Trent Acid Death

trent acid death

Trent Acid Death – Drug Overdose 1980-2010 (Age 29) As Trent Acid, Michael Verdi astounded wrestling fans with his dynamic moves in one-on-one competition and as a member of one of the independent scene’s favorite tag teams, The Backseat Boyz. Behind the scenes, Verdi battled a drug addiction which ultimately took his life at the young age of 29. Wrestling at 14 Verdi began wrestling at the age of 14, working his first match in Philadelphia’s Tri-County Wrestling on May 19, 1995. Although Verdi had all but the most basic training in wrestling, he appeared to have caught on fast. By 1997, he was working in Jersey All Pro Wrestling. There, he befriended John Kasner aka Johnny Kashmere. Eventually, the two formed a popular team on the indie scene known as The Backseat Boyz, a play on words of the boy band “The Backstreet Boys.” Independent Superstar Trent Acid found success

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