The Renegade Death

the renegade death

The Renegade Death – Suicide 1965-1999 (age 33) Known to friends as Rick and to fans as The Renegade, Wilson had a short career in World Championship Wrestling. The Renegade was most known as the WCW’s attempt (perhaps tongue in cheek) at creating their own version of the WWF’s Ultimate Warrior. The gimmick was essentially a carbon copy of Warrior, including The Renegade’s mannerisms and high energy entrance to the ring. The End of a Career Starts The Renegade Death Story The Renegade made his first appearance with the WCW in 1995 and quickly intrigued fans, as many people speculated that he was secretly The Ultimate Warrior. When it was finally revealed that The Renegade was not the mysterious wrestler, fans seemed to sadly lose interest in him. Even in the story line of WCW, The Renegade was being abandoned, as after his defeat in a November 1995 edition of Nitro, his then manager

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