Sam Muchnick Death

Sam Muchnick Death – Internal Bleeding 1905-1998 (Age 93) In an industry based on deceit and double-crosses, promoter Sam Muchnick was a rarity among wrestling promoters. He kept his word and treated his wrestlers and customers with respect and honesty. While Muchnick was no angel, he helped found and sustain the National Wrestling Alliance as the world’s premier wrestling organization for decades, all the while operating the famous St. Louis wrestling territory. Born in the Ukraine on August 22, 1905, the future wrestling giant’s family moved to St. Louis when Sam was six years old. Muchnick worked as a postal clerk before becoming a sportswriter, making many connections that would help him throughout his career. Eventually, Muchnick went into promoting wrestling, a sport which like today, had its peaks and lows. Forming the National Wrestling Alliance Muchnick and several other promoters decided to form the National Wrestling Alliance when they

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