Andre the Giant Death

andre the giant death

Andre the Giant Death – Heart Failure 1946-1993 (age 46) Many athletes are larger than life, but one 80s wrestler put new meaning to the term. Sadly, Andre the Giant passed away much too young. He was 46. This is the Andre the Giant death story. A Giant Is Born Andre Rene Roussinoff, better known by his ring name of Andre the Giant, was born in Grenoble France on May 19, 1946. Andre quickly rose in the wrestling ranks to become a household name around the globe, as well as an actor. In wrestling he was often called “The 8th Wonder of the World.” Andre was born to parents who were an ordinary size, as were his siblings. Meanwhile, Andre measured a very tall 7’4” and weighed between 380-520 pounds throughout the course of his career. By the age of 12, he was already 6’3”. The North American debut for this wrestler was in Montreal, Canada in 1971,

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Captain Lou Albano Death

captain lou albano death

Captain Lou Albano Death – Heart Attack 1933-2009 (age 76) With a wardrobe of colorful Hawaiian shirts, facial piercings finished with rubber bands, and unruly hair with a beard to match – Captain Lou Albano was a man you couldn’t help but notice. Known to friends and family as Louis Albano, during the 1970s and 80s, the larger-than-life personality brought drama and fun to the world of professional wrestling. Albano managed numerous top name competitors. Through collaborations with pop star Cyndi Lauper, he helped bring mainstream attention to wrestling during the 1980s. Even though the Captain Lou Albano death story occurred years ago, he is still fondly remembered to this day by wrestling fans. Captain Lou Albano guests on a 1984 segment of Piper’s Pit A Decade of Health Problems Precede the Captain Lou Albano Death Story In 1986, Captain Lou Albano left the World Wrestling Federation to pursue other interests, but he still occasionally

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Killer Kowalski Death

killer kowalski death

Killer Kowalski Death – Heart Attack 1926-2008 (age 81) In professional wrestling, not everyone can be the hero, and some wrestlers commit their lives to being the best villains imaginable in the ring. Killer Kowalski, known to family as Wladek Kowalski, is one such wrestler. Hated and loved by fans at the same time, from 1947 to 1977, he brought drama and excitement to story lines in the world of professional wrestling. Even up until the events of the Killer Kowalski death, he was never completely out of the world of professional wrestling. An Injury Begins the Killer Kowalski Death Story Following his retirement from the World Wrestling Federation in 1977, Killer Kowalski opened a school for professional wrestling in Massachusetts. He remained personally involved with the school up until 2003 when he began to suffer from health problems. Although he was no longer able to work, he remained in touch

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