King Cheesy Death

king cheesy

King Cheesy¬†Death – Undisclosed Causes King Cheesy, the ring name of one of Jerry “The King” Lawler’s dwarf teammates at the ’94 Survivor Series, has passed away. Outside the ring, King Cheesy was known to family and friends as Larry Gibson. No official cause of death has been revealed and little information in general is publicly known about Larry Gibson’s wrestling career. Unless our sources are incorrect, it appears Jim Ross incorrectly refers to Cheesy as “Sleazy” in this video from 1995 We did receive a note from indie wrestler Jock Samson. Samson notes: “[Larry] lived in West Virginia around Charleston the last time I spoke to him. Really nice guy!! Didn’t know much about him other than in passing at shows down there.” Word of Larry Gibson’s passing first came from Kenny Casanova’s Facebook page: Casanova spent time in the WWF, working as “Kim Chee” – Kamala’s manager. More

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