Jose Lothario Death

jose lothario death

Jose Lothario Death – Unknown Causes 1934-2018 (Age 83) The beauty of professional wrestling is that a performer can play many roles during their career, even after retiring from active competition. Jose Lothario had a well-deserved reputation as a in-ring grappler long before he became known as Shawn Michaels’ mentor during the mid-1990s. Borderland Sensation Born December 12, 1934, Guadalupe Robledo slowly rose to fame as Jose Lothario, one of hundreds of grapplers seeking fame during the days when territories dotted the wrestling landscape. Over time, Lothario earned a reputation as a solid worker, particularly in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) where he combined his legitimate boxing skills with wrestling ability to develop a captivating style. His star rose as he teamed with fellow Mexican Mil Mascaras as well as many other stars in promotions in Mexico, Texas, Puerto Rico, and Florida. Jose Lothario became a frequent challenger for the

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