David Von Erich Death

david von erich death

David Von Erich Death – Unknown Causes 1958-1984 (age 25) David Von Erich, the “Yellow Rose of Texas” was the first wrestler to pass away from the legendary Von Erich family. Throughout the early 80s, David was a regular main eventer in his father’s Texas-based promotion, WCCW. As as a singles competitor, David took part in notable feuds with Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin, and Ric Flair. Alongside his brothers, he was a fixture in the infamous Von Erich/Freebirds rivalry. David’s wrestling career seemed to be on the up and up. His skills in the ring were evident, as was his charisma. David received huge pops from the Sportatorium crowds, becoming a fan favorite. David Von Erich Death On February 10, 1984, David died while working in Japan. A star of WCCW, David Von Erich’s death has been widely speculated amongst fans and wrestling historians. It was originally reported that David Von Erich died from

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