The Sheik Death

the sheik

The Sheik Death – Heart Failure 1924-2003 (Age 76) When wrestling’s roll call of villains is made, it’s unlikely they’ll be anyone as fierce or as brutal as Ed Farhat, better known as the Sheik. The Sheik made opponents bleed night after night and singed many an opponent with his dreaded use of fire. While the Sheik operated out of the Detroit territory he owned, he worked a number of promotions. Unfortunately, his wild matches sometimes led to fast runs before he was shown the door. Nevertheless, Farhat is considered one of wrestling’s greatest heels. Edward Farhat wrestled during television’s Golden Age of Wrestling in the 1950’s. Fans familiar with the bloody and brutal Sheik of the 60’s and 70’s might be surprised by the Sheik’s early persona. As the Sheik of Araby, he portrayed more of the stereotypically wealthy Arab and wrestled, as well as sold for opponents. While

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