.D. Jones Death – Stroke 1945-2008 (Age 63) “Special Delivery” Jones may have counted the lights much of his career, but no one did it with such style or gave fans the hope that tonight might be his night to win. Although he wrestled most of his career as enhancement talent, S.D. Jones is fondly remembered by fans who watched him in the WWF, and saw “Special Delivery” share the spotlight in some of the WWF’s biggest moments. A Dream Comes True Antigua native Conrad Efraim, the man who would become known as “Special Delivery” trained under WWF Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz. According to Jones’ widow Kathlyn, “He never thought in his wildest dreams that he would have become a wrestler – when he was in Antigua, his friends told me that he used to box and lift weights and then when he went to the Virgin Islands he

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Ivan Koloff Death

ivan koloff death

Ivan Koloff Death – Liver Cancer 1942-2017 (age 74) Wrestling legend Ivan Koloff has died at age 74. The wrestling world has been dealt a number of blows over the last week, including the passing of George “The Animal” Steele on February 16th, and Nicole Bass just yesterday. Chavo Guerrero Sr. died a week ago, February 11th, suffering from liver cancer – the same fate that would take Ivan Koloff. The Russian Bear In the midst of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, Koloff, nicknamed “The Russian Bear” garnered legitimate fear from audiences. Before the days of social media, it was a lot easier for a guy from Canada to play a villainous heel from Russia. French Canadian tough guy Ivan Koloff played the role to the letter. Koloff spent time in WWWF and NWA throughout the 70s and 80s. Most notably, early in his career,

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Wahoo McDaniel Death

wahoo mcdaniel death

Wahoo McDaniel Death – Kidney Failure 1938-2002 (age 63) Edward McDaniel, best known by his nickname, “Wahoo” McDaniel, enjoyed a long career in both professional wrestling, as well as professional football. Most notably, Wahoo played for the Jets in the 60s. Wahoo began splitting his time between football and wrestling, eventually transitioning to wrestling full time by the late 60s. Wahoo’s Wrestling Career McDaniel spent time with various territories including the WWWF, NWA, Mid-Atlantic, AWA, WWC, and CWF. Throughout his career, Wahoo had notable feuds with Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter, Gino Hernandez, and Greg Valentine, to name a few. Wahoo McDaniel Death By 1996, McDaniel was retired. Sadly, he wouldn’t live much longer. Wahoo McDaniel died on April 18, 2002 at the age of 63. According to the NY times, he had suffered from kidney failure. McDaniels was on a waiting list to receive a kidney transplant. Edward McDaniel was cremated.

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Skandor Akbar Death

skandor akbar death

Skandor Akbar Death – Prostate Cancer 1934-2010 (age 75) Jim Wehba, known to wrestling fans as the cigar-smoking Skandor Akbar, was a heel manager for WCCW throughout the 80s. Akbar’s stable, “Devestation, Inc” helped draw huge money for Fritz Von Erich‘s Texas-based WCCW – taking part in memorable programs with the baby faced Von Erich brothers. Prior to managing, Akbar briefly wrestled throughout the 70s, including a run with the WWWF (now WWE) where he was managed by the late Classy Freddie Blassie. Here’s Akbar in a short WWWF bout against Ivan Putski: Skandor Akbar Death The late Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) confirmed the death of Skandor Akbar in a heart felt post in his blog. Skandor Akbar died from prostate cancer on August 19, 2010. He was 75 years old. Skandor Akbar Legacy, Influence Just 11 days prior to Wehba’s death, Jim Ross speaks fondly of him in a blog post, noting that Wehba

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Blackjack Mulligan Death

blackjack mulligan death

Blackjack Mulligan Death – Undisclosed Causes 1942-2016 (age 73) Blackjack Mulligan, real name Robert “Bob” Windham, enjoyed a storied life and career, and not just in the wrestling ring. Mulligan played football in college, and had tryouts for several NFL teams in the mid 60s. After football, Mulligan moved to wrestling, debuting in the AWA, and eventually moving over to the WWWF (now WWE) where he was managed by the late Grand Wizard. Mulligan is most remembered for his run with tag partner Blackjack Lanza, where they formed The Blackjacks. The Blackjacks take on Tony Parisi and Louis Cerdan. Madison Square Garden, Nov. 17, 1975 The Blackjacks had an impressive run throughout the 70s with the WWWF, winning tag team gold in 1975. Mulligan’s profile would continue to shine in the upper card, feuding with Andre the Giant. In the mid 80s, Mulligan moved over to Jim Crockett Promotions, notably teaming up with

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The Grand Wizard Death

grand wizard death

The Grand Wizard Death – Heart Attack 1926-1983 (age 57) Irwin “Ernie” Roth, best known to wrestling fans as The Grand Wizard, died on October 12, 1983 from a heart attack. Roth worked Detroit territories in the 60s, managing under the moniker of “Abdullah Farouk”. He played a middle eastern who loved to taunt the U.S. crowds – essentially creating the blueprint for “evil foreign” heel managers. Wizard was a heat magnet, and wrestling historians often cite him as one of the best managers of all time. The Grand Wizard joins WWWF Roth joined the WWWF in the 70s when it was under ownership of Vince Sr. He took on clientele including the late Mr. Fuji, who would go on to become a legendary heel manager in his own right. Throughout his career, Wizard managed a long list of talent, including Killer Kowalski, The Sheik, Sgt. Slaughter, Kamala, Ox Baker, Cowboy Bob

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Bruiser Brody Death

bruiser brody death

Bruiser Brody Death – Murdered 1946-1988 (age 42) Frank Goodish, best known to wrestling fans as Bruiser Brody, enjoyed a successful run in the professional wrestling world throughout the 80s… before his untimely murder. Brody was in innovator with hardcore-style matches, often leading to blood from him or his opponent, and occasionally moving the action from the ring to the middle of the audience. This was of course during a time that was well before the existence of ECW, so the crowds were fascinated by Brody’s rough style. Trained by the legendary Fritz Von Erich, Bruiser Brody spent time with dozens of organizations, including the NWA, WWWF, and of course Fritz’ Texas-based, WCCW. Bruiser Brody’s chaotic feud with Abdullah the Butcher is the stuff of wrestling legend. Here they are in the video below in an outdoor brawl for NWF. There can’t be more than a couple hundred people in attendance, but Bruiser

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Mr. Fuji Death

mr fuji death

Mr. Fuji Death – Undisclosed Causes 1934-2016 (age 82) The WWE has officially announced the passing of Mr. Fuji – real name, Harry Fujiwara. It’s reported that he died early in the morning on August 28th, 2016. Update: 8/29/16 We’ve spoken with Harry’s granddaughter, Chelsea. She speaks of her late grandfather: “He was a loving father and grandpa and he was as sweet as he was “devious”. His dry humor and smile was contagious and we will miss him dearly. I’ll keep the memories but would love to hear everyone else’s memories of him.” * * * * * A cause of death has not been made public, although Fuji did not appear in the best of health in recent years. At his 2007 WWE Hall of Fame induction he was confined to a wheelchair. After leaving the wrestling business in the late 90s, Fuji owned and operated a training dojo in

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Andre the Giant Death

andre the giant death

Andre the Giant Death – Heart Failure 1946-1993 (age 46) Many athletes are larger than life, but one 80s wrestler put new meaning to the term. Sadly, Andre the Giant passed away much too young. He was 46. This is the Andre the Giant death story. A Giant Is Born Andre Rene Roussinoff, better known by his ring name of Andre the Giant, was born in Grenoble France on May 19, 1946. Andre quickly rose in the wrestling ranks to become a household name around the globe, as well as an actor. In wrestling he was often called “The 8th Wonder of the World.” Andre was born to parents who were an ordinary size, as were his siblings. Meanwhile, Andre measured a very tall 7’4” and weighed between 380-520 pounds throughout the course of his career. By the age of 12, he was already 6’3”. The North American debut for this wrestler was in Montreal, Canada in 1971,

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Chief Jay Strongbow Death

chief jay strongbow death

Chief Jay Strongbow – Accidental Fall 1928-2012 (age 83) When Luke Scarpa stepped into the wrestling ring, everyone noticed. It was impossible not to, as the feathered war bonnet that he donned to play the role of Chief Jay Strongbow was easy to spot. His larger than life persona as a Native American wrestler ran from 1947 to 1985. Strongbow enjoyed a successful career and even after his retirement, remained connected to professional wrestling. Health Problems End Chief Jay Strongbow’s Career In 1985, Chief Jay Strongbow’s career was still going well, but Luke Scarpa’s health was on the decline. He spoke later in life about the stress of his role as a supervisor backstage at WWF events. It’s likely that the stress contributed to the health problems that would start to set the Chief Jay Strongbow death story into motion more than 20 years before he died. Chief Jay Strongbow suffered from a

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Captain Lou Albano Death

captain lou albano death

Captain Lou Albano Death – Heart Attack 1933-2009 (age 76) With a wardrobe of colorful Hawaiian shirts, facial piercings finished with rubber bands, and unruly hair with a beard to match – Captain Lou Albano was a man you couldn’t help but notice. Known to friends and family as Louis Albano, during the 1970s and 80s, the larger-than-life personality brought drama and fun to the world of professional wrestling. Albano managed numerous top name competitors. Through collaborations with pop star Cyndi Lauper, he helped bring mainstream attention to wrestling during the 1980s. Even though the Captain Lou Albano death story occurred years ago, he is still fondly remembered to this day by wrestling fans. Captain Lou Albano guests on a 1984 segment of Piper’s Pit A Decade of Health Problems Precede the Captain Lou Albano Death Story In 1986, Captain Lou Albano left the World Wrestling Federation to pursue other interests, but he still occasionally

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Killer Kowalski Death

killer kowalski death

Killer Kowalski Death – Heart Attack 1926-2008 (age 81) In professional wrestling, not everyone can be the hero, and some wrestlers commit their lives to being the best villains imaginable in the ring. Killer Kowalski, known to family as Wladek Kowalski, is one such wrestler. Hated and loved by fans at the same time, from 1947 to 1977, he brought drama and excitement to story lines in the world of professional wrestling. Even up until the events of the Killer Kowalski death, he was never completely out of the world of professional wrestling. An Injury Begins the Killer Kowalski Death Story Following his retirement from the World Wrestling Federation in 1977, Killer Kowalski opened a school for professional wrestling in Massachusetts. He remained personally involved with the school up until 2003 when he began to suffer from health problems. Although he was no longer able to work, he remained in touch

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Bad News Brown Death

bad news brown death

Bad News Brown Death – Heart Attack 1943-2007 (age 63) Allen Coage only spent two years in the World Wrestling Federation. But in that short time he managed to catch the attention of fans as the pissed off bad guy, Bad News Brown. Unlike many other heels who would join up with factions, Bad News Brown marched to the beat of his own drum. A true tough guy who wasn’t concerned with making friends. Most notably, Bad News won the Battle Royale at Wrestlemania IV, beating out Ken Patera, Ron Bass, The Hart Foundation, among many others. By 1990, Coage abruptly parted ways with the WWF, wrestling on the independent scene before ultimately retiring from the ring in ’99. Why did Bad News leave the WWF? According to Coage, he was promised he would be given a run as the first African American heavyweight champion. When the storyline didn’t play out, he simply left. Others speculate that Coage may

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Dino Bravo Death

dino bravo death

Dino Bravo Death – Murder 1948-1993 (age 44) An Unsolved Crime The Dino Bravo death story is one of the more bizarre stories to involve the death of a wrestler. Adolfo Bresciano or Dino Bravo as he was commonly known by fans was a well-known WWF personality in the 1970s and 1980s. Nicknamed the Italian Strong Man and Canada’s Strongest Man, Bravo won the WWF World Tag Team Championship with Dominic DeNucci, but in 1991, he was forced to part ways with the federation. Not even 2 years later, Dino would be dead at the hands of a still unknown gunman. Involvement in the World of Smuggling After retiring from the WWF, Dino reportedly struggled to make ends meet. Related by marriage to Montreal mobster Vic Cotroni, Dino became involved with crime. Using his status as a wrestling celebrity, he smuggled and sold illegal cigarettes in Canada, mainly to Aboriginals. After a deal

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