Harley Race Death

harley race death

Harley Race Death – Lung Cancer 1943-2019 (Age 76) Harley Race, a familiar face to wrestling fans for decades, an icon in the wrestling world, a record-setting National Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, and one of the toughest and most respected figures in professional wrestling. Race battled adversity numerous times in his life, stared down death more than once, and was the last of the wrestling world’s shooters, a champion who could defend the belt for real should his opponent try and pull a double-cross. Missouri native Harley Race was never one to let someone tell him what to do, defying authority throughout his life. At 15, Race was expelled from school for punching out his principal. Given the option to apologize and return, Race opted to leave school and devoted his free time to fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Race worked as a farm hand and in an

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