Brawl For All – When Wrestling Gets Real

It was the summer of 1998 and the WCW and WWF were entrenched in a ratings war. Both companies were throwing anything and absolutely everything against the wall, hoping it would stick.

There are tales of scripts being changed throughout live shows. Gimmicks and storylines thrown away at the drop of a hat if their particular segment didn’t do well.

Among all of the crazy things that were pitched at that time, one that stands out (for better or worse) was the WWE’s shoot tournament, called Brawl for All.

What happens when professional wrestling doesn’t go according to a script? Injuries ran rampant and careers were ended.

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Darren Drozdov – Crippled from Wrestling

darren drozdov

In 1999, Darren Drozdov was 30 years old. A multi-sport athlete, Drozdov had a promising career ahead of him. He was a former defensive tackle for the University of Maryland, and his career was on track to making him one of the biggest and brightest athletes in the WWE.

At the Nassau Coliseum on the 5th of October 1999, Darren’s career took a terrifying turn.

At a SmackDown taping, the match was supposed to end with Drozdov getting hit with D’Lo Brown’s signature running powerbomb. The move was botched and Drozdov’s active wrestling career was ended in an instant. In a costly accident, Darren Drozdov went from a professional athlete to a quadriplegic.

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