Verne Gagne Death

verne gagne death

Verne Gagne Death – Alzheimer’s Disease 1926-2015 (Age 89) Although Verne Gagne’s last years would be plagued by health problems and controversy, the Minnesota native boasted a storied career as both a wrestler and promoter, creating one of professional wrestling’s most prestigious promotions. A national superstar at a young age, Gagne helped launch the careers of some of wrestling’s biggest names. The Road to the Ring LaVerne Gagne was born on February 26, 1926 in Minnesota and raised on a farm. His father owned a saloon, but young LaVerne was determined to become a wrestler, not a saloon keeper. Gagne wrestled at the University of Minnesota, where he won four heavyweight championships in the Big Nine (the forerunner to the Big Ten) as well as two NCAA championships. When World War Two broke out, Gagne joined the Marines, training his fellow Leathernecks in hand-to-hand combat. After the war, Gagne completed his

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