Ultimate Warrior Death

ultimate warrior death

Ultimate Warrior Death – Heart Attack 1959-2014 (age 54) Alongside Hogan and Savage, The Ultimate Warrior was one of the most recognizable and biggest fan favorites from the 80’s and early 90’s era of the WWF. He was born James Brian Hellwig on June 16, 1959. Born in Crawfordsville, Indiana, Hellwig was the eldest of five children. His father left the family when he was twelve. Hellwig was raised by his mother and, later, his stepfather. He wrestled under a variety of ring names but is by far most recognized for his run as The Ultimate Warrior. Sadly, Warrior would not live to see 55 years old. His death came one day after he gave a bone chilling speech on Raw. Early Career (1984-1987) Brian Hellwig did not begin his career as a professional wrestler. He started as an amateur bodybuilder. He began lifting weights at the age of eleven in order to

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