Ludvig Borga Death

ludvig borga death

Ludvig Borga Death – Suicide 1963-2010 (age 47) Tony Christian Halme was a professional wrestler best known by the ring name of Ludvig Borga with the WWF. He was also an author, actor, singer and even a politician – Halme was a member of the Finnish Parliament from 2003-2007. Tony was born on January 6, 1963 in Helsinki, Finland. He was a troubled kid who cultivated a tough persona and was known to be a bully on behalf of other kids. One has to wonder if this was an early indicator of the Ludvig Borga death. By his teens, Halme began power training and weight lifting. With help from Mr. Fuji, Ludvig Borga ends Tatanka’s winning streak on an episode of Superstars, pinning him with one finger (October 30, 1993) The troubled kid went on to have a varied career, inside and outside the ring. He began by joining the Finnish military and training

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