Hayabusa Death

hayabusa death

Hayabusa Death – Subarachnoid Hemorrhage 1968-2016 (Age 47) Eiji Ezaki gained fame in professional wrestling as Hayabusa, a hard-hitting junior heavyweight who became the heart and soul of Japan’s Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling (FMW). Hayabusa pioneered high-flying moves in wrestling, but sadly, saw his wrestling career cut short due to a high-flying move gone wrong. A Boy with Many Dreams Eiji Ezaki was born in Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan on November 29, 1968. He began watching wrestling as a young boy and was intrigued by masked wrestler Mil Mascaras. However, like many kids, his interests changed like the weather. Ezaki sought to become a baseball player, but found himself lacking on the diamond. Baseball was then replaced by a pursuement into judo. Along the way, he began weight-training, adding muscle to his body. With a bigger frame, Ezaki began to consider the life of a professional wrestler, and it wasn’t

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