Rene Goulet Death

rene goulet death

Rene Goulet Death – Undisclosed Causes 1932-2019 (Age 86) French-Canadian wrestler Rene Goulet worked in the territories, but arguably gained just as much TV exposure for his post-wrestling career as a WWF agent. Goulet would often appear during brawls and other memorable angles along other wrestlers-turned-agents such as Tony Garea and Blackjack Lanza. Like many of his contemporaries, Goulet worked the various wrestling territories of North America, but also made extensive tours of Australia, Europe, and Japan. “The Number One Frenchman” Robert Bedard was born on July 12, 1932 in historic Quebec City and enjoyed sports, playing hockey as a defenseman (and nearly dying after an opponent’s skate cut into his throat). In addition to hockey, Bedard trained as a bodybuilder and a boxer, but decided to try wrestling after another boxer warned him he’d be punch-drunk by the time he was 25. Bedard worked his first match in 1957,

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