Stan Stasiak Death

stan stasiak

Stan Stasiak Death – Heart Failure 1937-1997 (Age 60) Once upon a time, a world championship was an honor granted to few individuals. To hold the belt meant something – even if the title reign was transitionary. While Stan Stasiak’s World-Wide Wrestling Federation Championship reign was brief, it was in recognition of his contributions to the industry and a reflection of an overall excellent career. Stan Stasiak was a wrestler who symbolized the travel and glory of the territory era. A Fiery Temper Leads to the Ring George Stipich was born on April 13, 1937 in Quebec, Canada. As a young man, he played hockey, including time in the Quebec Amateur Hockey Association. Stipich was an aggressive player, incurring penalty after penalty until his coach reportedly suggested he try his hand at professional wrestling. Stipich agreed, debuting in the late 1950’s with the nickname “The Crusher.” Eventually, he became known as

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