Jimmy Del Ray Death

jimmy del ray death

Jimmy Del Ray Death – Heart Attack 1962-2014 (age 52) David Ferrier, known to wrestling fans as “The Gigolo” Jimmy Del Ray, wrestled throughout the 80s into the mid 90s, most notably as one half of the Heavenly Bodies, alongside the “doctor of desire”, Tom Prichard. Jimmy Del Ray’s early career, Heavenly Bodies In 1985, Ferrier got his start in professional wrestling with Championship Wrestling from Florida. The company folded in 1987. Eventually, he moved on to Smoky Mountain Wrestling, where he partnered with Tom Prichard, forming the Heavenly Bodies. Ferrier adapted the ring name “Jimmy Del Ray” and the duo was managed by Jim Cornette. Cornette is also credited with giving Del Ray the moniker of “The Gigolo” – a playful jab at Ferrier’s apparent “jiggling” when he would thrust his midsection, taunting his babyface opponents. WWF, ECW, WCW In the early 90s, Smoky Mountain Wrestling signed deals with the WWF and

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