Chase Tatum Death

chase tatum death

Chase Tatum Death – Drug Overdose 1973-2008 (Age 34) Chase Tatum had a short career in WCW. Along his brief run he was  injured, resulting in a battle with painkillers. After leaving wrestling, Tatum worked in the entertainment industry, appearing in music videos and films; and working for the band Outkast. Like many of his contemporaries, Tatum succumbed to personal demons, dying at the young age of 34. Big Man and a Bodybuilder Born in Kennesaw, Georgia on November 3, 1973, William Chase Tatum found success as a bodybuilder, winning the Mr. Georgia bodybuilding competition when he was 19. Tatum worked as a personal trainer, a job he would keep throughout his life. At 6’3” and 265 pounds, he had the look WCW was looking for, and a WCW personality reportedly encouraged Tatum to try out. After a brief period training, Chase debuted in 1999, working for WCW as enhancement talent.

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Mike Bell Death

mike bell death

Mike Bell Death – Drug Overdose 1971-2008 (Age 37) The number of wrestlers to succumb to personal demons such as drug and alcohol abuse are many, affecting everyone from main event stars to enhancement talent. Such was the case with enhancement talent wrestler “Mad Dog” Mike Bell, who worked in the WWF and told of his struggles with steroid and recreational drug use in the documentary, Bigger, Stronger, Faster. Bell also had a brief run in the original ECW. Football Player Turned Wrestler Mike Bell struggled with weight issues as a child, and was mockingly called “Pugsley,” inspiring him to take to weight lifting and football. According to his brother Chris, Mike earned the nickname “Mad Dog” after beating up the bully’s who teased him in school. Eventually, Bell became captain of his high school football team, and enrolled at the University of Cincinnati on a football scholarship. Bell played Division

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S.D. Jones Death

sd jones death

S.D. Jones Death – Stroke 1945-2008 (Age 63) “Special Delivery” Jones may have counted the lights much of his career, but no one did it with such style or gave fans the hope that tonight might be his night to win. Although he wrestled most of his career as enhancement talent, S.D. Jones is fondly remembered by fans who watched him in the WWF, and saw “Special Delivery” share the spotlight in some of the WWF’s biggest moments. A Dream Comes True Antigua native Conrad Efraim, the man who would become known as “Special Delivery” trained under WWF Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz. According to Jones’ widow Kathlyn, “He never thought in his wildest dreams that he would have become a wrestler – when he was in Antigua, his friends told me that he used to box and lift weights and then when he went to the Virgin Islands he

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Gary Hart Death

gary hart death

Gary Hart Death – Heart Disease 1942-2008 (age 66) Gary Williams, best known to wrestling fans as Gary Hart, was a notable heel wrestling manager throughout the 80s. Gary Hart’s managing run with WCCW included main event clientele such as Gino Hernandez, “Gentleman” Chris Adams, Abdullah the Butcher among many more. Gary Hart died on March 16, 2008 from heart disease. He was 66 years old. Hart was cremated, his ashes scattered in a pond at Chisholm Park in Hurst, Texas.

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Killer Kowalski Death

killer kowalski death

Killer Kowalski Death – Heart Attack 1926-2008 (age 81) In professional wrestling, not everyone can be the hero, and some wrestlers commit their lives to being the best villains imaginable in the ring. Killer Kowalski, known to family as Wladek Kowalski, is one such wrestler. Hated and loved by fans at the same time, from 1947 to 1977, he brought drama and excitement to story lines in the world of professional wrestling. Even up until the events of the Killer Kowalski death, he was never completely out of the world of professional wrestling. An Injury Begins the Killer Kowalski Death Story Following his retirement from the World Wrestling Federation in 1977, Killer Kowalski opened a school for professional wrestling in Massachusetts. He remained personally involved with the school up until 2003 when he began to suffer from health problems. Although he was no longer able to work, he remained in touch

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