Iron Mike Sharpe Death

iron mike sharpe death

Iron Mike Sharpe Death – Undisclosed Causes 1949-2016 (age 67) Mike Sharpe, best known to wrestling fans as “Iron” Mike Sharpe was a Canadian wrestler who had a long career from the 70s all the way into the mid 90s. Sharpe died at the age of 67 from causes that were not made public, although it’s said that he had been in poor health since 2006. A landscaping accident lead to an infection in his leg, confining Sharpe to a wheelchair. Slam! Wrestling notes that Sharpe “became a bit of a recluse” in his final years. Sharpe spent much of his tenure with the WWF as enhancement talent. The late “Dr. Death” Steve Williams spoke fondly of Iron Mike Sharpe in his book, noting “he taught me about financial responsibility. He told me to keep all my receipts that were business-related so I could write them off at the end of the year.

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