Marianna Komlos Death

mrs cleavage death

Marianna Komlos Death – Breast Cancer 1969-2004 (age 35) Marianna Komlos, known to wrestling fans as “Mrs. Clevage”, spent a short period of time with the WWE in 1999. Komlos worked as a valet for “Beaver Cleavage”, who was a repackaged version of Mosh from the Headbangers tag team. The Beaver and Mrs. Cleavage characters were created after Mosh’ tag team partner, Thrasher, needed time off to recuperate from a knee injury. The gimmick, a bizarre incestual take on the 50s/60s TV show Leave it to Beaver, did not last long. When the storyline was scrapped, Komlos was briefly transitioned into Mosh’ girlfriend while Mosh was repackaged as “Chaz”. Like the Beaver Cleavage gimmick, this gimmick was also quickly dropped – feuds with “Meat” and Prince Albert did not help get anyone over, and the storyline of Komlos making up lies about being beaten by Chaz didn’t bode well either. Komlos’ run in

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Jack Tunney Death

jack tunney death

Jack Tunney Death – Heart Disease 1935-2004 (age 68) Jack Tunney was a well-known wrestling personality of the 1980s, playing the role of the President of the World Wrestling Federation in the days before Vince McMahon came onto the scene. Behind the scenes and before his time with the WWF, Jack Tunney was a wrestling promoter who carried on the family business of his uncle Frank Tunney along with his cousin Eddie. Unfortunately, a messy end to his time with the WWF brought an end to his involvement with wrestling, and Jack would remain estranged from the wrestling world until his death. On Piper’s Pit, Jack Tunney introduces a new WWF Championship for Andre the Giant (March 21, 1987) A Messy Separation from the WWF No one is quite sure what led the WWF to fire Jack Tunney back in 1995, but there are many theories. Some people believe that Jack drank heavily and became unreliable, leading

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Hercules Death

hercules wrestler death

Hercules Death – Heart Disease 1956-2004 (age 47) Many people might not recognize Raymond Fernandez’s name, but anyone who followed the WWF during the 1980s has seen him step into the ring under the name Hercules Hernandez – and later shortened to just Hercules. Also a competitive bodybuilder, Hercules was known for his powerful physique, which suited his ring name. Despite looking like a million bucks, Herc’ never broke into super stardom in the wrestling world, though he did take part in a few memorable programs that 80s wrestling fans will remember. Struggling to Move Up the Card Hercules Hernandez joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1985. While he was involved in a few story lines and took on some top billed talent (notably Hogan, and Warrior) he was never able to build a large fan base. Many speculate that the WWF never gave Hercules a real opportunity to shine – his matches

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Big Boss Man Death

big boss man death

Big Boss Man Death – Heart Attack 1963-2004 (age 41) Big Boss Man was born in Marietta, Georgia, on May 2, 1963. The wrestler’s real name was Raymond “Ray” W. Traylor, Jr., and he died young at the age of 41. First WWF tenure In the mid 80s, Traylor began his wrestling career as the bodyguard to Jim Cornette and was known as “Big Bubba Rogers”. He carried his nightstick and wore his signature blue police shirt. He went on to wrestling fame when he joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1988; remaining with the company (for his first run) until 1993. Big Boss Man makes his WWF debut on Superstars. He makes short work of a jobber and proceeds to handcuff him to the ropes while beating him mercilessly… not a bad way to start your heel gimmick (June 18, 1988) Traylor was first introduced as “Big Boss Man” from the WWF. His

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