Chris Von Erich Death

chris von erich

Chris Von Erich Death – Suicide 1969-1991 (age 21) Chris Von Erich, part of the infamous Von Erich wrestling family, committed suicide on September 12th, 1991 from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Growing up smaller than his wrestling brothers, it’s often discussed that Chris was envious of his family’s wrestling roots. Chris Von Erich had a strong desire to be a professional wrestler, yet primarily found himself working behind the scenes. His health issues also played a role in his limited in-ring work. Wrestling Career, Depression Still, by the late 80 Chris managed to see some time in the ring, notably feuding with Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) in the USWA promotion. Both an underdog, and a Von Erich, Chris was able to successfully get the crowds behind him despite his limitations. Teaming up with white-hot Chris Adams certainly didn’t hurt his cause. Sadly though, it wasn’t enough. Chris Von Erich

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