Road Warrior Hawk Death

Road Warrior Hawk Death – Heart Attack 1957-2003 (age 46) For 20 years, Hawk was a fierce competitor in the squared circle. While most wrestling fans during the 80s and 90s knew him as one half of the Road Warriors, to friends and family he was known as Michael Hegstrand. The Road Warriors (or “Legion of Doom” during their WWF run) were one of, if not the most successful tag team in wrestling history. Sadly, Road Warrior Hawk’s death would abruptly cut their career short – ending a very successful partnership. 12 years before Hawk’s death: The Legion of Doom take on The Rockers (1992) Wrestling Imitates Life In 1997, The Road Warriors found themselves in the midst of controversy when one of the story lines of the WWF’s Attitude Era hit too close to home. The storyline showed Road Warrior Hawk was out of control and recklessly using drugs and alcohol

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Darren Drozdov – Crippled from Wrestling

darren drozdov

In 1999, Darren Drozdov was 30 years old. A multi-sport athlete, Drozdov had a promising career ahead of him. He was a former defensive tackle for the University of Maryland, and his career was on track to making him one of the biggest and brightest athletes in the WWE.

At the Nassau Coliseum on the 5th of October 1999, Darren’s career took a terrifying turn.

At a SmackDown taping, the match was supposed to end with Drozdov getting hit with D’Lo Brown’s signature running powerbomb. The move was botched and Drozdov’s active wrestling career was ended in an instant. In a costly accident, Darren Drozdov went from a professional athlete to a quadriplegic.

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