Jack Tunney Death

jack tunney death

Jack Tunney Death – Heart Disease 1935-2004 (age 68) Jack Tunney was a well-known wrestling personality of the 1980s, playing the role of the President of the World Wrestling Federation in the days before Vince McMahon came onto the scene. Behind the scenes and before his time with the WWF, Jack Tunney was a wrestling promoter who carried on the family business of his uncle Frank Tunney along with his cousin Eddie. Unfortunately, a messy end to his time with the WWF brought an end to his involvement with wrestling, and Jack would remain estranged from the wrestling world until his death. On Piper’s Pit, Jack Tunney introduces a new WWF Championship for Andre the Giant (March 21, 1987) A Messy Separation from the WWF No one is quite sure what led the WWF to fire Jack Tunney back in 1995, but there are many theories. Some people believe that Jack drank heavily and became unreliable, leading

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