Lucha libre star Hector Garza.

Hector Garza was an innovative wrestler who thrived in the lucha libre world but failed to break out in the U.S.

Hector Garza Death – Cancer

1969-2013 (Age 43)

Second-generation wrestler Hector Garza was a talented luchador who wrestled in a number of Lucha Libre promotions as well as the WWF and WCW during the height of the Monday Night War. Garza’s life was cut short on May 26, 2013 after a battle with cancer. Garza became one of the many wrestlers who died before the age of 50.

Hector Garza Continues His Father’s Lucha Legacy

Born Héctor Solano Segura, Segura’s father wrestled as Humberto Garza and Hector carried on the family tradition, debuting in 1992 as Héctor Garza.

Garza worked in some of the biggest Lucha promotions including AAA (aka Triple A) and CMLL. In 1996, Garza went to work for the WWF when the promotion had a short-lived business relationship with Triple A.

Hector’s time in the national spotlight was only beginning. WCW called, leading to a three-year run between 1997 and 1999. Garza would challenge for the WCW World Television Championship and became part of Eddie Guerrero’s Latino World Order.

Despite innovating the corkscrew plancha and main eventing in Mexico, Garza never found success in the WWF or WCW.

Afterward, Garza returned to Triple A, where he began a lengthy feud against the trio of Perro Aguayo Jr., Latin Lover, and Heavy Metal. Garza also worked in TNA, winning the 2004 America’s X Cup for Team AAA/Mexico alongside Juventud Guerrera, Abismo Negro, Mr. Aguila, and Heavy Metal.

A Lucha Libre Superstar

Hector Garza’s career saw him win various world championships in CMLL and Triple A including CMLL’s World Heavyweight Championship, its World Tag Team Championship, and its World Trios Championship.

In Triple A, Hector captured the IWC World Heavyweight Championship, the Mexican National Heavyweight Championship, the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship, and the Mexican National Tag Team Championship.

Cancer Takes Its Toll

Tragically, Hector Garza’s life was cut short after he was diagnosed with cancer. He was Mexican National Heavyweight Champion when he issued a statement on October 15, 2012, revealing a lung cancer diagnosis.

Garza, who was known for his impressive physique and good looks and reportedly disappeared from the public eye afterward.

Dave Meltzer discussed the situation in his June 3, 2013 obituary of Garza in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, :

“He returned home to Monterrey. Reports were that his health was declining, that he had lost all of his prized hair as well as his physique, and didn’t want people to see him.”

According to Melzer, a benefit show was held for Garza but he did not attend. Instead, he invited several of the wrestlers who came to town for his benefit show to come to his house.

Garza was conscious of his appearance when his fellow wrestlers visited him. He wore a surgeon’s mask so his guests couldn’t see his face, At the time, he was hooked up to an oxygen tank. In addition, He had lost a lot of weight as well as his hair.

Hector Garza Dies at Age 43

Garza passed away on May 26, 2013. Garza was one of many wrestlers to die from cancer. A funeral was held in Monterrey on May 27. Over 300 people showed up to honor his life and memory. Hector Garza was 43.

The Garza tradition remains strong in wrestling. Héctor’s nephews currently work in the WWE as Humberto Carillo and Angel Garza.

Other wrestlers to pass in 2013 include Al Green, Jackie Fargo, Matt Osborne (Doink the Clown), Mad Dog Vachon, and Paul Bearer.

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